100 comments on “Is Immigration needed if British people won’t do tough jobs?”

  1. paul wignall says:


  2. Jack Bowie says:

    I think what ppl are scared of is the uk becoming like london were there are so many nationalities that it doesn't feel like you are living in britain, there's nothing wrong with immigration but not upto the point were it starts to get overwhelming, immigration should be allowed and they have greatly benefited the uk but it needs to be controlled properly by the British, and not by eu laws that allows free roaming so in order to do that it must leave the eu to be able to set it's own laws.

  3. Red Tale says:

    You cannot expect humanities students and their irk to get their hands dirty picking vegetables in the UK. That is what gap years in Europe and Australia are for.

  4. Space Astronaut says:

    "There is not enough space", "do you want less green space?". OMG the populist lies this woman uses is ridiculous….. Whereas some Brits grow fats asses watching eastern europeans who work in construction, catering and slaughter houses paying for their "job seeker allowance" ……

  5. creamcorn surprize says:


  6. Juan Batista says:

    All lies , British people won't do any jobs for less money than they have traditionally received and been assured to receive by union gained agreements . Many immigrants don't join unions and will take less pay and work in poorer conditions . Manufacturers want to break down the power of unions and working conditions . Increasingly bringing third world conditions to the UK . The wealthy elite in UK don't see it as any different to having a serfdom and profiting unscrupulously off the backs of the landless poor .

  7. Ali G says:

    the problem is car 🚗 insurance why people not talk about this in some area is almost 3k a year for new drivers

  8. Duke Temz says:

    20:35 black carribrean boys might not be succeeding but black african boys are, let speak the whole truth first.

  9. Isntitexciting says:

    We want our country back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. jin gingo says:

    What the hell do they mean "English people". How many Scots, Welsh, Irish, work and live in England !. Its a British situation. It was over a hundred years sago when it could have been an English problem , but certainly not today.

  11. myfindhorn2 says:

    It would help the coffers if every employer of migrants pays a tax for employing them they should be fined thousands if they employ a illegal. Big firms should not be collecting thousands and millions from the tax payers to employ workers. If Britain can afford to give all that money away for companies to employ people then I suggest that they open up companies and factories themselves and pay the workers decent wages, but we can all dream the greedy bosses will eventually get their just dues. Mind you I am glad that heavens doors don't allow houses, money, jewels etc into it, and I suppose they have to remember it is a 50/50 chance of there being a heaven, how I love these odds.

  12. Albert Purification says:

    British ,wait 20 years and see there will no democracy but the sharia law.

  13. Gary Groombridge says:

    Really painful to listen to these brainwashed juveniles

  14. Rima Fair says:

    NO, THERE IS AN ARMY OF THOSE ON THE DOLL!!!! Let them swim the streets, wait at the table, wash the dishes, etc, etc…

  15. james bond says:

    I don't understand….. Where are all the middle class and upper classes that don't fill these job's?

  16. tip of the iceberg says:

    How many of you eat Indian food regularly?…..I've not seen an Indian restaurant they are all Bangladeshi. I personally will not knowingly eat halal meat so no I don't eat Bangladeshi food. But I love INDIAN cuisine cooked by myself, or my Indian friend's that have taught me.

  17. Mike Ford. says:

    It’s immigrants that keeps wages down to the minimum there used to living on rice 1 meal a day and save company’s millions! The reason the elite keep them coming in and our living standards drop! What would they say if they could replace parliament MPs it’s coming soon!

  18. stephen henshaw says:

    Oh, Mr Owen says its all……..

  19. Rosemary Schaefer says:

    Minimum wedge will never raise if the jobs are given to immigrants that will work for less.

  20. charlie271210 says:

    immigrants are willing to work for less . immigrants are exploited because they let themselves be exploited

  21. Mother Mary says:

    Pushed into Universities not into skills… one of the most powerful comments.

  22. Astuteous Maximus says:

    No reasonable person would say that the UK should ban all immigration. That isn't the argument people are making and to pretend so is just being dishonest. What people want is controlled immigration and that's completely different to the open border policy the UK and most industrialized countries have had over the past couple of decades. If there's a shortage of say, nurses, then you get nurses. This doesn't mean you import half of the third world.

  23. David Wheeler says:

    Ffs how many of them are claiming benefits what a load of bollocks

  24. Jay Jay says:

    British people are willing to do most jobs, problem is wages are far too low, yet cost of living has gone up and up, most immigrants live in illegal shared housing and employers knowingly underpay migrants, British people have wised up to this a long time ago, that doesn’t mean we have to open our borders to all and sundry, we cannot support the amount of migrants coming here, and that’s a fact, it’s not racist (the favourite buzzword for the liberal left) we can’t keep building homes and schools on green belt land

  25. Dan Bruffell says:

    Gringey Jones.

  26. Joy Hasan says:

    Have u noticed whoever hates Britain wants mass migration?!

  27. Scott Fraser says:

    well if a man spends years breaking his back for peanuts and the guy up the road gets paid millions for perhaps not easy but mostly static work in the office or car. you can see why wages should be looked at from a work put in method not what school you went to and that's just one problem out of many!

  28. Pipi Cax says:

    Certain race is seen at work places smoking in work time, having tea in work time, taking time time off regularly complaining of inability to adhere to the pressure at work relating to number of clients seen a day and hours worked. Foreign workers fold their sleeves and work off their hands and legs.

    Reminder as well, needful to point out the English were the first to migrate and occupy land or countries as seen in South Africa, Australia and also in America Red Indians were replaced. Foreigners have come to UK worked hard and bought houses. You went to other countries and forcefully took land.

    The problems UK is facing are caused by UK natives not planning properly to construct more housing apartments.

    This country was boring in lifestyle, foreigners have changed the social aspect of this country. Taught you how to have a good time. How to dance. Etcetera.

    You are thinking of freedom of labour movement but you don't like other countries people to come to UK.

  29. Laplace's Demon says:

    18:46+ the cutest Brit boy ever

  30. TheSebiestor says:

    this is political BS spin that started in the 50s

  31. conspirecy theorist says:

    Used to call it slavery in the old days, importing people by the boat load and paying them nothing.

  32. carlos luis marcelos says:

    Bbc = circus

  33. Jonathan Vogel says:

    Owen Jones is getting triggered .. hes brain dead

  34. Jonathan Vogel says:

    lady on the left is a liar .. on £6.50 for a 40 hour week .. you dont pay much tax

  35. Ian Whiteley says:

    Ask rotherham about imigants . Now vijulanty sqwods walk the streets of london

  36. Ian Whiteley says:

    Facts hurt wake up

  37. Ian Whiteley says:

    Bbc fake news

  38. alastair law says:

    owen is a genius

  39. invincibles 04 says:

    We need a new glass ceiling then!! " No More Imigrants".. only skilled workers who have a place to stay and a job to start..like Australia..Kick the rest out!!

  40. Qassaf Mahmood says:

    i can't be bothered to work it gets in the way of my life

  41. alex jervis says:

    Just raise the pay for these JOBS and the locals will fill them.
    The cost of Immigration is far higher and that is not counting the damage done to the indigenous culture!
    What is needed are Workers, specialists, who will be of economic BENEFIT to the economy.
    They should be freely admitted through the WORK PERMIT system.
    The last thing that a DEBTOR nation with a negative trade balance, that is existing by BORROWING needs, is an influx of people who can only make heavy demands on the resources already stretched to breaking point.
    Any other policy is either an act of Lunacy or one of the deepest TREACHERY!

  42. alex jervis says:

    The NET figures say nothing about who is leaving and who is coming!

  43. tamika jackson says:

    It some truth to a degree, but some cheating with the forbidden knowledge of certain technologies, with the angelic beings of official forbbiden knowledge, that's cheating to get ahead.

  44. Martin says:

    "Short of space"? Citing the population per square mile might look scary, but it was valid only for England. And it is still half of the Netherlands. Golf clubs occupy more space than human dwellings in the UK.

  45. Ann Wood lumb says:


  46. Tuareg Akavir says:

    this owen guy is a typical viper, he tells what the people want to hear, no matter how far it is from truth

  47. jermaine linch says:

    Silly British thinks they are exceptional. Smh

  48. dulce golondrina77 says:

    Is okay. But respect our policies and our laws. &and don’t introduce new laws to protect only certainty type of emigrants .and the punishment us for
    Trying to speak the truth and about them.salience us though hate speech and names framing bigotry and racist and so on . with that the far left their are son king In framing with

  49. Cilcito 58 says:

    It is an utter disgrace to even imply British workers won't take tougher jobs. And the young Muslim looking type, speaking of breaking up rocks with a sledgehammer is talking bollocks. I worked in the stone and gravel quarry near Glasgow, and all rock is pulverised by machinery, to the size required by the customer, mostly road building customers.

  50. Bukhosi Khumalo says:

    Give it them Owen

  51. Stephen Biggins says:

    Evert immigrant thats claiming welfare benefits should be sent back to the desert or jungle witch ever thay prefer

  52. Billy Mccagh says:

    It looks like we have all remainers in this panel so for that I'll say goodnight

  53. frank brown says:

    British people won't do "Tough Jobs", because the employers don't want to pay "Tough Job Wages". Being bent over all day, cutting cabbages and stuff, in wind, rain or shine and getting paid peanuts at the end of the day isn't my idea of a worthwhile occupation. If a job is worth doing, it's worth getting paid accordingly for. Let the farmers break their own backs for less that a living wage, and make politicians work on the land for at least four weeks every year so that they will understand what others have to go through. I once went potato picking when I was a kid, bucket full after bucket full, with the farmer parading the field, moaning about potatoes as big as my thumb nail being missed, 10 hours of graft, and all for 15 shillings in my hand. NEVER AGAIN.

  54. I am servant says:

    Only 7% of Britain is built on 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂ooooops that must've hurt.

  55. I'm all out of Bubblegum says:

    Pre 1950's we couldn't make a cup of coffee, drive a cab or sew someone up when their bleeding HOW DID WE SURVIVE???

  56. Adam Slater says:

    I want to go to Pakistan and become a citizen .. oh ye.. they wont let a foreigner be a citizen…

  57. Bravefart says:

    Employers won't lower profit margins to pay a decent British wage to British people who live in in British homes and pay British prices.
    They sooner side step the British and bring in temporary cheap imported labour from other countries where the pound is stronger. The workers club together to have eight people in one house and they save enough to go back home and live like kings.
    The problem is corporates and corporate stooges like Owen jones paid to narrate pure shityoulation on the corporate BBC.

  58. Bravefart says:

    Shut up BlOwen bones

  59. Bravefart says:

    The foreign students who bring money in while learning here then on go to be in competition for trade globally which makes it harder to offer anything others aren't doing.

  60. wonder fuller says:

    there is No work for English teenagers and Youth crying out for PT work

  61. assault and battery says:

    If the English politicians did tough jobs, this situation would not exist.England needs to stop allowing itself to be ruled and flogged by Zionist Jews…

  62. Nordic kingdom says:

    No where we go wrong is letting certain groups of people come here with no intention of working like Somali women and Roma gypsies

  63. Garry Dan says:

    The woman with the red hair and glasses hit the real point! There is an exploitative nature with the employers if they know someone will work hard and not question how they're treated they will utilise that Avenue over employing someone that knows their worth and speaks out, I'm a qualified welder and was pushed out of jobs after my name was signed onto all legal documents then given to a polish guy that had no relevant paperwork and I dont blame the polish I blame the companies whole heartedly

  64. Western Unity says:

    "Over decades immigrants helped build this country"
    We ruled the world for 200 years before that without them. And we maintained independence for a millennium.

  65. Western Unity says:

    Attacking financial elites, while supporting immigration. You couldn't make it up.

  66. Robert CROSS says:

    There has been a slow and irreversable decline in British industry, certainly in my lifetime (69).
    Germany has twice the industrial oputput.
    We have lost many key trades and careers.
    Incomes that supported families and communities.
    We are two nations, split by a North South divide and many northern towns are basket cases.
    The reason for this sorry state is a complete lack of moral leadership from politicians and nowhere was this more apparent than the disgraceful way Thatcher decimated the miners.
    It's obvious that investment in industry was too risky and took too long to give a return and that's why we are ruled by the City who put the money eleswhere.
    So there are no prospects for apprenticeships.
    Eastern Europeans take their UK earnings home and the exchange rate and value is substantial.
    How can we compete.
    So what if our groceries are cheap! we are sleep walking into disaster.
    The Conservatives may have a lot of genuine and sincere people, but they are ruled by an avaricious and entitled core that have no interest in lifting the lives of the majority.
    Cameron epitomised this lot and we are about to be burdened with another of his buffoon chums.

  67. David Saunders says:

    No one in the UK complained about the EU or migrant working when all our builders used to work in Germany and make a fortune. We were the cheap labour then. Five of my school friends were made for life because of that. Then Poland and Romania became cheap labour and the principle is all wrong apparently.

  68. Roman Hvizdák says:

    If West Eu kick out workes from East than why we cant kick out that hard and dangerous work for low wage which brings West companies to Poland Czech Slovakia etc.

  69. Davey Duff says:

    Britain needs millions of third world immigrants to take
    care of all the benefits they hand out. Yes maybe 0.00001%
    of immigrants have benefited Britain the rest have benefited

  70. Roman Darius says:

    Another White Farmer was killed in South Africa, and the BBC remains silent about the genocide! The poor white farmer was receiving threating notes that they were going to burn him alive, there were also squatters on his farm and the Black Government did noting to help him, now he is dead!
    (The racist black man broke into his home and shot him for being white!)
    My question to you people is why is the BBC trying to commit democide against the white race? Why do they want us dead? Why are they bringing in people that they know will kill us off if they become a minority!
    When Britain gets out of the EU, maybe go to Italy and look for temporary workers!
    Italians like me say I love Tommy Robison and Farage for PM!!!!!!
    (One more thing, give the middle finger to the European Union when they asks for pounds to leave)

  71. Roman Darius says:

    If those jobs paid more, this would not be up for discussing!

  72. drew quick says:

    Yeah but Countries have done just fine with no immigration !

  73. hard guy says:

    British rulers pushed worlds pendulam deeper to one side destroyed lot of cultures now their karma is reacting back with same force.

  74. Gvo channel says:

    Every migrants are still contributing his precious life and also boosting country economy with many ways to paid her taxes through government.

  75. Sherlock Jones says:

    The problem is not with people that want to make a living in a different home. What caused these people to leave their home to begin with. Usually the pressure to leave is exploitation, civil unrest, or war, or a combination of circumstances that make staying at home dangerous or futile. Usually the immigrants new employer was the culprit that ruined their chance of staying home and thriving.

  76. Darren Mahoney says:

    Inequality is caused by the Elite across the world, Many business pay less tax and get away with it. Because GOVERNMENTS Across the world are afraid to upset there financial backers. Tax dogers owe millions to governments across the world.

  77. Yours Truly says:

    Immigrants don't have the capacity to understand how it would make them feel if it was happening in their country to them. Brits don't have the option when things get horrible (and it will) to immigrate anywhere. Eventually there will be no white people in Britain.

  78. paul castle says:

    Your typical BBC chosen audience , they say it is balanced but it is always skewed massively in favour of the Lefty Liberals .

  79. paul castle says:

    You never hear anyone say " You can't get a quart into a pint pot " because you are not allowed to . Sorry I cant listen to that silly little communist Jones .

  80. Marie Ferriera says:

    Ok let's quit using the phrase " we are a country from immigrations or immigrants".. Because yes, this was true at a time in your history…but your country has during the time , many ppl were socialized together..a culture was born…so once a culture of ppl gathered together has formed a like culture in the country most identical to one another ..then that culture should be considered and held sacred to its ppl and country…therefore new immigration or hopeful immigrants will understand ahead of time what the culture is and whether they will be accepting of the new culture…if someone is seeking asylum, as soon as their country they are from is safe..they must return back to their home country..and it is understood that they were taken in an emergency state of the generosity of that country..and the asylum partacker and country need to work together in reuniting seeker to their original home base as soon as conditions seen fit to be safer for them to return..on the planet ; a flood of refugees, immigrants, or asylum seekers has not happened in years upon years upon years upon years. You get the picture..so every country needs to protect their culture that was formed together that took time to make and protect it…it is sacred…and you do not need to apologize for it..expect new ppl wanting to come there to know ur culture beforehand and the ppl that help birth that culture to begin ( not the government) always has a " say so" in who they let in, for how long, and be able to perhaps all vote on the new person wanting to be a part of their culture and country Let me state a comment: THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD NEVER TAKE CREDIT WHATSOEVER IN MOLDING OR GIVING BIRTH TO THE COUNTRY'S CULTURE .THE CULTURE WAS CREATED BY THE COUNTRY'S PEOPLE OVER TIME SPENT TOGETHER IN HARMONY AND UNITY..THUS NO ONE OR NOTHING MUST BE ALLOWED TO DESTRUCT OR DEMISE THE CULTURE..peace, love, and good-will to ur country,its government, and most of all its ppl…

  81. Prasana McDonald says:

    In the meantime, we are all here enjoying freedom of speech, all the benefits of being a " person of colour", at the expense of the white British who cannot say anything without being branded racists.

  82. Skinny Bob says:

    If you were running a country, you would flood the market with low paid, low skilled workers as it undermines your position, job security and lowers wages. As for some one living on £1 per hour – that us absolute BS. Immigrant in the city where I live are involved in organised begging as a business. Not ALL immigrants are like this, but some are. Slaughter houses are now full of immigrants, not because these are low wage places but because people in the UK are eating less meat, don't want to be doing a jib like liking animals every day and most if it is going abroad anyway. As for students spending money here, yes, this true, and it's also true that Universities would be bankrupt if they didn't take foreign students – it's a business. Let's not focus on the entry requirements though eh? There is the real story.

  83. yeshaya24 says:

    Rest of the world reacons there are too many Brits in the world !

  84. tony dunne says:

    a foreign would work for the min wage ..

  85. Eddie 666 says:

    Employers use this as cheap labour, not rocket science.

  86. DepotCat says:

    The trouble is supply and demand. If you have so many applicants for a job then there is no incentive to improve wages or conditions. And this is where mass immigration shafts the working person. It's great from an employers point of view. But dreadful from an employees point of view. After WW1 the railway companies in London were short of firemen. Instead of putting up wages they brought in workers from other parts of the country. The GWR even built garden estates for them at Acton and Hayes, and moved Welsh people into them from the poor housing they were used to. The LMS did the same etc etc. Then after WW2 they brought in those from the Caribbean to fill jobs rather than improve the pay and conditions. More lately we've seen nurses shafted by the importation of nurses from the Philippines. Also in jobs like picking fruit and other farm produce. Who did the jobs before the East Europeans arrived? There are bus companies that employ bus drivers from Eastern Europe with licences, which are valid in the UK, because it's cheaper than training their own workforce, and English is not even a requirement. Social dumping and a transient work force are an employers dream. Social dumping has always been used to shaft the local work force, and the EU has promoted it.

  87. andrea yates says:

    Your not just putting your own people down, your killing your own of.

  88. Bjornlooser says:

    If immigrants work so hard in their own countries, they should be flourishing, so why do they need to come to UK?

  89. How to says:

    Britisher looted indian subcontinent over the 300 year now they r crying on immigrants, it's payback time britisher

  90. nadine vennard says:

    And tough jobs try being a trawler man in the arctic circle

  91. Dennis Johnson says:

    Most of the money immigrants earn is sent back home .So how is that helping our economy. But yet we still have to build houses to accommodate all these immigrants. We wouldn't have an housing or medical shortage of any sort. If it wasn't for the vast amount of immigrants taking advantage of our system. So all the tax money they're pair we have to plum back in to the system to accommodate in them. So the system doesn't work. Fact one they are sending vast amount of money back home for their relatives. Fact two we have to accommodate all these immigrants with medical treatment dental hospitals nurses doctors and so on…

  92. Shirley Walker says:

    Arrogant idiot ….there is far too many immigrants by far

  93. Roland Hawken says:

    This is all very well nice bullshit job ,but and it is a big problem, and I mean big if immigration is not controlled we will wake up one morning to a nightmare . 1 The country is turning into a concentration camp . 2 Immigration levels are unsustainable on education health and housing . The left are lying through their back teeth.

  94. ok250682 says:

    Immigrants don't spend much in the country they work for. They send back most their income earned back to their origin country thus it makes the economy of the country they work for down.

  95. ok250682 says:

    Immigrants who get low wages in 1st world country. Their income is 1st world in their 3rd world own country!!!

  96. J Mas says:

    The kid was right about UKIP's Farage – he's an open proponent of privatising all health care 5 years on.

  97. Dick Dastardly says:

    Typical the first chap ta;king has no clue about the difference between Immigrants and Migrants.

  98. arawis says:

    pay a fair price for the labour and they'll do it…..if you can't afford to pay a fair rate then get out of the business….

  99. Michelle A says:

    The English have contracepted and aborted themselves out of existence and of course the liberal elite are very happy about this.

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