Insider Credit Secrets! “How to Legally Remove Negative Credit Accounts”

Hi, I’m Aazim Sharp founder of Leaf credit solutions a national credit repair company and author of the ultimate credit repair guy In this video I’m going to cover a myth, but go over a myth that most people believe about credit That’s just simply not true. It’s false and that myth. Is that negative items must remain on your credit report for seven years That’s just simply not true. That’s something [that] the credit bureaus want you to believe Okay, and the information that Sonia credit it must be reporting a hundred percent accurately it must be one hundred percent verifiable and also reporting in a timely manner okay, when we know that this doesn’t always happen because seventy-nine percent of credit reports have errors on them okay, and What do we mean by that let me just explain to you one hundred percent accurate meaning that if the loan amount on the account? Even if you defaulted it on it on the account if it’s incorrect or the date of last activity is incorrect or there’s anything Reporting within that account on your credit report that’s not correct it either has to be Updated or removed if it’s not one hundred percent Verifiable, what do we mean by that? Well if that account let’s say it was sold to another creditor and you go to dispute that account And they don’t have all of the information Pertaining to that account that you request or that someone that is disputing that account for you request then that account has to be removed There is a difference [between] what [you] owe or what you defaulted on and what can legally be reported to your credit There’s a big difference also within a timely manner that means within the statute of limitations you Have to really watch for this because [a] lot of times you’ll see the creditor They’ll take that account that might have been on your report for four or five years then sell it to another Creditor and then that clock starts all over really really be watching for that because that’s how [aree] aging, and that’s not supposed to happen Okay, now I want you to do me a big favor I want you to like comment and share this video. It’s important that as many people as possible Get this information and [that] we get this information out to the general public So again, I want to thank you for watching again. My name is Ozzie me sharpe

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