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in reading and we have middle school and high school sports too all this and
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Schools I’m 80 McClinton Rock Quarry elementary school recently received news
that they had earned a prestigious honor they been named a Blue Ribbon School just changed our practice and I think
that if we’re seeing the results of that thank you kind of hard to sum that up in
a couple of words it’s something that we have worked at strived for for years and
years here at rock quarry to move from being a really good school to being a
really great school and so for that to have happened and to be recognized
through this status is extremely exciting for me for our teachers and
staff we were actually nominated by the State Department we receive notification
in the winter months of this year that we would be receiving an application and
so that application process was pretty extensive and the committee and I worked
together to complete all the paperwork necessary but the reason that we were
actually or even granted the opportunity was due to our test scores that have
continually been really good that have moved to the next level I’m very proud
of my teachers and I’m even more excited and proud for my teachers they have
worked really hard they’ve tried new ideas we’ve moved our focus from what we
do to teach to what we really need them to make sure that children are learning
and I believe that we have put a lot of hard work in and it was really really
good to know that they open to recognize that of our time well I think being a
national Blue Ribbon School you know we work every day to be able to serve our
students to the best of our ability and now to be able to recognize as a Blue
Ribbon School that’s somebody else recognizing that we do that day in and
day out with everything that we do there are no words except absolute thrill of
excitement I have wanted this for ever I just I’ve known the great things that we
do here I watch my colleagues I watch I said I watch us playing I want you to
try to take the kids to the next level and I’ve just I’m known in my heart we
could do that and just to get the news that we are I’m just beyond a lady very
proud of every single one of us Tyree Smith a teacher’s aide at woodland
forest elementary school has come up with an innovative approach to using
every minute in the school day to teach students every morning at woodland forest
elementary school you’ll find Terry Smith sitting at this table greeting
students and teaching while I’m standing up doing uh doing morning duty that I
could flash our cars we could work on forming funding segmentation CBC words
and word families so that’s kind of how the idea came about that we just want to
make every minute count your principal Brian rose challenged his staff to find
creative ways to get more out of the school day and Smith found a way to make
it happen just just sitting at home and was just
thinking I cam in the morning I’m greeting the kids also for showing that
loved early in the morning but also just getting that first touch in the morning
of a just standing here that while I’m talking to them ask them how I’m doing
how they’re doing I could just say hey what sound does this letter make up
what’s the first sound in this word so that’s kind of how I came about
kindergarten and first grade students now see it is a regular part of their
day they’re enjoying the interaction with Smith and they’re motivated to do
well because we’ve been doing it for about a week now they’re waiting on me
and they’ll tell me things like I worked last night I looked at this me and my
family who studied our work did out our amazing words up last night they’re
ready for me so they’re they’re kind of enjoying and plus they get these tickets
to for our big ticket draw at the end of the semester woodland forest elementary
teachers are exploring ways to positively impact even more students
with creative teaching ideas some of my first grade teachers are kind of
thinking of some other things that they want me to do and I’m telling them hey I
only have about 25 minutes in the morning so we’re working on some
additional things and we’re really trying to get second-grade involved
right now it’s really I’m in the morning I’m doing it with kindergarten at first
so we got to work on some things were getting second grade involved representatives from 15 local businesses
converged on polity Brian high school to present Junior Achievement in a day to
seniors they talk sessions in resume writing financial literacy
interviewing skills making a good first impression and more the five components
of our program or what do employers expect making first impressions filling
out a job application job interview skills in preparation for
a job interview and then there’s a financial component that deals with
budgeting buying a car and also staying away from payday loans and making the
most of your money all seniors in the graduating class of 2019 are
participating in Junior Achievement this is an opportunity for them to meet over
15 business partners that we have in our building they are learning fields such
as interviewing resume writing all of the pieces with what is needed when you
go in to actually get the job I feel like this is something that most high
schools don’t provide for their students you don’t really learn how to live
outside of high school you go into the world not knowing how to do simple
things like your taxes or writing a check or balancing a checkbook and I
feel like today we’re getting those skills that are necessary for being an
active member of society of the event right now is preparing students for real
world experiences so getting them ready to actually apply for jobs and what it
takes to actually get hired I think it’s a great event and let’s get ready for
the next day oh by college getting a job going to the workforce you know and just
pretty much preparing us for life well our business and industry community
is telling us that our students are coming out of high school without soft
skills and we need to make sure that they’re prepared for the next step in
life well with our students they will be exiting going into many career paths
gives them an opportunity to connect with community stakeholders to UM put
themselves out there have their resume in front of people who from day to day
this is what they do they look over resumes and they select from the best
candidate so this gives our student an opportunity to have to have up-close
experiences with those people I’ve enjoyed talking about the interview
skills and how you walk into an interview you have a nice clear speaking
voice you’re affirming your hand shaking you keep on cutting eye contact with
them when they’re asking questions I just left the one about communication
and first impressions so the first impression that you make is one that
lasts the longest and so you only have one chance to make a first impression
and it’s really important to make sure what you do the first time you meet
somebody is something that they can remember and it’s a positive experience
yes I would like to get better about communication skills but some time you
know I kind of like straight away and kind of like higher a little bit from me
but I think just going to my first class it was like a great experience I learned
how to communicate you know shake hand properly is really nice test collusive
magnet middle school teacher Yolanda Stockdale has a unique way of greeting
her students every day so I’ve always made a point to spend at
the door and greet my students well I saw the Internet where people were
shaking hands and greeting their students so I wanted to take it a step
further and act the students how they wanted to be greeted so at the beginning
of the school year each student came up with their own way for me to greet them
whether it was a handshake a dance or just a hug however they want to be
greeted that’s how I greet them what we do every morning is whenever we walk in
the door Mostafa will always be out there and then show us a handshake and
then so the first I had on a handshake for then I realized other people had
like bigger handshakes so I made mine longer
well I kind of go in for a highfather then just fake her out you know just
kind of a fun thing my handshake was a tiny little high-five is what sort of
thing but other people’s complicated it was all done by them all I said it was
y’all I want you to feel special however you want to be greeted at the door it
can be a handshake or whatever you like and then they came up with it from there
and it’s just really nice for them you know every day we walk in and like
special it’s a special thing we all do if the students know that they have a
place to come to where they feel safe they feel welcomed they feel special
then they’re gonna be cool with you as we would say so I want to be known as
the teacher and I also wanted to be true but I’m the teacher you can come to not
just sixth grade or seventh grade eighth grade if you have a problem if you just
want to talk if you just want to sit on my couch and just be a cool teacher I
think you just make you feel welcomed and
these classes it’s not just to write down into their board and stuff it’s to
learn and to have fun and I think that’s everything she doesn’t good job and I
think it makes me feel like she’s like one of the like only teachers I can
trust to come to if I have a problem I’m stuck on something because she always
gets in a good mood every morning cuz the handshake well at first I was kind
of like shy and then on which we start to do the handshake eight times it was a
bit more fun yes when they come in you can just see it in their eyes that they
it’s just that when you know five or ten seconds of just a special recognition
and I feel like if my future’s had done that when I was in sixth grade I would
have loved it so I hope that they they know that I can and every day is just
our special moment Northridge high school seniors Ethan snackin burger
Walker Ferry Isaac Smith and Nathan Shin will talk about being named National
Merit semifinalist and what it can mean for their futures so I’m just glad to get this money for
college it’s exciting to know that I had the possibility to earn some money to
help pay for college I guess I was happy I’m excited I guess I got to
I really just think developing those good habits in an early age is a good
way to maintain it once you get to college and high school to study and I
really want to be a sports medicine physician which requires a lot of
Education and say it’s just important to know not to mess
around from the young gays because I don’t want habits of not putting your
best effort in school to carry on into college and I mean to get into med
school I’ll have to report a call as well I guess I just I find a cadet like
I’m really all the subjects at school to be very interesting I think if you’re
gonna do something you might as well like put everything you have into it and
give it your best effort and so I guess I just I think it’s important to to try
hard and academics and of course it’s very important or like the future like
getting a career that you want and going to college it’s long like academically
totally good school North Korea system so much for me I gotta be the president
for the last three years in my class and I just learned this school so much all
the supposed to your peers and things everyone must get involved
and the teachers are awesome they really like to just connect with you and they
really want you to succeed I absolutely love all the faculty and teachers at
Northridge I love how I’ve been able to build very
close relationships as many of the teachers and the faculty and I love how
the teachers will build relationships with each of their students I think
they’ve done a very good job of teaching other students the teachers are
excellent and they’re all people pushing me to succeed right now
I’m thinking either ug Eric and I would love to major in business score cream in
Washington University in st. Louis is my number one choice I’m actually visiting
the school this weekend and I wanted to take a pre-med program so I’m hoping to
major in something like biomedical engineering or mathematics or physics I
don’t know where I’m going into college I don’t even have a complete list of
where I can apply actually I know I’m gonna do something in the sciences I
like marine biology and physics especially I’m gonna major in that I’m
not sure I’m going to a partnership between Tuscaloosa City
school libraries and the Tuscaloosa Public Library is benefiting high school
students TPL recently visited Paula debut Bryan high school to offer
services to students the libraries in the Tuscaloosa City Schools are wanting
to give as many resources and as much support as we can to our students and so
we only can do so much but Tuscaloosa Public Library by collaborating with
them we bring we’re able to give to our students so much more part of what we
talked with the students today with about all of the digital resources
though that we have at the Tuscaloosa Public Library we wanted to make sure
that we’re getting a lot of the high school students prepared for what
happens next for them whether that be college a trade school or just life in
general so there’s a lot of resources that we’ve got test prep resources that
we have online there’s a lot of homework help that’s provided through homework
Alabama that we wanted to make sure the students know about that the tutor calm
access which is a whole slew of online classes to get students
prepared for their next career what it is that they want to do like I said I’ve
after high school and preparing for college and a a job they bring digital
resources that we do not have access to they bring print resources they bring
actual technology that we do not have access to and it has been something that
is a great benefit to our students we want to make the community a better
place by making the community a more educated place we have sought to expand
a lot of our digital physical resources over the year whether that be online
resources like the the classes and programs that we talked about today for
the classes that we have in the library whether that be physical materials that
people can check out we want to make sure one that students know that those
resources exist and to that we are able to eliminate the barriers to those
resources we’ve had over 200 students come in today out of the roughly
thousands over thousand since Bryant to be able to access this information and
hopefully help them get a solution Public Library card to give them access
to the digital resources but then also be able to go down to the library itself
and get that information members of the human resources department rolled up
their sleeves and show their appreciation for our
standing child nutrition program employees we’ve come out with mr.
Robertson and to help at our Katie elementary today our CMP workers do such
a fantastic job we want to celebrate National School Lunch week and this is
one way we thought we could come in and sit just excited to be here the food
looks fantastic we’re just very pleased to be out here
and helping these wonderful workers do what they do every day for I mean to
prepare this amount of food for close to 500 children know what other entity does
this on a consistent basis every day and that’s an r21 of our site they do what
they do for our children a breakfast want after-school snacks and dinner in
and in some places well our CMP staff do an amazing job led by mr. Robertson so
we’re very of all of them you have to have a
special talent for and they do I lost a piece staff and Arkady in our other
twenty sites as well so he’s happy to pitch in welcome into sports in middle school
football action it was the Eastwood Stampede taking on
the Northridge Jaguars in more middle school football action
the Westlaw Falcons hoping to defend the home field when Duncanville came to town two longtime rivals the central Falcons
and Paul David Bryant Stampede squared off on the volleyball court and in more volleyball action the
Jackson Aggies came from South Alabama to challenge the Falcons of Central in a match that would decide the area
volleyball title the Northridge Jaguars went toe-to-toe against the Hillcrest
Patriots in a huge rivalry game that had possible
playoff implications the Northridge Jaguars
and Paul T V Bryant Stampede played an exciting game filled with big plays both
teams come out fired up for this important rivalry game Jagr defense with a good stop here a
quarterback to Jamie and Edward it’s Lance Wesley for a big first down then it’s Edward tujhe Darius gray for
six Jags on a Cameron Miller reels off a good run and Roderick Jones runs for a
first down the Trey venison boots this 50-yard field goal to get North Ridge on
the board Jack’s continue to win on defense Marquis vintners connects with
Crawford layman for an apparent touchdown but it’s nullified by penalty
Stampede fumble the punt and it’s recovered by the Jaguars they have great
field position and they capitalize as Lehmann catches this pass and it counts another Brian – ball leads to more
fireworks it’s Bittner to treshawn street for six
and it’s a 16 to 6 lead for the Jaguar but the stampedes defense comes up in a
big play and Jackson leach kicks a field goal to cut the lead to 16 to 9 now in
the third the Quan Johnson scampered 64 yard but not the score at 16 then a
perfectly executed double pass from Wesley the AJ shipment puts the Stampede
back on top and that’s how it is Bryant 23 North Ridge 16 North Ridge
needed to win to keep any hopes of a playoff berth alive they got just what
the doctor ordered when they traveled a Brookwood to face the Panthers Jack come
out looking for their second region win of the season Charlie Kraus picks off this past in the
Panthers scoring thrill bonford layman hauls in this marquise bitter pass
rod Jones just the running game going not our savage gets the Jags on the
board and it’s seven to nothing here drink crossed pounces on the loose
ball for North Ridge then Jones rips off this nice run for a touchdown making it
14 to nothing jagged defense swarmed the Brookwood ball carrier christopher jack with a nifty run for
Northridge Cameron Miller rips off a nice run
then Lehman halls in the Bittner pass for six cross steps in front of this Panther
pass to end the threat now 21 to 6 in the third quarter Jones getting it down
on the ground and lower finishes up later in the quarter this Bittner pass
makes it thirty-five to six and Northridge wynton 42 to 18 keep up with the latest TCS news and
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