Intro to Financial Literacy Series for Credit Union Board Directors

hire any comments the c_e_o_ of see you
answers we believe the financial literacy is
more than just book learning because in the air action board members
have with each other and they’re creating teams because of the confident you gain from
experience education and the persevere in says a volunteer series is intended to either start you
on that journey or to confirm where you are as a competent experience creating
volunteer the average volunteer spends less than
fifty hours a year is a board member so every hour is precious crane c_n_n_’s
respect that that’s why we’ve designed a series to be
very straightforward it’s november test it sure enough so it can be group
process during your regular board meetings water queues who invest in the series
like this why would we offered to the market for
free without confident and dedicated
volunteers are industries ceases to exist nothing to be more valuable trenching
and the careers of evergreen professional contributing to the success
and ongoing value the canadian volunteers represent nuclear gene will benefit from the
series welcome to our education series and
financial literacy for credit union for directors my name is laura welch felker manager of
education services at the u_n_ troops before we begin i would like to explain
the flow of expressed in the series and energy sheet our panel of experts each class has three sections will begin
with a presentation by our panel followed by a summary of the terms for
eight years in the presentation then conclude with the test answers remember that the tests are not designed
to be a comprehensive list of everything you need to know is aboard rendered but they will have reinforced things you
already know and you get ideas for new things to add
to your board discussions and maybe learn something new our panel consists of four individuals each unique in their experience with the
credit union industry grandparents’ the cousteau c_e_o_ who
serves on the board of several organizations and also teams for those
on board meandering business challenges conference of cousteau c_f_o_ who works
with multiple boards as c_f_o_ and also serves as a board director for several
businesses jim tucker business leaders with the napkin certified compliance
officer certification and experience as an examiner patrick circles a licensed
and certified information systems honecker prepare exceedingly with conserve
business leaders and the key so bored and what they need
to be thinking about when it comes to rest and design good internal auditor

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