Welcome to Episode 002 of Latingo Living Thanks for being here And in this episode we will talk about: How does a client meeting look for me what is the importance of Instagram Influence And how you can grow your brand Using their brand And number three: How can you make a 10 minute call As a consultant to a client Tonight we are also meeting A fashion designer from Venezuela And we will also talk about the importance of the media businesses. Thanks for being here!! Greetings from The Latingo Yes, exactly, but what is important in this moment is Is that everybody is worried about the amount of people That follows them And that is not worth a dime, because I know A lot of people that have millions and millions of followers But the followers are not connected anyhow That he is offering or selling to his community So don’t think so much about numbers or the people That are on your lists or that follow you Think more about the relationship you have with them It adds value… For example.. I will give you an example from last night Of a presentation I gave here in Colombia In front of about sixty people And…Only about 15 looked for me After the presentation So, Everybody may say like “ohh, only 15 people came looking for that guy after that conversation” Okay, is all good But with 15 people I will engage in business with at least five to eight of them That means that for me that amount of people means forty to fifty million… Im sorry not million, thousands So to think that fifteen people is not much, wrong, is plenty… So i don’t want you to compare yourself to others Because it has nothing to do with yourself And also sometimes you can buy followers So do not compare yourself with anybody No? That is all impressing, interesting and important at the same time So here it goes, this is the strategy: look.. For the last three years we all provide alot of media content, for free And you can see that it is working Because you know that if what, you posted on your Facebook page 2 weeks ago and I saw it And also you are telling me you made alot of money out of that post Without sharing it, right? So, you are You are doing the right thing Now, I want to raise thae momentum we have right now Because you are missing out on a huge opportunity Before next time that we talk I want you to write down a list of 25 on instagram with good amount of followers Not like millions, but It can be 45k for example Or maybe even ten thousand followers And I want you to think About how we can add value to their communities Because it is really you or maybe other person If one or two people are atrracted to your content And promote you on their social media platforms You can reach two hundred thousand followers Every year, up to five million…really! That’s happening With only one shout out, no? One publication Of one person in Instagram or Facebook You will go up!!! So we got to think what are they posting First of, the list of 25 people that are influences in Instagram What are they posting, how are they Interacting with their audiences, what is important for their audiences and finally how can we add value to their audiences And from that point you will see that Tha attention of the audience will be on you and the value added And After that in your Brand So we have to think about all of that So do the list of twenty five people that are influences to the community that is targeting Adds value Do your homework so you can find out what is important for that audience And from there you can reach out and And strat asking that person How can you work together to add value to each other You always want to add more value Than what you are receiving It has to be like that or no one will work with you. Period Two things: Number one: I focus very, very much in an occupation that I love And the job that I can do In the job that I love And also number two: is that I feel that i look at many different ways to be aggressive How are you? Hi, good thanks I love this area!! Hello, how are you guys. Good afternoon I love that, why aren’t you guys working out there?? Under the sun Ok so we just finished our meeting at BiiaLab And for those who do not know what BiiaLab is BiiaLab is a platform where they bring Speakers and motivators To share knowledge And share experiences they have with their social platforms Like about three million people So I will be giving a presentation there next week And for me the importance of that meeting Was that we already talked about audiences and frustrations they have about what they are learning or what they want to learn So a lot of people…weirdly Its impressive how much people giving out presentations or workshops they have no idea about what the audience wants to listen Or what their audience want to learn But we are now meeting an exciting person My Friend Its with a fashion designer here in Colombia But also in Venezuela Come here, you want to say hi to the camera? How are you? Good, good, and you? Good thank you If you want to give us like…a quick idea Of who you are and what we will be talking about Ok, come closer because there is a lot of noise I am a fashion designer my focus is on beauty pageants but I also focus on Plus size bathing suits And a quick question for you What is working nowadays for you in terms of sales What is working? Well really one of the things is that we feel different So we want to always use a piece that is original and unique in difference to other designs Essentially, having very exclusive designs That’s Super! So we met yesterday So now we are going to talk about what we can do together here in Colombia and of course in Venezuela So for me the most important idea here is that If you are meeting a variety of people and you are sharing knowledge Good things will come from that And, also… You got to take action! We met just last night and now we are here discussing possibilities And yes, the feedback is really important Because lets say you know how to reach the public, and I have a product Okay, so lets sit down and talk Bye!!! The Latingo and the Venezuelan, all the way from Medellin, Colombia Bye, thanks!! You are Welcome

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