“It´s PAYDAY” (Live Vocal Version) PAYDAY 2 Song by Simon Viklund & Rob Lundgren

Salut… Salut…ça va ? Est-ce qu’on devrait chanter la chanson “It’s Payday” ? Oui, on doit ! “Ils avaient tous planifiés ! Et réparti les tâches ! Ils avaient pris l’équipement et toutes les armes, Et des masques effrayants ! Ils ont traversé la porte, et ouvert le feu Mis les civils à terre, et démarré la perceuse Ne soyez pas surpris, vous savez ce qu’il se passe ! Parce que c’est (PAYDAY) On doit aller dans le coffre ! (PAYDAY) Repousser l’assaut policé ! (PAYDAY) Le SWAT est là pour les tuer Vous savez que c’est (PAYDAY) Prenez tout ce que vous pouvez ! (PAYDAY) Et amener tout au van ! (PAYDAY) Ils aimes l’argent, et le risque ! Yeah ! Les flics les ont bientôt encerclés Ils doivent se serrer les coudes L’évasion n’était qu’à quelques rues Derrière un mur d’soldats Ils arrivent blindés, personne n’peut les arrêter Les forces de police n’pourront jamais les tuer Les flics auraient oublié qui sont-ils ? Parce que c’est (PAYDAY) On doit aller dans le coffre ! (PAYDAY) Repousser l’assaut policé ! (PAYDAY) Baillonez mr Loose une nouvelle fois Vous savez que c’est (PAYDAY) Prenez tout ce que vous pouvez ! (PAYDAY) Et amener tout au van ! (PAYDAY) Brûlons des pneus, et fuyons Échappons-nous… Mais d’abord, on doit faire quelque chose dans le coffre… (PAYDAY) Remplissez vos sacs (PAYDAY) Videz vos flingues (PAYDAY) C’est une série, donc c’est (PAYDAY) Chaque jour de la semaine (PAYDAY) Remplissez vos sacs Allez… (PAYDAY) Videz vos flingues (PAYDAY) C’est une série, donc c’est (PAYDAY) Chaque jour de la semaine Yeah ! Ils sont dans l’attraction, ils déchirent la rue ! Les flics ont essayés, mais jamais réussi Ont-ils oublié, qui sont-ils ? Parce que c’est (PAYDAY) On doit aller dans le coffre ! (PAYDAY) Repousser l’assaut policé ! (PAYDAY) Le SWAT est là pour les tuer Vous savez c’est (PAYDAY) Attrapez ce que vous pouvez (PAYDAY) Et apportez tout au van ! (PAYDAY) Que quelqu’un surveille cette perceuse ! (PAYDAY) Yeah ! (PAYDAY) Prenez tout ! Allez ! Prenez tout !! Oh yeah ! Maison Nettoyée ! Faites volez ces casques ! C’est l’aventure remplie d’action, du gang Payday !” Tape m’en cinq ! Paix à tous ! Sous-titres français :

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  1. Rob Lundgren Live Vocals says:

    There was a recent April Fools joke that PAYDAY was releasing an animated series. This song was used for the trailer and is also available in the game PAYDAY 2. I sang the original vocals but I wanted to make a live vocal version as well. So here it is. I also found a cool cinematic gameplay video that reflects the lyrics and added that in. Simon Viklund wrote and recorded the song. Links to everybody involved is in the description. Thanks for watching and hope you like!

  2. szczepnik says:


  3. Chris Hope says:

    2:21 "and get it all to the van" shows boat BOI

  4. Salty says:

    I love this <3

  5. Sir Reaper says:

    This should be the intro to payday 2…

  6. Eli The Braixen says:

    dont be suprised u know the date cuz its payday. fucking genius

  7. TheBest LyTe says:

    Что то в пейдей захотелось сыграть

  8. Panyut Boonjaroen says:

    2:16 and 3:49 VAN?!

  9. Geradplayz says:

    He miss said Drill He said brill

  10. Skajneth Kennay says:

    I see you for the first time and I already love you. Also, do you have a spotify?

  11. Kvadron says:

    Is there an instrumental to this song? Cause I would like that one, Fo Suh! After all, Rob is singing to one.

  12. Geradplayz says:

    Unless if you're talking about fish

  13. Zeratul Of Aiur says:

    Blown away. Amazing! You seem to be very happy singing.m/

  14. Geradplayz says:

    Also one thing Is Is everyone being Loved by you?

  15. Geradplayz says:

    Still good song

  16. Michael Bako says:

    Amazing again =)

  17. jeffreysearth says:

    is it weird that i got addicted to this song cuz its so good and it fits my music genre ?

  18. Marcus Westbrook says:

    If only this could be Heist music! I already have it as my menu music, but I just can't get enough of this song! Thanks for giving me and all of my friends a reason to sing after a good Heist.

  19. MeTpo 2033 says:

    very nice. amazing Every moment

  20. Monkey Killer says:

    where can i get that ending karaoke or something?

  21. Jäger says:

    Very catchy song, it's stuck in my head !

  22. Trigen Moon says:

    oki time to go play some payday shall we ? YES WE SHALL !!!! x3 every time i listen this.. and i listen this soo often soo youtube play me it every time i start any music or any payday video 😀

  23. Soulfly FreeJack says:

    Gotta steal em all!

  24. Cat in Gold says:


  25. Domkri says:

    Polaczki kto pomaga tłumaczyć tę piękną piosenkę o dniu-zapłaty xD

  26. DEREX X says:

    Can you guys release a karaoke version of this ???

  27. Victinizz says:

    why didnt you say anything about the crappy drill?

  28. AxelValentin 90 says:

    Do we need to play again Payday 2 ?
    We don't need because
    Yes we shall

  29. Mr SetkaDoc says:

    The best I've heard lately. You made my day, Rob! Continue in the same spirit.
    P.S. PAYDAY is cool.

  30. Johny Rico says:


  31. KuroKrat says:


  32. NemesisWesker says:

    Make this into something real!!

  33. Raimann T.T. says:

    Amazing voice!!!

  34. Epic xd says:

    Best voice ever do more payday songs

  35. supercoolstar 23 says:


  36. TVPAK says:

    It's so freakin' good!

  37. SSJ4 Goku says:

    Damn amazing, also, you sound like Jorn, DAMN!

  38. shimagtr says:

    Your singing voice is beautiful and cool. I made a video on payday 2. Singing voice is you.Thank you

  39. 안지훈 says:

    Wow! I like this song, Amazing voice

  40. MessiahGaming1080p says:

    Where are the vocal versions of these songs in the game, I can't choose break the rules for instance with vocals in playlist, kinda sad because these songs are awesome and your voice is amazing. Like a blast from the past back to the 80's great rock voices.

  41. DJShadowfan says:

    Why this is not real? (insert pepe)

  42. Cloaker boi says:


  43. Cyclone says:

    I can see Dallas singing this, Chains on drums, Wolf on lead guitar, Houston on keyboard and Hoxton on rhythm guitar

  44. Coomable says:

    I am not a big fan of payday anymore because of all the dlcs but dude… for real you´re voice ist fucking AMAZING and the april fools trailer even made me replay the game after 1 year 🙂 Thanks dude!

  45. CVIII says:

    Your singing is awesome man!!

  46. seth boyle says:

    I was always been bully and I wanted to commit suicide. but after I heard about payday 1 I was in love with it and then there was payday 2 which is my favorite video game of all time even tho people are hacking and kicking me a lot. But I didn't care. I been playing payday 2 when it came out and I love it in my heart, I hope it will last forever. And you made it better. You made me stop thinking about commit suicide and I move on, thx to you. Plz keep making music ✌ (sorry if my English is not good, im German)

  47. Azaki Shimo says:

    We need more payday songs!!!! I love it!!! 🙂

  48. Kolton says:

    This gives me some serious chills lol.. great job!

  49. DOOM RAPTOR says:

    This song always puts a smile on my face when I launch payday 2

  50. DOOM RAPTOR says:

    This song got chains in a pickle lol

  51. Su Soadori says:

    Good!!! 💣💣💣

  52. Jill Sweet says:

    2:04 LOOOOOOOOL!!!!

  53. Gaming G says:

    Best song ever!

  54. henley bland says:

    P A Y D A Y

  55. Handsomekitty says:


  56. Handsomekitty says:


  57. Handsomekitty says:

    "PAYDAY!" "fill up you're bags" "PAYDAY!" "empty your mags" "PAYDAY !" "were on a streak so its" "PAYDAY!" "EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK!"

  58. Handsomekitty says:

    who gave you that amazing singing voice? god?, dallas?,

  59. Metlyze says:

    This is purely amazing

  60. Dark Crescent says:

    Damn winner of the day right here

  61. Snoox TM says:


  62. EpsilonSeries says:

    Excellent vocals! Really has that nostalgic '80s and '90s touch to the music.

  63. AlexEsparrago says:

    real series please


    U made me go infamy X

  65. madi says:

    This is sooo TOP NOTCH

  66. Mr Blonde says:

    Amazing just amazing I sir applaud you.

  67. Zelvo says:

    0:49 when you nut but she keeps suckin

  68. DGARedRaven says:

    65 Downvotes are the relatives to Bulldozers killed in action. And you know what? No regrets.

  69. Fluffy Puro says:

    How bout them guitar solos, there cool too

  70. Tareq Gamer says:

    Wow this actually made me Play Payday2 Again!

  71. roy kennedy says:

    Fuckin' ASMR level shit in the beginning

  72. Dan Dorbee says:

    One of my favourite songs to come out of the game's soundtrack. Great work!

  73. Cloaker says:

    This should be in a trailer for Payday 2 this is seriously an amazing song!

  74. Антон Ветров says:


  75. Leslie Lopez says:

    Its like Pokémon this song

  76. Moe Suislak says:


  77. Il gulag di Mastro Calibro says:

    Reminds me of Vaas

  78. MR DUCK says:

    I cant stop listening

  79. andreqf says:

    Better than the original.

  80. Cristóbal Irribarra says:

    100% Incredible Content!!!,

  81. Nathan Taggart says:

    PAYDAY for Life

  82. Nathan Taggart says:

    What the date it PAYDAY sed the cop shit sed the 100 cop run it the PAYDAY gang members the city is empty

  83. Nathan Taggart says:

    Is it on Spotify

  84. Andres manuel lopez obrador 64 says:

    Pay day gang 4 ever

  85. CarFloBlys Gaming channel says:

    Rob Lundgren is the best Swedish(?) singer I've ever seen, but I've wonder how your voice sounds like to cover Break the Rules with your voice.

  86. Mikhail Ivanov says:

    you sing this music well)

  87. adictivgunner says:


  88. Warsaw Pact says:

    This song kicks ass!

  89. DeadDudeGaming says:


  90. Fox Gamer_YT says:

    When god descended over us, to illuminate us with his amazing voice and talent.

  91. The Real Ellis says:

    To bad the Van was never a drivable vehicle

  92. HoarroutBg says:

    It's PayDay Good song man

  93. NitZyik says:

    You've not mentioned the broken drill

    UnLiKeD uNsUbScRiBeD

  94. Okami says:

    Guys ! After 4 hours of work, and research, i just finish the French translation !
    I loved make it, it was long, (found synonym, words to be in the rythm etc… ) but was a pure pleasure, thanks Rob !
    Peace out, everybody ! 😉

  95. Dan Lawson says:

    You've made my day, not only have I discovered one of the most talented vocalists I've ever heard, you've made a song for my favourite game ever, thanks bro

  96. Ib army says:

    I need a ten hour version

  97. Lucifer-cidium says:

    What type of ASMR is this?

  98. Communist Boi says:

    Its even nicer when its turned into an 8-bit version.

  99. Me tiré un pedo xd says:

    epic :0

  100. RutigerXD says:


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