It’s All Good – Ep 1: Thinking about getting a loan – Herman Faleafa wants a loan

[Voiceover] Herman Faleafa can’t resist a sale. Sales professionals can sell anything to this well-meaning solo dad. He even bought two home ventilation systems for a house that he rents. Spring cleaning Herman? Nah, I’m making room for one of those new 4K screens Aunty. 4K, what do you need all those Ks for? For the rugby, the awesome high definition screen will make it like
really being there. Ah, the kids will love it. Rugby, argh, its a waste of my eyes to watch that game. Those TVs cost an arm and a leg don’t they? I’ll just get a loan. A loan? What are you going to pay it back with? I’m a part time chauffeur Aunty. You’re a freelance taxi driver Herman and you barely put a dent in your car loan. [Voiceover] In the industrial part of town is Marcus Money, a loan operation run by one Marcus Lemalu. As Marcus likes to joke with his
tagline “You buy, I pay”. Ah, Mr Faleafa, I have to say based on what you’ve told me your financial
obligations seem tight. With your credit cards, car payments to Awesome As Cars LMVD, plus repayments on loans for two home ventilation systems. I don’t like crying windows. These days getting a loan isn’t like it was in the past. “Come on in, get instant approval and a free hair cut while you wait…. haircuts not necessarily free.” For you to get a loan, I need to be happy you can pay it back as well as keeping food on the table, your power connected, stuff like that. Ah, sorry what did you say. I was just dreaming of watching the rugby on my awesome new TV. Look, I’ve got to get to my 4pm pilates. I’m gonna need you to bring in all your financial information. Perhaps you should take the application home and sleep on it. Herman, what’s all the weird rustling in there? You got mice? Ah, nah Aunty. Just sleeping on this loan application form, its really uncomfortable. How that boy is related to me I’ll never know. Let’s take a look at the form Herman. You got those bank statements handy? [Voiceover] Lenders must help you make informed decisions about whether a loan is right for you or not. You’ll need to provide information proving you can afford to repay the loan while still covering your day-to-day living costs. Think about it. It’s important.

9 comments on “It’s All Good – Ep 1: Thinking about getting a loan – Herman Faleafa wants a loan”

  1. CrazyAzzNate says:

    Lmfao wtf is this?

  2. porta says:

    Another ad trying to stop brown people being dumb. Same as the "don't hit your kids" ads and "get your smear test" ads.

  3. Super Natral Lord says:

    I guess that commercecommission didn‘t get a loan for a paid animation app…

  4. NeoApolis says:

    this is a bad animation and hardly teaches you anything.

  5. Sparky2820 says:

    Is this what they show people to torture them?

  6. JELLYKAT 3RD says:

    0:57 look into the window they are not in there and then suddenly they are??

  7. JELLYKAT 3RD says:

    1:22 i actually red that

  8. HowTo GamePlayer says:

    why the fuck is she on the coutch sleeping?

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