Inter Library Loan @ CCU

If you need to request an item, and CCU does
not own this item, don’t worry about it, there are ways of requesting this item from another
library. Your best option is requesting an item in
Prospector. Please watch the Prospector tutorial to find out how.
However if Prospector also does not have the item you are looking for there is one more
option. This option is Inter Library Loan. Inter Library
Loan is a service that many libraries around the entire world use to find items for their
patrons that they may not have locally. Interlibrary Loan, though vast in its collection
does have a big drawback. It’s slower than the CCU library or Prospector. Sometimes taking
up to a couple of weeks for an item to come in, even if that item is currently checked
in at the home or lending library. Don’t let this deter you from using the service, if
you need an item you need an item. Also small selections of a journal most of the time are
scanned and come through email much quicker than a full monograph.
There is only one way to order an Interlibrary Loan item.
Simply Email as much information regarding the citation of the item to [email protected]
For a great example on when to use ILL please watch the Known Article CCU tutorial. Which
includes an additional trick to sending a citation directly from a database.
That’s it. Please expect your item in at least 1-2 weeks, especially if you requested something
more than one single article.

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