Is a Credit Union Right for Me?

Elderly Man: Hello dear,
looks like you are having a tough start to the day. Young Women: Hey grandpa, I
can’t seem to concentrate after graduation and my new
job starting soon. I need a more reliable car to
get there. Most places I tried for a loan
are not willing to help. Elderly Man: It’s been a while
since I started out, it was hard trying to find people willing
to take a chance on me as well. Luckily through my company I
was eligible to join the federal credit union. Young Women: Wait, what is that? I mean a lot of my friends
talk about joining a credit union but I don’t
understand what it is. What makes a credit union
different from other places? Elderly Man: Unlike
other types of financial institutions, the federal credit
unions is a cooperative. Just like we are working
together today, at the federal credit union, people pool
their collective resources and help their members achieve
their financial goals. Look at it this way, one
member’s savings deposit is another member’s loan. Young Woman: But you
know it’s really hard for me to find a place I can trust
and not feel taken advantage of. Elderly Man: That’s what’s
great about credit unions. They only have to answer to
their members. The control lies with you. With
a federal credit union, as a member you own a part of
the credit union. Young Woman: Wait, what
do you mean I own part of the credit union? Elderly Man: Each person who
joins a federal credit union becomes a part owner. Every member gets voting power
to elect a volunteer board of directors that controls the
direction of the credit union. This helps ensure the federal
credit union acts in the best interest of its members. Young Woman: Ok, good advice
Grandpa! And look- if they can help me find a better car, YOU
get the first ride. Elderly Man: Sounds like a deal! Now, maybe you can
help me run this contraption. Young woman: I can do that! Elderly Man: And I’ll help you
with yours! Announcer: Credit unions serve
millions of people nationwide, The main purpose of a federal
credit union is to provide you with access to affordable
financial products and a safe place to access and save your
money. Young Woman: Hey Grandpa! Elderly Man: Hey, right on time. Your new wheels look great! Young Women: Thanks. I
just wanted to say thank you for your advice and
for the help from the local federal credit union. Elderly Man: I am so glad it
paid off for you. Young Woman: I have a surprise
for you. Headphones! For
your new cell phone. Eldery Man: Oh, thank you! Young Women: I mean, you only
turn 80 once, and I wanted to say thank you. Grandpa: Oh, you’re so welcome! Announcer: To learn more about
how credit unions can help your financial life, visit

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