Infinity Federal Credit Union Employee Testimonials

I am currently the senior branch manager
for the Bangor office. I started 22 years ago as a part-time teller. I started
as a teller and immediately I took advantage of classes that the credit
union provided. I started with Infinity nearly six years ago as a teller. I came
from the restaurant world and had very little professional experience. {Kal} And from
there I moved on to sales and service and then I moved into loan processing
and now I’m doing mortgages a family {Caitlin} A family friend actually recommended Infinity
Federal Credit Union to me so I applied you know they said it was a great place
to work and it really has been ever since. My mom always told me to try to
work in financials and banking they train you really well and they make you
hireable and so that’s kind of what I was shooting for and then Infinity was
best places to work so that’s where I started and the interview was great,
everyone was so nice. I just really liked the atmosphere. When I first started
working here everyone treated me really well and I felt like I was part of like
a big family. Infinity encourages higher educational
trainings. They offer trainings for each position. They offer trainings that can
help you advance along the way. I have taken a certified tellers exam. I’ve
taken supervision university programs, leadership programs, lender development
training. Through paying for my Masters’ in Business,
University of Lending, through seminars, on-site training. There’s even
tuition reimbursement for certain things which is very cool and just overall
the team, the management, are super supportive in kind of any direction that
you want to go and anything that you want to achieve. Infinity along the way
has given me many opportunities to learn from the leaders of the organization,
from education to coaching to leadership opportunities. I think everything that
they’ve given me has really helped me get to where I am. {Meaghan} Infinity has been really great about paying for all of my education and
certifications that I’ve needed in order to progress in my field. It’s been really
great that I haven’t had to pay anything out of pocket to progress in my own
career. {Ashley} I recently became Google Analytics certified. I have received a
lot of training in different Adobe products and have had the opportunity to
take a lot of off-site courses and seminars. What I love most about working
here is we create possibilities for our members. Whether that’s through lending,
whether that’s through our products, our services but most importantly through the people that work here. Our people that work here buy into our
culture. They buy into our members and really putting our members a step ahead
in life. We get to help people when nobody else can. We get to put people a
step ahead in life when everyone else is saying no. We have an empowered team that
can make decisions to help our members. {Ashley} Each branch has a monthly budget to do a
random act of kindness out in our community and the smiles that come out
of that are absolutely incredible. It’s really empowering to see employees out
in the community making a difference. {Kristy} I really enjoy meeting members
and helping put them in a better position than what they were in when
they first came to me. I really enjoy it when they refer their family and friends
to me. It makes me feel confident that I took good care of them
and they feel confident referring their loved ones to the credit union. {Kal} I love working here because every day is different.
Because everything single loan that we encounter, every account that we set up
is so unique, everyone has different goals, different needs. And I kind of like
working with puzzles and it’s really like working with a puzzle every day. I firmly believe that my success is attributed to my team’s success and the
organization as a whole. We work together. We collaborate and when we’re successful
in serving our members. I’m successful My team challenges me to succeed every
single day. No one at Infinity sinks. We are patient and kind and supportive and
knowledgeable and we don’t give up on people. {Peter} My team has helped me succeed
through challenging me and through our level of collaboration and believing
that making the right decision is more important than being personally right. I love everyone who works here. It’s really fun to be here. We actually have a fun
committee. I’m part of it, so it’s awesome! We do things on a monthly basis. We do
pot lucks, we do games and raffles, and they give me the training I need to
do my job but it’s also a very fun place to work. you

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