Jake Paul – It’s Everyday Bro (Song) feat. Team 10 (Official Music Video)

Ya, ihr könnt das alle nicht in den Griff nehmen Ihr habt alle keine Ahnung was passieren wird Das ist Team 10 Baby! Los Angeles Cali Junge Aber ich bin ja von Ohio Weißer Junge Es ist jeden Tag Bro Mit dem Disney Kanal Flow 5 Millionen auf YouTube in 6 Monaten Noch nie bevor gemacht All die Konkurenz überholt Man PewDiePie ist als nächste Man ich poppe all diese Schecks Hab eine brandneue Rolex Und ich habe auch den Lamborghini getroffen und ich komme mit der Crew Es ist Team 10 B*tch! Wer zur hölle verdammt bist du? Und du weißt ich schmeiß die raus die sind nicht mit der Gruppe Ja ich spreche über dich Du bettelst für Aufmerksamkeit Redest Scheiße auch auf Twitter Du hast mich gestern nacht angerufen Es war 4.52 und ich hab deine Nachricht um es zu bestätigen und auch all die Sprachaufnahmen Lass mich ihnen die Wahrheit sagen Und ich habe eben neue Kleider rausgebracht und die verkaufen sich wie eine Gotteskirche Ohio ist wo ich herkomme Wir kauen sie wie Kaugummi Wir schiessen mit einer Pistole Das Tatoo ist nur zum Spaß Ich habe früher gerollt und bin gerannt Weil wir bei Spiel Numer #1 sind Ich kann nicht ganz fertig sein Jake Paulers Nummer #1! Es ist jeden Tag Bro! Es ist jeden Tag Bro! Es ist jeden Tag Bro! Ich habe gesagt es ist jeden Tag Bro! Du weißt es ist Nick Crompton und meine Kragen bleiben poppin

100 comments on “Jake Paul – It’s Everyday Bro (Song) feat. Team 10 (Official Music Video)”

  1. Ryleigh Pease says:

    Pewdiepie is next

    Pewds: dies

  2. Sadaf Sher says:

    Jake paul: pewdiepie is next
    Pewdiepie with 100M+ subscribers
    Pewdiepie:Know you're fucking place trash

  3. ToxicDonut1 says:

    The only good think about this is the adidas track jacket

  4. nothing is wrong says:

    Who watch this stuff

  5. EmilyJean says:

    Why was this in my recommended?

  6. MK Malik says:


  7. MK Malik says:


  8. Gunnar Swee says:

    To this day… I still don’t know his name

  9. Majestic says:

    Just when I thought it was shit enough… BOOM!!! they sing in Spanish, dirtying my native language. I ain't american but it's kinda gross to see these bunch of spoiled white kids tryin' to rap. Poor rich dumbasses.

  10. Poodle Pie says:

    Pewdiepie:It’s Minecraft bro jake:
    I’m a mortal

  11. Ben Karadizian says:

    more dislikes than likes fuck jake paul and his shitty dad

  12. Dan1sready says:

    Jake Paul and Morgz should make a song together called “Jorgz”

  13. Business As Usual says:

    U know it's Nick Crompton and my moms Marry poppins

  14. marie rose says:

    You a good friend

  15. Angel Potato says:


    Still nobody:

  16. Artxm says:

    U cant lie that instrumeantal is alright

  17. Yoan Saucedo says:

    Your the best

  18. Jayden On IOS says:

    Damn 4 mill dislikes

  19. Aimee Stafford says:

    Seriously who ever signed this off as hot shit needs to be fired lol

  20. The Masked Outlaw says:

    Don't fuck with Jake Paul.

    He's from Ohio though white boy

  21. Susu Uweis says:

    I love you 😘❤️

  22. Hfkr Ej says:

    What is bad on this song?

  23. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    This song is trash it has more dislikes than likes

  24. schlegelsberg 35 says:

    Tbh this song is really bad 😂 just here to check the dislikes 🤭

  25. foot_fungus 8 says:

    two years later still dogshit

  26. Arkfan 21 21 says:

    Family friendly PG clean hmmmm

  27. fruits and vegetables says:

    Chance: it's team 10 bitch
    Shows clip of Jake Paul making an 11 with his two fingers

  28. Coskykid says:

    More dislike than likes

  29. my gamingchannel says:


  30. JakeTheDog128 says:

    Jake Paul: 5 mil on YouTube in 6 months never done before

    PewDiePie: hold my beer

  31. Juli Luli says:

    This is when he had good members I- 🤦🏻‍♀️ this has 4.4 million dislikes 😂

  32. Lily G. says:

    *Sees like to dislike ratio*

    “I love society"

  33. Maysa Shini says:

    4.4M dislike !!!! I will definitely dislike to
    Rise the number 😂😂

  34. cartoon,show,and movie studio says:

    First youtuber who has more dislike than like

  35. Wisedoggo Wisedoggo says:

    This is Jake Paul one like one slap
    👃 👋

  36. REQ says:

    The cringe tho

  37. Mohamed Kone says:

    2.8 mil missed the dislike button

  38. My Salad WSR says:

    The 9 year olds will never bow down.

  39. My Salad WSR says:

    4.4 mil dislikes 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  40. Pinky Gamer says:

    PewDiePie is next what are you talking about???🤨🤨

  41. Charlotte Reed says:

    Jake:PewDiePie is next

    Pewds:Hahaha R u sure about that

  42. Pinky Gamer says:

    You make this video because you warn roasting Alyssa

  43. Capri Strain says:

    5 mil in 6 months?

    Almost 5 mil dislikes✌🏼

    It’s everyday bro? You give up at night?

    Jake Paul is number 1
    Oh so you don’t care about your other teammates

    Guns? Kids being killed from school shootings?

    👏🏼👏🏼 Also what happens to all your teammates I guess they just wanted to leave???what about that jake?

  44. Ry and Spence says:

    To nobody’s surprise… every single person in this video is no longer in Team 10 except for Jake

  45. Danger dare Bear says:

    “ pedew pie is next”

    He’s trigard

  46. Ninja Playz says:

    To Be Honest… Pewdiepie Singed It.. He is Better… JUST SAYIN.

  47. Emily Leasure says:


  48. Ayden Copley says:

    Nice song

  49. RHP Tasty says:

    Bro u suck lol. U have more dislikes then likes😂🤣! Pewdiepies next! Good luck bro! RIP💀☠💀☠💀☠💀☠

  50. Barbara Styles says:

    England is my city

  51. Ed sandoval says:

    Jake paul is fucking stupid

  52. Isaiah Woods says:

    Where’s Team 10 now??🤣 They couldn’t handle it🤣

  53. konno kenneth da says:

    Like for big pp

  54. Cresh says:

    but he's from Ohio though white boy

  55. Sean Hughes says:


  56. Jorok Logi says:

    England is my city

  57. Jacob G says:

    For every dislike a video gets, YouTube should subtract 10 cents from the amount made on that video

  58. Beet DAE Cheek Doe says:

    Jake Paul Dumb

  59. Gabriel Balderas says:

    all those views are from everyone coming to bully him cuz he has no fucking bars lol

  60. J Gamer says:

    Lets get 5 million dislikes before 2020

  61. MixNezter says:

    jake paul:PewDiePie is next
    PewDiePie:hits 100 millions!
    jake paul:stills at 19 million!

  62. and i opp says:

    My eyes have been bleached after watching this

  63. Leo Samonte says:

    1:16 england is my city hahaha

  64. Andy Samuely says:

    It's so bad it sounds good.

  65. apollos jr sandoval says:

    Last time I seen this it had 2.2M dislikes and 1.3 likes

  66. Leena Bundhun says:

    Pewdiepie: you sure bout that

  67. Joseph Kim says:

    My brother: Even Bart Baker’s parody of this song is better than this 😂

  68. Mememandan Isgreat says:

    Nick memeton

  69. Javier Carrola says:

    It has more dislikes that likes

  70. Javier Carrola says:


  71. Bobby Cruickshank says:

    Is any people watch in 2019

  72. Krakz says:

    I got dared to listen to this shit

  73. MarcoBlox YT says:

    Jake Paul:its team 10 Bitch!!
    Me:you got 4.4M dislike you bitch!!

  74. اسيل Aseel says:


  75. miyanna' says:

    Remind me when this song get 5M dislikes.


  76. Fe4Rless sss says:

    Who else just Comes by to see the dislikes??😂

  77. Leanne Brown says:

    I like your song but you need to stop swearing because wants to watch youbut savage song is good you're good with that one I'm going to like and subscribe

  78. Becchee says:

    Judging by all the dislikes I'm pretty sure this was a miss

  79. SlyStreamer YT says:

    Why do i like this song its wierd

  80. carlisle tinana says:

    More dislikes then like XD

  81. KERALA dude says:

    Whos reading the comments with the video on mute.

  82. Roblox Universe says:

    Imma come back in 2020 to see the dislikes

  83. Johbee Squad says:

    Small youtuber here !! Help me and my GF reach 1k subs please !!

  84. Rim Yonjan says:

    Lol more dislikes than likes

  85. Rachel Maskell says:

    Your best song

  86. Speaker says:

    thanks for the gaming music

  87. Elie Jarrouge says:

    Who is here from 2019???

  88. Tomáš Valenta says:


  89. The Other Manus says:

    C z

  90. The Other Manus says:

    Cool make paul

  91. Connor iPad says:


  92. Lemona_Gaming_IQ 12 says:

    Now how the fuck did I just came to that fucking Video

  93. Kams YT says:

    In 4.4m Dislike I'm one of them, you too?

  94. Fornite Player75 says:

    This is how many brain cells died while watching this video

  95. Ryan Mcgovern says:

    England is my city😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

  96. Kindness Soul says:

    :/ cringe

  97. Sam Robinson says:

    Pews at 100 million how that gone for you jake

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