K1 Fiance visa process eligibility requirements 2019

Todays topic is: What are the Eligibility
requirements for a K1 Fiance Visa? Applying for a Fiance visa is a long and complicated
process. Your initial application
will be reviewed by USCIS to confirm that you have met many of the eligibility requirements. But they won’t be checking on ALL of the requirements. The final review and confirmation that
ALL requirements have been met, takes place many, many long months later, at the final
consulate interview. Todays presentation is to save you from getting
blindsided. I don’t want you to go through all the effort,
all the time and money, all the emotions, to learn at the interview you should have
applied for a different visa. I will list ALL of the requirements for a
K1 Fiance visa, for you to evaluate whether you
meet them or not, BEFORE you start your K1 Fiance visa journey. I am Fred Wahl the VisaCoach and what I do
is work for you to prepare and craft your immigration applications
to submit to USCIS, and then after submission I continue personally supporting and guiding
you all the way through to the issuance of your visa, green card, or US citizenship. We work together as a team for you to obtain
the immigration benefits you seek, as soon, and as smoothly as possible. And please watch to the end, because towards
the end of this video I will explain how the new public charge rules
instituted by the Trump administration will effect fiance visa eligibility.. Now, lets talk about the “Eligibility requirements
for a K1 Fiance Visa?”. I am going to list point by point what the
requirements are. 1. You and your Fiancee are “free to marry” That means, either you have always been single,
or if previously married that those marriages are ended by divorce, annulment or death. 2. You and your Fiancee have met in-person within
the past two years. This means you both have met face to face,
in person, same room, breathing the same air. Web cams don’t count. For clarity: the rule does not refer to how
long have known each other. You are not
required to have known each other, or courted for 2 years. It means you are required
to have met in person, ideally recently. And if it has been awhile since your last
in-person meeting. If that last meeting took place OVER 2 years
ago, you will need to go on another trip, before you are eligible. If your last meeting was 1 year,
11 months, and 30 days ago, you are still eligible to apply. 3. Your relationship is “bona fide”. You have a sincere relationship between you
and your fiance. You do not need to
have a “Hallmark Greeting Card” romantic relationship. But you must have a sincere one
and you must TRULY want to spend your future lives together. 4. Your courtship and engagement matches local
cultural norms, from your Fiance’s home country A similar requirement to BEING “bona fide”
is that the couple also ACTs “bona fide” by following the cultural norms from the Fiance’s
home country. What that means is that if for example: if
in your fiance’s culture an engagement celebration is expected, or
a ring is expected, or a dowry is expected, or full involvement
and interaction of the family is expected, then, well, for a better chance for the consular
officer to feel your case is bona fide, you should do what needs
to be done consistent with the culture you are planning to marry into. 5. The two of you “intend” to marry. You both have serious intentions to marry
if the visa is granted. That
means you should in good faith intend that should all go well
after your fiance’s arrival, that you really plan to marry. Promising you “intend” to marry, doesn’t mean
you MUST marry. If things don’t
work out, you are not required to marry. However your fiance would be required
to leave the USA by day 90. 6. You, the sponsor, must be a US citizen. That means Green card holders, lawful permanent
residents in the USA are not eligible, only US citizens enjoy the priviledge of being
able to petition for their foreign fiance to come join them in the USA. 7. Your income is over 100% of your state’s poverty
level. In 2019 this means $16,910 annual income for
the two person expected househould of the sponsor and fiance, plus $4,420 if there are
any additional household members (usually this means your children)
Cash assets or home equity can subsitute for income. 8. You are not currently receiving and have not
recently received cash public benefits. If you are recieving public benefits such
as Cash Income Assistance or maintenance, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF),
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly called “Food Stamps”) Section 8 Housing, Public Housing under section
9 and Federally funded Medicaid if you are receiving any of these you are
ineligible. 9. You are not likely to NEED public benefits. If your past use of public benefits, or current
income situation indicates you MIGHT need public benefits in the future. You might be found ineligible. This determination
can be made by the discretion of the consular or USCIS officer reviewing your case. 10. You have not applied previously 2 or more
times. The current rules limit you to a maximum of
two fiance visa applications durng your lifetime. If you need to apply a third time, it is possible
under certain circumstances to obtain a waiver for USCIS to make an exception for
you to this rule. I have helped many
applicants get waivers from such restrictions, as well as the other cases I will describe
below. 11. You must wait 2 years from last fiance visa
application. The current rules also limit you to “cool
down” between applications. You are required to wait at
least 2 years between applications. A waiver under certain circumstances is also
possible from this restriction. 12. You have not been arrested, cited, or convicted
of certain crimes. If previously convicted of domestic violence,
sexual abuse, child abuse, dating violence, stalking, multiple controlled
substance violations or homicide. A waiver under certain circumstances is also
possible from this restriction 13. Your Fiance has a passport. Your Fiancee must have a passport permitting
her or him to travel across international borders. The fiance visa is stamped into the passport. The visa is usually
good for 6 months, so the passport must have at least 8 more months of validity from the
date of the interview. 14. Foreign Fiance passes medical exam. The Fiancee has the required vaccinations,
does not carry any diseases that would cause a public
health risk, does not have any dangerous physical or mental disorder. Does not have a
medical condition that would require public financial assistance to treat. 15. Foreign Fiancee has not (seriously) violated
U.S. immigration laws. Overstaying previous visas to USA, deportation,
misrepresentation and fraud to US immigration may prevent approval of
the fiance visa. Minor events
are most likely ignored, however major incidence could even result in your
fiance being banned for life from entering the USA under any circumstances. 16. Foreign Fiancee is of good moral character. This is kind of a “catch all”. It was designed to prevent criminals
and sex trade workers from being eligible. But sometimes the consular
officer can also apply this rule to other situations. For example
if the courtship between Fiance and American sponsor took place
before divorces to prior spouses were final, the consular officer
could consider the relationship at that time to have been
adulterous, and deny on moral grounds. 17. Couple marries within 90 days of arrival to
USA Finally, after the Fiance visa is Granted,
and your foreign fiance travels to the USA. You have 90 days, from landfall to marry. As long as the wedding takes place on schedule,
your new spouse may remain in the USA and apply for work and travel
authorization and lawful permanent residency. This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach If you haven’t done so already please subscribe
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