Is Your Student Debt Worth It?

– As of today, it is $35,932.32. (energetic music) – I have about 20,000 dollars in debt. – Roughly 30,000 dollars in student debt. – Between 65,000 and 70,000. (energetic music) – I struggle with that. – Would I say that I think people should pay the amount of money that I paid? Absolutely not. – It’s stigmatized if you’re
not going to school anymore. – People are kind of scared to say that because it makes it seem like you don’t really value education. – If college experience
was worth the student debt? – I got to meet a lot of people, who opened new paths for me. – The education that I
got was worth it only because I’m working in
my respective field. – My school really sort
of taught me how to think and how to be a functioning adult. – I think it’s a case of
like how hard you work, not like the degree. – An education can and I think probably should be free. – Don’t get a degree because you assume something magical will happen as soon as you get out of college. I say get it because you want it and do it for yourself. – I don’t know how many times I have to tell you to
apply to scholarships. It’s so important. – Save. Save money. (energetic music)

100 comments on “Is Your Student Debt Worth It?”

  1. Nyantique says:

    I have that girl's pineapple shirt.

  2. Skogshuggaren Heggi says:

    You all deserve this burden.

  3. PunkPanda says:

    "Education should be free blablabla " "Oh hey i dont want to pay more taxes blablabla" "Eww all the politicians get their money from big companies why is that so ? blablabla " American logic sucks

  4. Andrew Romero says:

    Glad I only have 3k in debt.

  5. JinxedPeace says:

    Yes college is free in many countries, but living costs ARE NOT FREE! In Scandinavia, college is free but the cost of living is extremely high, much higher than in the US.

  6. Hazuk.i Sonohara says:

    It's a catch 22 in my opinion. If you don't have some kind of post high school education, your chances of getting out of a minimum wage job are slim to none. At the same time, even with a degree, your chances of getting a job that pays good are still slim 🙂

  7. JennaHarper says:

    My tuition is about $7000 dollars a year. Luckily with savings, scholarships but mostly my parent I will graduate debt free

  8. Brooke h says:

    I'm conflicted. I understand that college isn't worth it if you're not going for a "real degree" like medicine or law but then what do I do if I'm told that nobody will hire you if you don't have a college degree? I don't feel like wasting my time and money if it's not going to help me in the long run

  9. 24 Canvases says:

    When a society fails to provide for the welfare of it's citizens, that society has failed. Debt serves no purpose other than to make the ruling elite richer.

  10. kuma bear says:

    I'm not where I was before but I'm not where I want to be in life,literally I'm no where,so tech school was not worth it

  11. Øystein A. says:

    I payed around 50 bucks a year. Education is free here in Norway, but if you can afford it you have to pay a registration fee. I think its there to stop people from signing up just incase you may want to attend or something.

    Anyways, socialism is bad, mmmk?

  12. Ali M says:

    i have a 3.5k scholarship ready , for a 8k first year program.

  13. dung tran says:

    It's weird the one lady said college taught her how to think and be a functioning adult, my parents taught me that for free lol

  14. Simon Christian says:

    I got an associates degree and had around $10k in debt (after about 3k or parents help). I currently have a retail job making $10.50 per hour. I have since paid my loans down to $2300 and am close to paying them all off (should be done a in couple months). Was it worth it? Definitely. I learned not to go into debt again.

  15. toyamwarr says:

    Finding out how much student debt other people owe makes me keep quiet about mine. I really lucked out.

  16. Alwin Winter says:

    If anyone wants to know about an alternative to college debts or joining the army in order to pay for school, check out this guide on how to study in Germany for free. It contains pretty much all the answers to popular questions such as whether its also free for foreigners (yes it is), how much German you need to know and how hard/easy it is to study in Germany. If you have questions text me.

  17. Bee says:

    I know the secret to no student loans
    I'm serious.

  18. 1945joshuaruiz says:

    When I graduate I think I'll have $30-35k in debt

  19. Lili Robin says:

    War, AIDS, GMO, Fluoride, Round-up is not killing fast enough. Bush, Obama, Clintons are all NWO and want to reduce the worlds' population by 50%. Debt is a trap set by your government. Debtors will be put in the FEMA camps and the FEMA coffins. Wake-up!! You fell into the trap. If your government would do 9/11 what else are they capable of? Watch the YouTubes, the truth is there if you want to know. Watch the 3 hour YouTube on the Federal Reserve and it will answer all your questions of "why did this happen?"

  20. Milena Lavalle says:

    I am so thankful that college education is free in my country, I don't know what I would do if I had a debt that big.

  21. Griphter says:

    HA i love when people who studied Gender Studies or Liberal Arts or some sht that doesn't pay complain about their student loans ofcourse it wasn't worth it unless you are gonna study a high paying job goin to college is never worth it specialy if you go into Women Studies wich have literally no use in the real World other than bullshitting people.

  22. ✩ Ceci Vanessa ✩ says:

    I graduated from college and had to pay close to nothing per year which I am so grateful for. Having to pay back thousands of dollars when you haven't even started your life/career is so daunting. I think students have absolutely no idea what they are getting themselves into when going to college and it's really unfortunate…

  23. Ilay 일라이 says:

    In Turkey there are prestigous universites which are free to anyone and giving education completely in English. In some cases you get a scholarship too up to 1200$ a month -for Turkey it's literally a lot, rare but not impossible. I'm glad.

  24. Micah Littlepage says:

    150,000 thousand

  25. spinemelter2000 says:

    Do not spend money on things you don't need, and make as much money as you can when you're in high school. I started working when I was 17, but I should have started when I was 16.

  26. Trooper says:

    No Debt is worth it period…..

  27. Derrick says:

    Or serve, you get free education. That's another option if you are interested.

  28. sk 1278 says:

    Or you could major in a lucrative field with tons of jobs and have zero problems whatsoever…

  29. hannah e says:

    Yeah I'm gonna pass on college

  30. Mars says:

    college in america = not worth it. u r less you're in the law or medical field

  31. Roberto says:

    I owe zero so i guess im ok.

  32. axeblue says:

    I'm a 26yr old living at home with no degree or job. I'd say ppl like me are satisfied w/ no debt.

  33. minipax says:

    and I am here worried bc of 5 k in debt. my loan allowed me to pay my last semester of my teacher credential program. I am now a biology teacher and earn 64k a year. people need to get degrees that have a high probability of attaining employment. dreams don't pay the bills.

  34. Drool Alot says:

    Someone has to pay for the wars……… Hell I still owe $22k after paying for 12 years and I'm a marine veteran…… It probably would have been $60k otherwise

  35. Patthon Sirilim says:

    join the army and get free college

  36. it's me # says:

    Hehehe going to uni for free in austria

  37. Jo Rose says:

    Don't let school get in the way of your education.

  38. Abraham Sepulveda says:

    I'm a junior in undergrad school and I've not paid a cent yet. I've gotten about $4,000 left over every year after everything is paid (refund check). My advice would be to work hard enough in high school to qualify for a bunch of scholarships and not pay much, if any, out of pocket. Staying closer to home helps also.

  39. Buddy Dyer says:

    As long as the loans are given out, the schools will continue to charge more and more. The problem is that a degree has very little value. Most employers really don't care if you have a degree or not. So the schools are selling overpriced degrees with very little value. Oh well, as long as the students are willing to pay, I guess the schools will continue to get rich. Party on dude.

  40. Red Baron says:

    That depends what you study, if you waste your time studying arts, philosophy, or genders studies

  41. Marc Oliveras says:

    I studied computer science at university and the amount I paid (around 15000 euros) is definitely not worth it. They taught us things that you can study on your own for free. Moreover, the degree is not required to work as a software developer. Lots of Google employees don't have any degree.

  42. Mars says:

    Educate your self.

  43. icantw8 says:

    This video in a nutshell:

    "Don't be me."

  44. Shane Crotty says:

    Thinks education should be free, no wonder she's in debt

  45. steven adams says:

    Its worth it if you get a useful major like cs, engineering or even nursing but if your borring tens of thousands of dollars to get a gender studies or psychology degree good luck

  46. Lil Pink Bubbles says:

    Nope! Biggest American scam ever. They tricked us! I am successful, but could have been in the same field without my college education. Invent something, or use your god given talents and make millions off that. Skip college.

  47. Mario Mirdita says:

    Do students with loans have any penalty interest?

  48. Lieutenant Prick says:

    School and student loans are worth it if you're getting a degree in something useful that makes a lot of money. Anything other than that coughLIBERALARTScough is useless and not worth it at all.

  49. That Guy says:

    Everything should be free. Education, food, water, housing, clothing. Everything.

  50. J Ko says:

    Last time I checked, no one put a gun to your head and ask you to go to college.

  51. HomelessEducator says:

    Since 2012 Students around the World can earn a US Bachelors in 60+ majors from several State Universities[reg accredited], for less than $5,000 Books & Test fees. So why do students have loans? In a word ignorance……. Free MOOC's like Harvard/MIT's and prepare students for Credit-by-Exams and Challenging College courses. Besides Credit-by-Exams, you can Challenge/testout of courses by contacting the Dean/Professor teaching the courses and tell him you already know the courses. UCLA's policy is pay a 1/3 of course tuition.
    World Mentoring Academy has all the MOOC/Credit-by-Exam for each degree mapped example: BA Management
    For more College cost-saving tips

  52. James Flannery II says:

    College is a total scam. I believe that I could have done better without a degree. Thank goodness I paid my loan off a couple of years ago.

  53. Jhez Melly says:

    $10k approaching my senior year and aiming for 15k max. But I still have professional school 😬

  54. TT says:

    Now I know why America seems to be the butt of the joke to other countries. Some people don't want to go to college because of the high tuition and heavy student debt. I wish I could move to Finland, their educations free. I honestly don't know if I want to transfer to a university from a CC anymore. Maybe just get a trade in the technical field. It will save lots.

  55. Anurag Pal says:

    I fell lucky my parents paid upto my masters

  56. Steven Weber says:

    Talk to expert Smith for debts clearance consultant no matter how much debts you owe, consider it paid off with this anonymous dude. I owe him many gratitude for saving my life out of my total $204k debts

  57. Parker Barnard says:

    I am graduating with a biochemistry degree with no debt. I went to community college for 2 years got a 3.91 GPA and transferred to a private college and only pay 3250 a semester! Do not get this idea in you head that you have to go to the absolute best school! Be passionate for what you do and and employers will value that. Also, live at home if you can.

  58. Tom says:

    I've heard people being in debt within $200,000 and more.

  59. Lockon Stratos says:

    The short and long answer is NO

  60. Sheldon Cooper says:

    Was it worth it for me? Yes, but I am extremely self aware of the fact that it doesn't always pay off. Play the lottery!

  61. Nicholas Grabowski says:


  62. Karlee says:

    I have so much anxiety about starting college in the fall and eventually falling $90,000 in student debt. Idk what to do tbh.

  63. Tencruise Zoreal says:

    This is what happened when student debt is greater than the PHD or MBA and Income of your JOB CAREER.

  64. Katy says:

    l m f a o

    im 100k in debt

  65. Lunarskybright says:

    of course not. choosing to be in debt will never ever be worth it regardless of the situation. so either get a scholarship or don't even waste your time with college.

  66. Alex Rodriguez says:

    just dont go to college

  67. Alex Rodriguez says:

    its a big scam theres great jobs out there.

  68. Kyle Reese says:

    I am a high school graduate and basically I have learned more through hard work and living the grit of life that I actually find more out of life this way than a college ever could. I am debt free and feel happy with my life. And I think you should be allowed to be anything you want from being a business owner to an astronaut, to be able to get the training through hard work and dedication. Not an expensive piece of paper to tell you otherwise. Look at everyone from J.D Rockefeller to Elon Musk… none of them were pro college. Also you will not remember more than 90% of what you learn once you are out there in the real world, and if I need an answer on something I don't know? A big thing the world uses now called the Internet. You will not be able to take all that money and degrees to the next life, all that power will not be able to keep, so why should we be forced and downgrade society for not being debt slaves to schools? It is hypocrisy. Many years ago schools were different, but now they are just scams and none of you should accept paying a single dollar to such junk.

  69. Anddres Torres says:

    Never went to college im 24 now…. Im super successful like incredibly successful and no debt. 😁

  70. Sean Mendiola says:

    65,000-70,000 in debt. Or a 500 dollar shotgun (plus 25 dollars for shells) from a pawn shop.

  71. Cassie Vega says:

    they all have like $30,000 in debt meanwhile I’m going to NYU next year which will put me in about double that much debt in just one year :)))

  72. Ivan Gluščić says:

    0:58 wrong

  73. Micheal Ellis says:

    If you are working at buzzfeed, you deserve the student debt that will never leave you

  74. Hieuwey says:

    In life, there are wolves and there are sheep. Those who fell for the whole American dream and go to college at whatever the cost… well, schools/government have become the wolves and those who sucked up all that college debt are sheep. It is what it is.

  75. Hieuwey says:

    Is that your signature on that loan document? Oh, it is. You play, you pay.

  76. Da_Host L3GT says:

    Community college is the way to go and transfer! University for 4 years is not worth it unless you have an amazing scholarship

  77. Chioma Ifezue says:

    This is the dumbest video! Ok the only majors you should go for is Nursing, Medicine, STEM, Engineering and, Accounting any thing else is a waste of time

  78. Lolita _ says:

    Two words girl, SUGAR DADDY 🤑

  79. Chuck Drocam says:

    That's why I'm voting for Bernie … in 2020. At least he sees there's a problem.

  80. R.a. Wheeler says:

    I am glad I am these people, nor do I feel I should be taxed for others poor choices. Seriously, why is it my responsibility? i didnt get myself in debt for college courses that would never equal job. That's their responsibility. Enjoy it. Hope you get your money's worth. But to me, it's a scam.

  81. meggyspencer says:

    Aaand then you have europe where amazing universities are almost free or only a few thousands a year which anyone would be able to afford.

  82. TheBoss2288 says:

    You are American citizens, you all get federal aid and have endless opportunities for grants and scholarships. I don’t pity them one bit.

  83. BlueSmokeGamer says:

    Don't thing about what you want to do in college, think about what you want to do after college and work backwards.

  84. Edward Smith says:

    I am a science major full-time and work full-time, I'm yet take out a loan. Moral of the story is, some people rely solely on loans and honestly, I don't recommend it. Start out at a community college then transfer over. I'd rather spend a couple more years in college to finish what I can pay off instead of owing my lifetime to a fucking loan. I also want to go to medical school, so I'll simply join the military to pay that $250,000 medical education. I'm not downing anyone for taking out a loan, but use your resources, student loans are a scam.

  85. Ankan Halder says:

    At least in America students can get college loans which they can pay off after getting job, in some other countries students cannot even get loans.

  86. ok lol says:

    glad i’m making payments every month instead of paying student loans. being broke and making payments that go straight to only the college is better than payments for student loans when youre mostly paying back interest!

  87. Sterling M says:

    Meaningless unless you say what degree they have and what they currently make.

  88. Aieshoo 1234 says:

    College is a business.

  89. Marcos Villalobos says:

    Hell to the fucking NOOO I don't even got a high school diploma and make 3 times the money a graduate make

  90. Joshua Chesney says:

    10,000 dollars of debt and a Computer Science Degree. I'm pretty happy.

  91. Jadon Pettit says:

    Start a protest

  92. Bob Chen says:

    1. Can some one please define what "the college experience" really is ? Is it to live in a dorm ? Is it to go to a party and getting drunk ? I went to college and I still don't know.
    2. Please explain Why "the college experience" is worth the money.

  93. Rasheem Wyatt Reid says:

    Imagine having over 10,000 USD in student loans when your currency exchange rate is currently 135 Dollars to 1 USD.

  94. Stupid Storm says:

    It's an absolute scam. The Public and Private colleges are loaded w cash and should not be receiving one dollar of our taxes as they are a 501c3.

  95. Stephen Marks says:

    "working in my respected field", LOL, hundred grand and she can't even talk

  96. Michael Beach says:

    Taught me how to think and be a functioning adult. That sent chills through my spine.

  97. Bibi says:

    In about to sign myself up for €7000 of debt and I’m scared 😟

  98. Mason A.D. says:

    Screw college, get a trade!

  99. dachicagoan says:

    it's not worth it at all if you're stuck doing barista work and living with your parents. It doesn't matter what experience you had or the people you met in college. These people are clueless.

  100. iphoneusdsd says:

    should say theyr salary also..

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