Inside a Home DMT Lab Run by A Chemistry Teacher

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  1. VICE says:

    Warning: there are flashing lights and images throughout this video.

    WATCH NEXT: In 2013, we met a guy named Walter White who actually cooked meth —

  2. Ludos ludas says:

    Que bueno gracias. Me encantaria compartir info. I speak spanish

  3. RNAE Xo says:

    I love this guy
    This is what we need not DMT
    But to question our selves
    To look drive deeper
    To dig up the roots that are so deep inside of the dirt going all through but never reach the surface but instead grow deeper and deeper

  4. olar samuel says:

    Is this for real?

  5. forks and popsticles says:

    am taking notes for science class

  6. meanoldrunk says:

    so…. if he had to repaint the ceiling before his wife got home, whos the chick with him now? like before his wife gets home?

  7. Rebecca Roberts says:

    beautifully well said..all the way to the end

  8. Guillermo Robledo says:

    People that are driven by ego are the ones that have the worst trips because they can't face themselves.

  9. Tin Truong says:

    also to detoixify your mind, use a kestoine diet and some tumeric!

  10. Psychedelic Mind says:

    The beginning makes DMT look like a futuristic party drug which turns human into zombies

  11. Mark Remer says:

    For a chemistry teacher you are making things way to complicated. I don't know where your from but the only thing I need to order is mimosa hostiles root and the rest I get at the hardware store and you are making it way to complicated. Idk if you think it makes you look cool but i guarantee my recipe is easier, cheaper and less expensive. Anyone have any questions or want to do this alot easier hmu

  12. Nory Aronfeld says:

    This man is a hero

  13. retard says:

    damn they didnt even give joe rogan a feature

  14. Michael Garcia says:


  15. roy marius says:

    Somebody give these people a medal!!! 🥇

  16. 1-800-000 -LOVE U says:

    7:19 woah they’re making chocolate milk

  17. Adam Dorrington says:

    Be thankful for how chilled the market is.. one of the last markets that isn't purely financial based

  18. Dank Seal says:

    Tengo un laboratorio de DMT wickr: isaacwoods

  19. the cat king says:

    Can anyone link me up,[email protected],in uk

  20. FccRuinedAmerica andtheentireworld says:

    You dont make DMT, you only extract it.

  21. Arda Kesim says:

    Chemistry Teacher: Society!

  22. Michael Johnston says:

    Poor presentation seriously smashing a bottle on the ground and then in a follow-up comment you say dmt is a way of expressing yourself. I'm sorry but I don't think your video was made in a way to DMT to get a fair chance in the plublics eye and opinion this isn't a drug it's a cure. Vice I kinda expected better.

  23. Can says:

    H I G H S C H O O L T E A C H E R

  24. Pati Paskoesjeva says:

    aaaaaaaaa wanna try it

  25. Adam Peacock says:

    Cowboys 😂😂😂

  26. Jamie Grieve says:

    How can you get hold of DMT

  27. Email Account says:

    Breaking Bob

  28. Trafalgar D. Law says:

    I wish this guy was my teacher, i literally got kicked out of chemistry class in high school for proposing that not all fungi (mushrooms) are poisonous. 😑

  29. Xxx Xxx says:

    Next: LSD ✅

  30. RohrAtom says:

    i prefer staight to base

  31. TheRobSurvives says:

    Joe Rogan has entered the chat

  32. potlovingchef14 says:

    This madfuck is a teacher and recruits his students as assitant for his drug empire lmaoo

  33. David Samov says:


  34. Mary Fox says:

    I'm down for all of this, but it's hard to take someone seriously when they're talking about how woke DMT made them and how they had to lie to their wife about making and selling it in the same sentence. Like yeah psychedelics are good for the psyche, but like have you taken enough to not be a sneaky partner? That trips me up.

  35. Pate Futch says:

    Watched his whole thing to see final product and they didn’t show it with

  36. hoppy2228 says:

    dam wish i knew who he was to get some to try lol

  37. gentlejake605 says:

    your teacher "hey kids now lets all take this and have fun hour"

  38. woo sh says:

    I just dont get it? How is this legal? This is literal proof Vice has information about some legal shit and cops dont question it? I see these "documentaries" all the time not just by Vice but by other creators too. Somebody please explain…

  39. Tito Brozzi says:

    This must be in B.C

  40. MUSYK FANE says:

    I want some

  41. Ben Henderson says:

    A Chemistry Teacher by day, a DMT drug producer by night

  42. Dee Snutts says:

    Can this guy become my doctor? Lol

  43. Conner Massop says:

    What is the song at 4:25 called?

  44. JT VDB says:

    Wait so this fucking stuff generates more income than cocaine does?

  45. Cuvtixo D says:

    Pixelating goggles? Really? And 5:29 who the f* is Ishtar? Is that a real name? and Walter Wright needed money. No one makes serious profit from DMT. No one.

  46. Mitchell French says:

    This must be old for him to say silkroad

  47. Valli 2123 says:

    I'm madly intereste doing DMT
    can u help me teach how the chemistry work in DMT??

  48. Guilito Torres says:

    Oh stop with the accent already. You know damn well This is Joe Rogan extracting DMT 😂😂😂

  49. Raul NDJ says:

    i need some

  50. Gagan Sidhu says:

    why he use plastic that reduces quality.

  51. Big O says:

    Wow u never know people lol!

  52. Turtle Head says:

    Best way to try dmt is as a suppository!

  53. gpr Arthur says:

    May I know, does it also add sodium hydroxide raw materials?

  54. Leen Plays says:

    plot twist-this is memeulous

  55. Geezus Gee says:

    What he says at the beginning tho!👍💯 soo damn true I have always thought that so hearing him say that was like yup exactly

  56. Spauzy says:

    Drug dealers favourite teacher

  57. singularitaed says:

    i took chemistry last year and i wish i would've took advantage of it

  58. Lepa says:

    you're god damn right

  59. Kaine Lawrence says:

    You guys know where to get cheap lsd?

  60. Ford Prefect says:

    Home lab? Lol.

  61. waowolf says:

    joe rogan was here

  62. Jester in Hyperspace says:

    0:45 getting rid of those nasty emulsions

  63. Justin L says:

    Bamm! The spice of life! Bam! The essence of soul! -emrial lagasseee

  64. Ck 84 says:

    Every dollar spent on weed and psychedelics enforcement is a dollar not fighting against heroin synthetic shit etc weed doesn’t help as much as psychs do but it’s still fun to do with friends and stuff but have limits with everything you can get addicted to weed don’t lie to yourself (addicted is a bad choice of words it’s more a dependance) weed can damage your brain if your under 25 but I’m not stopping almost everyone has done weed once. If you want to stop smoking the blaze blaze the key is to forget just chill whenever I stop I get the urge in my brain to smoke and get fucking BLAZED but nah I’m gone get blazed next weekend I only do 2 times a week maybe less if I have important stuff to do. Story time I have a very low tolerance to cannabis and it has a almost psychedelic effect on my. This one time I was so high the highest I’ve ever been I couldn’t stand up I felt my heart and my head I could see the air I tried walking to the bathroom but my knees wouldn’t work so I just watched YouTube in the corners of my eyes I saw shadows and scribbles when I closed my eyes everything was colourful and moving jiggling around I went to bed woke up the next morning and had the urge to have more but no i just played on my computer and forgot about it but when you don’t have that shit and your around people who are using it’s very hard it’s feels like your missing a connection you feel left out but now I feel like a care taker whenever my friends have weed and I don’t I feel like I’m babysitting them also when your quitting a serious weed problem fight it, it’s only gonna get better and NEVER EVER resort to alcohol while quitting anything alcohol will fuck you over just as much as anything else peace out the one person that might see this

  65. oscar canelas says:

    Vice makes nothing like this anymore

  66. Kyle Burgess says:

    Walker White?

  67. Av2231 says:

    Whoa jeese has undergone a gender change

  68. Itistabaccobro says:

    His assistant looks like one of his highschool student…but where going to ignore that..

  69. B right says:

    Chemistry is fun. Better when it's clandestine

  70. Fabian says:


  71. psp nuts says:

    Finally a drug that i care about

  72. Justin Price says:

    DMT grows naturally in plants I wouldn't trust dmt made in a lab. In the amazon they dont need labs they brew it into ayahuasca

  73. Miles Latham says:

    DMT is easy af lol

  74. Tony Dalton says:

    Dmt is some scary sh*t . I think I was just glad I lived through it in my experiences. Some cool visuals but horrifying.

  75. Getmypastamasta says:

    Why does this look like Vancouver

  76. john royer says:

    Bob's a great man.

  77. 14 says:


  78. Samantha Marie says:

    This teacher needs to contact my boyfriend lmaoooo

  79. Richard Artibee says:

    The real Walter white

  80. Trumble Research says:

    Looks like acacia AB extraction

  81. Elizabeth Herster says:

    My name is bob, I’m a high school chemistry teacher, and I make and use DMT in my free time

  82. Speed Garage says:

    The best drug ever made. And people think cocaine is the finest drug

  83. Kevin Mills says:

    Like I get it I’m a fan of dmt and other psychedelics they helped me with a lot of my own demons and traumas, but if you’re sitting in a crack den cooking with explosive deadly chemicals do you really think you’re doing more good than harm, sometimes people don’t need to know how fucked up everything is, let them be blissfully ignorant. Those who seek knowledge will come looking, stop acting like some woke ass modern day Robin Hood. Let’s face it you’re a drug dealer living in a crack den, go volunteer at like a homeless shelter or something, donate that drug money to some sick animals or something

  84. derpbearfilms says:

    DMT can help depression and anxiety. Most psychedelics are safe.

  85. Mike Youtube says:

    This make it seem so much darker than it really is.
    This is fucked up.

  86. Kass says:

    That thing f*ucked his brain cells

  87. Dexter Fleming says:

    jesse, we need to cook

  88. David Polaczek says:

    I'd love to see the go pro of homeland security kicking your door in putting the hurt on your little school house

  89. Tyler Walter says:

    He said it right in the perfect manner psychedelics allow you to when you’re at your lowest to rebuild yourself on a new foundation trust me this shit opens your head up and if you suffer from depression as I have and still do psychedelics especially shrooms make you realize the simple shit in life and allows you to disconnect from physicality and mentally heal yourself, I will always advocate pot and psychedelics because if it weren’t for those my life would be much much darker now I wake up every day happy to see another day and be able to just watch the clouds or whatever just enjoy life!

  90. paperchasin23 says:

    He's taken too much of the stuff.

  91. * Samantha * says:

    Shit, I want to try it! Someone hit me up 😂

  92. luis cruz says:

    the robot voice makes it so hard to listen to

  93. NOLAN 2.0 says:


  94. invainraven says:

    I wish I had a chemistry teacher like that

  95. Zyndric says:

    What a dope ass teacher

  96. Stoyan Dimitrov says:

    So you load that with chemicals and poison your students, yea your really on your way to opens minds and teach knowledge, how about you cook some food and feed the homeless outside

  97. John Smith says:

    Man I’ve been looking for DMT for over a year now and I live in London. This was filmed in London where can I find this guy?

  98. Aaron Chapman says:

    Ayahuasca is sooo much easier to make and trip last longer, but it's just as challenging and hard to take like dmt is,,, so profound, kinda of extremely anti-addictive cuz it kinda scares the living shit outta you

  99. Kobe Davis says:

    I wish all our dealers where revolutionaries like this dude

  100. mike seely says:

    acid tong fractals or acid tong listen now hear later
    a couple psychedelic music i offer as a gift in thanks of your video
    they are on youtube
    peace pot micro-dot

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