ISMO | The World’s Debt

Yes, a funny thing about money, also. Uhm, I realized that, Almost all countries– almost all countries, in the world, are now in debt. De– De’B’t De– Debt Stupid silent letters. De– Debt– De’B’t Why there’s a “B”? Debt. Like, “owe money.” Debt. But, all– all the countries are in debt. Uh, well, except one, is not. Norway. F*cking Norway. I– I think the reason why they– they are not in debt, they have lots of oil, and lots of fish. And now, everybody is eating fish oil. So… So Norway doubled the profits. but uhm– but uh– but– but– all– all other countries, in the world, are in debt. That like– Like, all– all countries. There is actually more debt, in the world, than there is money. So, yes, probably it’s gonna get paid. As soon as we borrow something, from another planet. Like, “We got this paid now, but we owe ten billion to Jupiter.” It– It’s so weird, how the whole planet, can be in debt. But, I– I think it’s possible, because countries don’t owe money to each other, but countries owe money to banks. And, if the countries owe money to banks, how stupid are the countries to pay? Like, ’cause a country, has an army. The– The bank has four cashiers, and a cleaning lady. “We have to pay!” “They have threatened us!” “They sent us a letter!’ “If we don’t pay now, they might send ANOTHER letter!” “What do we do then?!” “We have a nuclear submarine… but they have a stapler!” It so weird, like, I’m sure that if like, for example, Genghis Khan would’ve like, in his time, borrowed some loan, from some mortgage, from some bank. Uhm, I’m sure that he would never have paid. Like, the banks at the door like, “You have to pay.” “Uh, well I have… ten thousand horsemen, with spears.” “Do I really have to pay?” “Uh, well, uh– n– no.” “But– but it will affect your credit rate!”

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  1. yt user sum one says:

    Nah, Ismo. Start by searching All Wars Are Bankers Wars. If YouTube has made that vanish aswell then go to a free speech platform.

  2. Michael Juliano says:

    That was pretty funny. There is definitely a difference between Genghis Khan and modern governments, though, because modern governments live on their credit ratings. If they couldn’t borrow money anymore, they’d be forced to actually operate on less than they make in taxes. Since increasing the rate of spending by less than the previous year’s increase is often equated to killing people in political rhetoric, this might as well be the apocalypse to the scumbags in charge.

  3. enya skoromnova says:

    I worked as a cashier i have experience

  4. enya skoromnova says:

    I can work at a bank

  5. Eve Y says:

    ISMO…. You have put on some weight…. Bit concerned about your health condition….

  6. krishna says:

    I have seen this one so many times and cant get enough of it.. Thanks ISMO

  7. roolee2k says:

    this guy is genius

  8. Иван Митев says:

    The worst consequence of business processes is the damage caused by debt crises.
    Now the central bank is issuing money without counteracting the worst consequence.
    In the presence of the fatal mistake of the central bank, the state is experiencing increasing damage.
    While keeping the bank error, the more people work to achieve economic growth – the more damage they do. The country is in danger of a catastrophic crisis.
    Rescue from a catastrophic crisis is possible after the cessation of a central bank error.
    For sustainable government prosperity, it is necessary for the central bank to issue money counteracting the worst consequence.

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