Instant Cash Solution Review 2019 | ONE YEAR CASE STUDY AMAZING! 😱

hey there are you doing it’s Dan Froelke
here with an instant cash solution update for you I want to share with you
some results that I’ve been getting in my instant cash solution business all
right but first I want to show you the date right here I am really excited to
share with you this video because it is my one-year anniversary with instant
cash solution and I’m super excited we are just getting started
we are steamrolling through the fourth quarter 2019 and heading right on into
2020 and again we are just getting started with ICS I show you the date
really quickly it’s October 4th Friday October 4th at 2:30 in the afternoon
now I joined a year ago ok October 3rd 2018 I am going to show you that exact
date in the back office here I am gonna show you some results but first I am
super blessed to have aligned myself with this system because I truly believe
that this is the very best small ticket business out there by far now. I’m not a
guy that hops around from program to program to program
I love multiple streams of income but the average person can really only
handle about 3 of them ok because here’s a deal if you’re in 4 5 6 7 8 and you
have 8 income streams how in the heck are you supposed to help people on your
team very very hard to do as a matter of fact it’s impossible me I don’t hop
around from program to program I stick with what I’ve got whatever is working
and this is working and I want to prove it to you that this is working for me
and others as well and again if you are hopping from program to program like a
lot of people do and I used to do that ok you really have to stop that you have
to align with a sponsor that’s actually going to help you out walk the walk and
that’s what I do ok so again let’s see this again October
4th 2019 let’s get rid of that let’s put this up here I want to show you some results so I show you these results not to brag right the reason why
I show them because number one people have to actually see that the system is
working and I have been in it a year I want to I want to tell you for sure that
it is still working and there’s no stopping this instant pay member to
member program right here and number two I want you to know that I me I’m on the
level to show you how to do this stuff that I
walk the walk that I help people out anyone who joins me okay is gonna get a
welcome email and I’m gonna reach out to them and I’m gonna schedule a call okay
a one on one call to help you set your system up that’s what I do
and that’s why I don’t hop from program to program to program because why
if something’s working you got to stick with it okay so here we go but first
before I login of course I have a disclaimer for you a little legal thing
alright now these are my results results are not typical I work very hard for
these results in in no way do I guarantee that you will get these
results if any at all okay so let’s login to my instant cash
solution back-office I feel super blessed to have aligned
myself with this system because it’s really allowed me to help a lot of
people out and that really helps me sleep well at night because I actually
help them out one on one plus we have have so much value in the back office it’s
it’s incredible now I’ve been in high ticket programs that have a quarter of
the value that ICS has in the back office and again that’s what makes me
sleep well at night because I know what we offer has tremendous value okay so I
want to show you first of all that this is actually me my account right here
again if you want want to see the date let’s go over here Friday October 4th
2019 ok so we got that out of the way. all right let me put this up here and
let’s go to the the members area and Commission’s earned now this is for
this month already again only October 4th I’m at $3,400 let’s go down here it
is October 4th and I’m at let’s see and about a $600 day here today yesterday
and $1200 day before 600 and then on October 1st $1,000 so not a bad week at
all $3,400 with instant cash solution this week. now let’s go back a few months
all right last month twenty one thousand seven
hundred dollars now you guys this is instant pay 100% commissions it’s not a
50% Commission it’s not a 70% this is 100 percent Commission’s paid directly
to you okay paid directly and instantly to you
so you can check it out 500 500 100 you know these are these are very consistent
everyday in fact let’s go over here it’s probably easier to see this okay got a
$1,500 day eight hundred one thousand twelve hundred twenty one hundred two
hundred four hundred twelve hundred twenty seven hundred dollar day that’s
what I mean obviously I’m gonna stick with this because it’s working and I’m
helping so many people get started online okay so if you are brand new
alright this has the perfect educational platform right here we start from
scratch if you are more experienced that’s great and if you’re a seasoned
vet like myself that’s even better alright so I know you get the idea let’s
go back okay this is August 16,600 July 15 thousand seven hundred fifteen
thousand one under and this is the slow time of year May 19 thousand three
hundred April twenty one thousand one hundred March okay now
I know there’s 19,000 there it’s insane. I want to show you when I started okay
here we go right here October 3rd 2018 $7,000 month my very first month in
instant cash solution okay so let’s bring this over here as you can see
we’re flying through the months here okay alright whoops
right there okay so how are we making these sales? well, it’s a very simple copy
and paste ads platform we have the ads we have everything that you need in the
back office here we have a great autoresponder where you can actually
email your list we have all the capture pages we have a fantastic sales page and
all the display ads so we’re copying pasting ads in social media sites on
Craigslist Instagram we do solo ads I do SMS text marketing whatever you are
interested in we’ve got free ways to advertise absolutely free and we’ve got
paid methods. and also we have something very special in place here at ICS and
that is the weekly live webinar overview and that’s hosted by the owner himself
Rich Meyer now rich like I said he puts this on
every single week it’s a live overview you invite your prospects okay so you a
mail everyone out on your list and I actually have the email that you can use
show you email your list and your prospects attend the weekly live webinar
rich does a great job he answers their questions at the end and then at the end
of that he’ll say now I want you to get back to the person who invited you and
voila I get sales that very night alright and
that’s what we’re doing here that’s very unusual that the owner himself actually
participates in this and he is an awesome owner and again I feel very
blessed to align myself with ICS and Rich Meyer because he’s constantly
adding value in the back office I’m really really proud of all the value
that’s back there now if you have been watching my proof over and over month
after month after month well it’s about time that you throw your hat over the
fan and join me in instant cash solution
okay now I promise you now this is the only promise I’m gonna make okay I
promise you that there is not a small ticket business out there that’s like
instant cash solution because in my opinion ICS is the very best small
ticket business out there okay so if you have any questions I have all
my contact information right below there I am standing by to answer any questions
you have and I look forward to being your sponsor in instant cash solution
alright thanks for watching.

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