Jason Beardsley | 2016 Republican National Convention

>>Good evening Cleveland!
Are you united? [ cheering ]
>>This is the greatest country in the history of the world, am
I right? USA.
Get some freedom. I’m really proud to be on stage
tonight, here with our dedicated servicepeople, including Senator
Ernst, the Representative, all the rest of the men and women.
As lead soldier, I operated at times as the only American in
the midst of our enemies. Still, no matter how dangerous
the mission, I never lost my conviction that America was the
world’s best hope for good.
That’s right. USA.
This same conviction can sustain the nation when we find
ourselves in peril. This is such a time.
From 9/11, Russian aggression,
to — China and the evil of the Islamic state, we face
unparalleled threats. But we stand here tonight on the
shoulders of giants and legends who gave us the American
republic. And we think of those who
pioneered the country with courage and honor, through a
bloody revolution, and those who gave their lives for the cause
of freedom around the world,
today, at this crucial point in our history, can we see — that
our nation and bound us together, the principles of
liberty and justice for all? USA.
[ cheering and applause ]>>It’s time for us once again
to choose freedom over tyranny. [ cheering and applause ]>>JASON: Over the last eight
years, the USA traded her role of active leader for that of a
passive observer. Americans have been told that
the U.S. has always been a force for good, and that since we’ve
made mistakes, we should forfeit our leadership, or God forbid,
we should lead from behind. That thinking has endangered not
just the U.S., but people across the world.
And those results fall squarely on the shoulders of our current
administration, forwarded by Hillary Clinton.
Her leadership was absent. U.S. Marines were forced to —
while bureaucrats abandoned our embassy in Yemen.
And they were absent as enemies overran another consulate and
killed four of our men in
Benghazi. Lock her up. [ chanting “lock her up” ]
>>JASON: This leadership — thanked enemies in Iran while
sailors were on their knees. It’s time we put someone into
office who will hold the same convictions that we hold, the
same convictions that my fellow warriors and I hold, the same
convictions that my friends bled or died for.
And as servicemembers, we live by these convictions.
[ cheering and applause ]>>JASON: USA.
USA. Get fired up!
[ cheering and applause ]>>JASON: Imagine a country
where our president shares those convictions, upholds the hon
honor on of our military, ho knows our past and defends or
liberty. With that kind of leadership, we
will go on top and into the teeth of this 21st century.
In Donald Trump’s America, we will have that leadership.
[ cheering and applause ] [ chanting “Trump” ]
>>JASON: God bless America. And in Donald Trump’s America,
the only time servicemembers will get on their knees will be
to thank their God that they are Americans.
God bless you. Thank you.
And God bless America.

5 comments on “Jason Beardsley | 2016 Republican National Convention”

  1. PartisanRockTactical says:

    Right on Master Sergeant!

  2. gobluebuckeye says:

    He is 100% right on!!!! Very rousing speech.

  3. Megahdbiker says:


  4. Greenbean950 says:

    Message: Be afraid, enemies everywhere, America is indispensable (everyone else is dispensable), we have no responsibility for any of the problems in the world. trust us.
    Reality: You are being herded through manufactured fear into a police state while the military, intelligence, congressional, & banker industrial complex gets rich.
    Not to worry though, if Hillary is elected the same is true. Heads they win, tails you lose.

  5. cutator says:

    Jason is an outstanding man and he has served his country with honor.

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