Inside the Bailout That Saved a Debt-Ridden Trump Organization | The Choice 2016 | FRONTLINE

>>NARRATOR: Burdened by debt, the Taj would not turn a profit. By that winter, as Roffman predicted, the casino was in serious trouble.>>His business condition was terrible, worse than terrible. We were in a deep recession and people weren’t going to Atlantic City, so the revenue stream from Atlantic City, the Taj Mahal, and the other casinos was poor.>>NARRATOR: Trump’s other investments had not fared much better. The Plaza Hotel– a financial disaster. The airline Trump Shuttle was bleeding money.>>He sort of blamed the people around him for what went wrong instead of himself.>>He started blaming people, he started firing people, he started yelling at people. He said, “I can be a screamer,” and he certainly was, according to various accounts.>>NARRATOR: Trump had long cast himself as a winner. Now he was looking like a loser.>>I think that the downtime for him was really a shock, and he was not prepared for it. It caught him totally off guard. It was probably the biggest challenge of his life.>>The Donald is facing an incredible cash crisis.>>Big troubles for Donald Trump.>>NARRATOR: Trump and his companies owed more than three billion dollars, much of it to the banks that had fueled his spending spree.>>As quickly as the banks loved him, that’s as quick as they saw him as a pariah. He was like, “Ew, it’s Donald Trump.” They didn’t want to have anything to do with him. They wanted their money and they wanted to be rid of Donald Trump.>>NARRATOR: The bankers descended on Trump Tower.>>Bankers held gigantic meetings at Trump Tower with, like, 40 banks all sitting around in a room, Donald very sober-looking, not quite penitent, perhaps, but serious.>>When you were talking to him in these meetings, he just didn’t seem that he had any idea how big the problem was or how it would be resolved. But he, as far as being a CEO and understanding numbers and understanding the ramifications, doesn’t seem like he took economics or accounting in college.>>Donald Trump’s assets are on the line. Citibank and Trump’s other lenders are working on a bailout plan…>>NARRATOR: The bankers faced a fundamental decision.>>The Trump Organization confirmed today…>>It was at a time when we were all trying to figure out, is it better off this guy being alive financially, or is it better off having him dead financially?>>NARRATOR: As they stared into the Trump Organization’s abyss, the banks came to believe that Trump’s assets– the buildings, the casinos– were worth more with his name on them than in foreclosure.>>If they were to take Trump out of it, they would no longer have the name for the casinos, which was a tremendous part of their allure. Otherwise, basically what could they do? Liquidate and take a tremendous hit?>>The brand was worth now so much that bankers were willing to take a haircut in order to hang onto the name.>>The Trump Princess is said to have a price tag…>>NARRATOR: They sold the yacht and the airline.>>Trump may have to unload the Trump Shuttle, worth about $220 million.>>NARRATOR: And they put Trump on a $450,000 a month allowance.>>By next summer, he could become Atlantic City’s biggest loser ever.>>NARRATOR: In exchange, he would continue to promote the business.>>I think bankers look at Trump as a promoter, not as a CEO. At least that’s the way I looked at him, and if you talked to other bankers, I think they share that opinion. He’s a wonderful promoter. You know, he’s the P.T. Barnum of the 21st century.>>Donald Trump may have pulled off his biggest deal to date.>>NARRATOR: Donald Trump had survived.>>Working on a bailout plan…>>NARRATOR: He was too big to fail.>>The bankers do not want Trump to file for bankruptcy.

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  1. Angelo Picasso says:

    He spent the money on the whores and the nose candy hahahaha!!!

  2. Angelo Picasso says:

    He loves his whores he loves them so much

  3. VancouverTVGuy says:

    If it comes from PBS (like the rest of the liberal media), then it's a lie and fake news.

  4. softwater88 says:

    And Re-Pubic-ans are against Socialism for what reason?

    Trump did how many bankruptcies? And he went to the Wharton School Of Business?

  5. Zeek M says:

    This in no way changes the fact that PBS are known propaganda agents for the left.
    If we dig just a little we will find out PBS funds the muslim brotherhood.

  6. Larry Abitz says:

    Never understood why people, especially those who are not rich, worship rich people. Stockholm Syndrome?

  7. Guido Sarducci says:

    How can you bankrupt a casino?


    Man except for his ugly ass kids. No one has anything good to say about this crook.

  9. Nixer Doyle says:

    Surely even the most slow-witted have twigged. He is everywhere, every day. And that is his measure of success. Constant attention. What sits under the headline doesn't matter to him, as long as it is about him. I'm sure he'd prefer it to be adoration, but not even God is universally revered, and the Unindicted Co-Conspirator must surely know that he has done nothing but play a game of diminishing returns.

  10. Nixer Doyle says:

    I lived over 40 years before realising that up to the point where trump started the run for president, I'd never hated anyone. But I do now. I'm not proud of it. But I do hate him.

  11. Michael Taylor says:

    Trump is a true American! Lmao!!!

  12. Ballsarama says:

    The would-be king.

  13. Yu Yupha says:

    The bizarre thing about Trump is that he said he was going to drain the swamp , so why does he keep surrounding himself with people that are pleading guilty to major Federal crimes … ?? 😂😂 " We have the best people " 😂😂 … Trump is a disgrace to the office of US President .

  14. George Washington says:

    Trump was bailed put by Zionist rich jews because they had plans for him in the future. The Russia Gate scandsl is BS and a smoke screen to hide that Zionist Israel and its agents in America such as Sheldon Adelson are the real collusion, not Russia.

  15. Caswell39A says:

    This is just a SNIP of the GREAT documentary – "TRUMP's Road to the White House". You're again being manipulated.

  16. dutchpy dutchpy says:

    All because of the brand TRUMP. Not bad for something what started as DRUMPF. But it will end like the original.

  17. Tele Opinions says:

    When all those banks didn't want to have anything with him or his businesses he probably went to the Russian oligarchs (mafia) and got cozy with them. I wonder when his personal income taxes will be available for professionals to examine. The news media haven't touch on the subject lately.

  18. Gone Fishing says:

    I have never seen so much ignorance in one comment sections. Get out of your mamas basement and look around maybe get a job there are alot of them out there.

  19. M.A. M.R. says:

    When he failed in the US the banks slapped him on the wrist, when he failed in Russia they made him an asset of the Kremlin.

  20. phishfearme2 says:

    ….and Russia steps in!

  21. Houston bluescene says:


  22. Ant Morris says:

    Get real….lol

  23. Robert Bois le Duc says:

    Russian Banks & Russian Mobsters then went on to fund this narcissistic traitor, after American banks got sick of his incompetent bullshit.

  24. Daniel Fite says:

    liberal fake news, brainwashed "triggered" commenters.

  25. Mark JN says:

    A classic hit piece posing as a documentary. Predictable.

  26. loszhor says:


  27. Chester Mandelbrot says:

    Have read many comments below, very few note recent disclosures compiled from various legit sources. Silver spoon baby, millionaire by junior high, orchestrated tax fraud via boiler room vendor companies, and more currently being examined. Very complicated and I don't claim to be an expert. Alternate reality to say he's self made. Buffet once said if the money had been in the average index fund he would have more. Ain't over to the fat lady sings.

  28. tdot22 says:

    I can be a shitty businessman…..punish me put me on a 450,000/mo allowance.


    he was worth 7 billion dollars
    talking shit may make you look stupid

  30. Alabama Mothman says:

    Just like every other business in America.

  31. Robert Smith says:

    Trump IS A Loser !! ———– He was given illegally, over 400 million in worth.— In 20 years the Trump Org could have easily quadrupled that amount. — Trump is Addicted to Greed and Tormented by his Ego !!!

  32. james jones says:

    trump is the absolute worst president EVER

  33. Dj Krop says:

    Now you know who is pulling the strings.

  34. peter tuann says:

    he ran a business based on ego, not on actual profits & losses, Trump Shuttle was an ego project, Trump knew nothing about aviation industry,

  35. peter tuann says:

    yup, promoters, PT Barnum, not a real billionaire with real skills, like Gates, Buffet, Bezos,

  36. Allen Parsens says:

    Trump is a jew.

  37. Irma Williams says:

    GIF received a 2008 bailout….and just recently their female CEO announced the lay off of thousands of American workers…even though profits were up…as well as stock price! She announced the layoffs would allow them to prepare to be more competitive in the future!🙏

  38. V. Lee Walker says:

    Trump is a nazi treasonous traitor! Trump is also an idiot!

  39. quest 77051 says:


  40. S Austin says:

    He's just a two bit promoter. Like a boxing promoter, only he promoted the trump name as though it really meant something. He couldn't CEO a used car lot! He just promotes his name, his so-called accomplishments in the business world (where he merely promoted and begged). And this is what people voted into the white house! A no class basic carnival barker! This explains why he loves his little rallies and parties every week! Pathetic

  41. Michael Donohue says:

    Trump will go down in history as being the most inept, incompetent, lazy, useless and stupid beyond measure Russian Asset. Exceeded in stupidity only by those wilfully ignorant Kool Aid drinking sycaphants who voted him in. Shame on you Republicans for bowing to a False Prophet. You are colluding to conspire in the Destruction of Democracy. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  42. Orange Erndog says:

    Trump is a minion of Lucifer a pathological liar and Putin’s puppet

  43. Turd Doodlesworth says:

    It's not surprising that Americans romanticize dumbasses like this daughter fucker. The American people are just as dumb and degenerate as Trump is.

  44. vicky naz says:

    The trump name will be known as Adderal sniffing Useful Idiot !!

  45. JR Paris says:

    People understood the power of misrepresentation in sales..
    As long as you never let them see you sweat, people buy into your bullshit..
    Always blame everyone else for your failures and never look weak..
    People, especially his supporters, are willing to risk this country and it suffering irreversible damage because they don't see themselves losing anything personally- downright irresponsible and they must not be allowed to vote Trump into a 2020 Presidency!

  46. Ami Kong says:

    Then the Russians came to the rescue,

  47. Emiliano Zapata says:

    Donald Trump, just like "El Chapo" Guzmán, has gotten too big for his britches. He has made some enemies powerful enough to sink his tiny lifeboat in an ocean of shit!

  48. wade says:

    You can't say that you weren't warned. And don't start with the yeah but hillary bullshit either…

  49. Phyl Wilton says:

    He's nothing more than a BRAND.

  50. Jeannie Michelle Phillips says:

    OMG!!! Trump is doing the same shit just in his first years as President!!!

  51. David Kopp says:

    Trump. MAGA. Compare it to Obama, a Feminist and a weak president who did nothing for America or for his hometown, Trump is the man. He made mistakes but he always stood up again. At least he did something. Obama did nothing besides letting America going down further and was one of the worst presidents this Country ever had.

  52. Ahmed Buksh says:


  53. SARAH Connors says:

    Roy Cohn Drumpf's mentor and vicious attorney infamous for his role in the McCarthy Red Scare, was described by 1st Drumpf author Wayne Barnett, as a SATANIC FIGURE with REPTILIAN ways. Funny that FRONTLINE neglected to mention the DARK PATH that Drumpf chose by these people, Epstein for instance…CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTER.
    To see Roger Stone, his "stick" seems to me is emulation of Jimmy Savile, American Style, Stone, The Creep version.
    Knowing that Drumpf does NOT CARE, he is a fatalist so why not now, under him so he can just take over, scary thought really.

  54. Melvin Steward says:

    Looking back at these expose one cannot help but get a sense that President Trump won the confidence of the American people with his manufactured charisma but then quickly showed how he lacked so much of what was essential, required and necessary for the Presidency. While few would credit Hillary Clinton for having tried to warn the American people to President Trump genius at promoting himself and winning the attention of the public, events since he took office have proven her warnings should have been heeded

  55. forty two says:

    $450,000 a month? I bet that really cramped his lifestyle. That shows what bankers think what's adequate. In the early 90's,$45,000 a month was fantastic.

  56. xtscarface M says:

    He's a con man thats all he is. With Russia seen an opportunity to control America with him on their hands. The way he conducts business Russia for sure has something on him

  57. L 25 says:

    Reading the comments LOL you guy's know nothing about Donald Trump. That's why the economy is doing so good. 2020 Trump wins. Lol democrats are a joke.

  58. Brenda O'Connell says:

    Bye Bye America next stop

  59. TrickyOdell says:

    Did she say he Blaimed the people around him? How many years ago was this?And you idiots still don’t get it? WTF I don’t know which side to trust because I don’t even know what’s going on Lol

  60. TrickyOdell says:

    He sounds like a dummy giving a speech but boy he is really a smart guy when it comes to business

  61. Victor Macias says:

    How the hell we end up with a looser in the office.

  62. Lakshmi Mondal says:


  63. A T says:

    Trump 2020!!!

  64. Andrew Maynard says:

    god what a worthless piece of shit

  65. Joshua Ngiboli says:

    If he is not a business man or a good manager how come he can build all this business and how come banks can help him so much money
    The say he will never win this election but now he is the president and America is doing well this is jealousy

  66. Joshua Ngiboli says:


  67. Ismar Didic says:

    Donald duck idiot was bancrupt before and today like Roman empire.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  68. joe stuebing says:

    What piece of GARBAGE, he needs to be impeached NOW !

  69. Sydney Stroud says:

    To Trump/MAGA supporters, explain how this is fake or a plot to takedown your idol.

  70. Graeme SYDNEY says:

    So…….. what's changed? The banks, been scared of Chump's failure, propped him up, and now the GOP is scared of Chump's failure and prop him up. The only difference is the banks used their money and the GOP use their lies.

  71. David Rogers says:

    Trump lovers your lord and savior Donald Trump is a fraud and a grifter oh and I almost forgot he's an idiot

  72. Marsha Locker says:

    Humpty Trumpty had a great fall and took all of the rest of us with him. SOS

  73. al spencer says:

    Here we are in 2019 and nothing has changed‼️

  74. Tom Smith says:

    450,000.00 monthly allowance and he gets to keep bullshitting people. That's a banks idea of a bailout. What a crock of shit. They should have taken every hotel and casino and whatever else he owned and left him for dead. If I ever foreclose on my house I want a similar deal.

  75. Ben Clark says:

    TRUMP 2020!!!

  76. Leslie Kail Villarreal says:

    Trump has done business with and been financed by lots of people over the years, that doesn’t mean he is in bed with them. The Russian mafia who control the New York construction and property business in NYC and in most big cities in the NorthEast, bailed President Trump out after his Atlantic City casino failed. They thought this meant he owed them, and when he got elected, Felix Sater and a couple of other Russian bigwigs, wanted a position in his cabinet,he flatly denied them and said No.When they tried to say he “owed them for bailing him out” President Trump said “yes, and I paid you back every dime and with interest. I owe you nothing” He also personally paid back everyone who lost money when he had to file bankruptcy in relation to Atlantic City. He didn’t have to do that legally, they had all received payment via the bankruptcy court, but they only received pennies on the dollar and Trump did it anyway. And if you had been really researching and paying attention, he has been going after the Rothschilds since the beginning of his Presidency.

  77. Christopher Hoover says:

    He's a billionaire, or as he thinks being billions in debt is the same as being a billionaire, that's why he loves debt

  78. JammingJamey says:

    And here it is, July 2019. Russia was total BS. Record employment. Small businesses I call on are doing exceptionally well, paying much less in taxes, all are hiring, expanding. Economy is kicking ass! (and Trump really is actually donating his salary quarterly) Wife and I paid 2,300 less for 2018 personal taxes, our small business paid less. I have to admit, I was wrong about Trump.

  79. matt smith says:

    Trump is a attention whore promoting everything from board games to steaks to water to wrestling he never had anything real in life all plastic and bullshit.

  80. Gary Songer says:

    The media is driving America into a civil war that will kill millions! In their hatred for Trump they're willing to sacrifice the American people!…"they" of course will side with the winner…but this time there will be no winner! The media is already dead…they will never be trusted again! The media is the greatest evil in the world today, if you listen to them you will end up in hell just like them!

  81. Anthony Brogan says:

    This is all fake news, put out there by the left wing deep state, Media outlets…….Just ask Sean Hannity and Fox and friends…….No just kidding the man is an idiot……..How much more evidence do we need……Oh by the way the polar ice caps are melting sea levels are rising the world is getting hotter… But who gives a shit right…..It's just a Chinese hoax…….

  82. Sandra Gruhle says:

    He has been delusional his entire life:Feeling bone spurs, imagining he made the Wharton Dean’s List, seeing Muslims celebrating in the street from his office (while he was supposedly at the collapsing World Trade Center towers) on 9/1/01. Seeing himself as a success

  83. God Emperor says:

    all the haters…know nothing. If Trump was a failure the banks were also the failures. Was GM a failure? or many of the other companies that hit the wall in the downturn?

  84. William Fairchild says:

    People how can you be loyal to this guy? Are you like him ? Do you lie , cheat , act like a low life on a daily basis. If not why should you stand with him and back him up. Just saying

  85. Bigga Winna Crapsa says:

    I sat next to a gentleman at the high-limit Baccarat table and in less than an hour he lost a hundred grand. The only explanation for the Taj going under is mob skimming.

  86. judetunes1 says:

    USA should have seen this before voting for him .

  87. Caesar says:

    Just like the government bailed the banks.

  88. EricSmyth14 says:

    Oh I see

    So that's how he got owned by the banks

    Now the banks have him as a puppet

  89. Penny O says:

    "Too big to fail"! Um

  90. Penny O says:

    U.S. Presidency. Too big to fail?

  91. Joris De Laat says:

    Zionist banksters saved him. Since than… they owned President Trump.

  92. MrHoppers002 says:

    that's the thing about trump in the late 1980s I never understood. like why do a air shuttle service when he knows nothing about how airlines work?
    why go into casino gaming when he knows nothing about gaming.
    why make a board game, I can go on. (trump steaks)
    Why finance his construction projects with junk bonds with interest rates comparable to credit cards.

    if he just stuck to his core business which was high end luxury office/condos, golf courses, he would've been much much better off.

  93. m3 talent agency says:

    If you watched this first and then voted for this orange clown, there's something really, dangerously wrong.

  94. Michael De santa says:

    Rothschilds bail him out

  95. Michael. C Crawford says:

    Kinda simple here . He lived a life he couldn't have he was big spender but that's as far as it could go. It's like a heroin addict the More money the more he spent . Florence Nightingale

  96. Don Morckel says:

    Find some lies and half truths ,
    then blow it up into a hot air !
    You end up with a balloon …. empty !
    I'm impressed they could fill up 3 minutes !
    TRUMP2020 !!!

  97. Debra Blasus says:

    KARMA Trump and not finished with him yet…

  98. Hy Tower says:

    This was nothing more than another msm hit job against President Trump. Trump is the greatest president in recent U.S. history. Most of the negative comments you see against him are nothing more than brain washed lemmings who follow the media and the propaganda that they promote.

  99. Terrill Melville says:

    Well. I think it’s conclusive that he’s not a good business man. Pretty good con man though.

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