Jewish Care Empower Interest Free Loans

(background radio and animal sounds) (light piano music) – [Announcer] A service understanding need and making an effective, timely response. A father wanting to
reconnect with his daughter, after 35 years. A father empowered to travel to Israel. A connection re-established. A woman in need of one simple change. A solution provided, enabling
an improved quality of life. And a reduction in stress. Our community has this
established service now. Empowering individuals
and providing opportunity across a wide range of needs. Delivering an immediate benefit targeted to the purpose defined by the borrower. Improving their lives
and extending the benefit to the lives of families and loved ones. These are just some of the examples of how Jewish Care Interest Free Loans have helped people in our community. Loans repaid keep on giving. A single donation in 1955 has provided over 400 loans, with a total value in excess
of $1.2 million. And is still giving today, in this donor’s great
grandchildren’s generation. For 30 years my life has been enriched by being part of our community, fulfilling the age old Jewish tradition of interest-free loans
in a contemporary way. Our team’s response, respects
our client’s choices, rewards their initiative
and fosters responsibility. I’ve witnessed our borrowers
achieve their first goals, return to take their next steps, refer family and friends, and go on to act as guarantors for others. I know as a psychiatrist
that what I’m involved in is a healthy and dignified
response to need. We are empowering greater
numbers of individuals and families and now with meaningful higher value loans to meet today’s needs. We have a major growth in loans to business startups and expansions, home purchase and renovations, and high-interest debt restructuring. Our loans are effective well beyond their direct dollar value. Millions of dollars of interest saved. Lives enhanced, confidence regained. Connection to community reinforced. Empower Jewish Care Interest Free Loans, a valued and highly requested service. Administered by Jewish
Care’s professional staff and experienced, devoted
committee of volunteers representative of our community. Our loans are carefully matched to borrowers capacity to repay. Full collections of loans is the rule, and as a result 100% of donated funds are available for repeat use. A wonderful win-win solution
for all those involved. A great asset of a community, wisely prepared to invest
in its members’ future. – [Announcer] Demand continues to grow and the opportunity is
open to all to join us in empowering our community. A Jewish philanthropy
that keeps on giving.

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