Innovation Credit Union Federalization

At innovation credit union, it’s our mission to provide world class financial services wherever you are, whenever you need us. We’re proposing an exciting change that will make it easier to do just that. By 2020 Innovation envisions a credit union, headquartered right here in Saskatchewan, with the ability to provide services across this great country. And we are asking you to SAY YES. What will it mean for you as an owner of Innovation Credit Union? Say YES to long-term success. Becoming a national credit union eliminates our regional and provincial boundaries, so we can promote our products and services outside of Saskatchewan. We can level the playing field and keep pace with the competition, technology, and changes in our members’ needs to ensure long-term success and sustainability. Say YES to national reach with local heart. We’re proud of our Saskatchewan roots and cooperative values and that will never change. Although we’re transitioning to a national credit union, we’re not going anywhere. You’ll still have access to the same great products and services delivered by the same friendly professionals. Our expansion is largely digital in nature; we do not plan on opening branches across Canada. This means keeping jobs right here in Saskatchewan! Say YES to financial security. Thanks to you, Innovation is financially sound and stable. Saskatchewan credit unions are already held high standards, but as a nationally regulated credit union, Innovation will follow even more rigorous national and international standards. It’s what our members and owners deserve. What will it mean for you as a member of Innovation Credit Union? Say YES to shared success. Transitioning to a national credit union lets us continue to offer the Member Rewards that set us apart like: Our No-Fee Account, Patronage payments and dividends totaling over 21.5 million dollars since Innovation’s inception, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars we invest in community support each year. Our Member Rewards program will grow with our shared successes – and that benefits us all. Say YES to better solutions. Your YES vote will let us maintain a relationship with you if you should leave the province, and serve new members across the country who like what Innovation has to offer. Doing business across Canada allows us to continue to develop better products and solutions to meet your needs while keeping you connected wherever you are. We’re asking you to vote YES in the fall of 2017. Becoming a national credit union won’t happen overnight and cannot happen without your support. We encourage you to stay informed: Visit our innovation 2020 website, sign up for regular email updates, attend our annual meeting or information sessions. By delivering innovative products, services and technologies, we can live up to our name and continue to be the world-class home-grown credit union you know and love. This decision not only provides you with continued outstanding service; it positions your credit union for future generations. Vote to continue on the path of shared success. Say YES to Innovation.

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