K9 | Navy Federal Credit Union Commercial

For years I’ve trained dogs for the
Marines like me some of these dogs have seen many tours of duty and for the past
15 years I’ve been a Navy Federal member Thanks to their fast approval process
when it came time to buy a new car we got everything we needed to transport my
wife’s little bundle of joy … who are just adore Navy Federal Credit Union “Our
Members Are The Mission”

13 comments on “K9 | Navy Federal Credit Union Commercial”

  1. Joseph Daniels says:

    Dude from Uncharted fan film with Nathan Fillion

  2. MegaTopRanks says:

    He played Chayton in Banshee

  3. TheKillerInTheCloset says:


  4. TheKillerInTheCloset says:

    #Banshee #Chayton

  5. CurbsideUnderwood says:

    It's the guy from Uncharted!!!!!

  6. Gruvee Johnson says:

    Time for 9/11 part 2!

  7. BeastNation2009 says:

    Wait….wasn't he in Heartbreak Ridge as one of the other Marines at the bar? (the one 'Stitch" Jones was clowning before being thrown out with Gunny Highway…)

  8. Calvin Smith says:

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  9. Francisco Sosa says:


  10. dayana fernandez says:

    My pommy looks just like that!! šŸ˜šŸ˜

  11. Jason Underwood says:

    This commercial is fake and basically crap …

  12. START THE CONVERSATION James Tate iii says:

    What are the last lines he says about the dog? Sounds like gorgeous adore

  13. Stephen Sandoz says:

    When I heard the voice only I thought it was Dennis Haysbert.

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