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(upbeat music) – [Kimberly] She looks like
she belongs on the front of the cover of Vogue. Well they took her outside
when it was snowing when we first got here and they put this white
dress and a red coat on her. That one was just
spectacular cause of the snow and the colors. (camera shutter) She got sick in 2014 with a
rare soft tissue tumor in her jaw, and it just kind of hasn’t
stopped since then. She was really good for two years and
then she got a chronic bone infection due to radiation
side effects. And so she’s been battling that infection since
it came on and she’s had two tumors now since then that have
come back, and this last one she still has. I was like,
have we thought about, have you ever thought about some things
you would like to do in a lifetime of like, things you
would normally never get to do? It was the next day she came to me and said, “Mom, I have my bucket list.” – [Missy] So, when we got the
call that we were gonna be the number five on her bucket
list, to do this professional photo shoot, it immediately turned into, what if this was happening to us? I was driven by that love
for my own daughter… to give that to Kallie and to give that to Kim and her family. But this is going to be an experience that she got to have. (camera shutters) – Hi. – Hi. – You must be Kallie. – Mm-hmm. – It is so nice to meet you. – You too. – You look great. What
was your favorite part? – Just dressing up in all of the outfits. – Dressing up? How about the makeup? – Yeah, that too. – Your eyes look gorgeous. – Thank you! – You know all of that makeup in there? That’s from CoverGirl. You’re going to get to
keep all of that makeup. (laughing) Take a look at this tree,
because I want to tell you some of the things that go along with it. This little ornament
represents the photo shoot. – Mm-hmm. – And because you were a CoverGirl
today for CoverGirl makeup, you are also going to be
on the cover of the online beauty magazine, Beauty Battalion. Yeah, you’re going to
grace the cover, Kallie! – Oh my gosh. – [Kerri] Is that exciting? – Yeah. – So, this little tree, because
it has this ornament on it, we feel like it’s a little bit bare. It could use a few more
ornaments, don’t you think? – [Kallie] Mm-hmm. – Okay, we’re going to fill this tree up. So, you like to cook? – Yeah. – [Kerri] Do you like dessert? – Mm-hmm. – Okay, this is a little
cupcake and you will become a master chef with Paul Kuhn from the Last Course Dessert Studio. – [Kallie] Yay! – [Kerri] I think that’s going to be fun. And I hear your bedroom is not
exactly like you’d like it? – Yeah. – Okay, well, you can change that now. We have a gift certificate
from Woodside Homes, which will allow you to go
ahead and redo your bedroom. It’s a $200 gift certificate. – Oh my gosh. (laughing and cheering) – Alright, lets go ahead
and put this one on. – This is pretty cool, huh, Kallie? – Yeah. – Let’s bring on the ornaments, right? Okay, so… you have been a star today. I heard you were workin’ it, girl. And, we heard that one of
your wishes is that you want a movie done about your life. So Fox 13, along with our partner, Mountain America Credit Union, we are going to take some
of the video and pictures that we took today and
we’re gonna make a movie. The Story of Kallie. – Awe! – You’ll continue being
the star that you are. – Awe, that’s awesome. – I love this ornament, Kallie. – There’s a really famous
ballet that a lot of people love to go to this time of year,
and right in Salt Lake City, Ballet West puts on The
Nutcracker every year. – Mm-hmm. – There’s a little nutcracker ornament. Ballet West has invited
you and your family to The Nutcracker Magical tea party and then you and your family get to sit in a special box
suite and watch The Nutcracker. Then after the show you can go backstage and see the sets and the
beautiful ballerina costumes. So you get to do that as well! (laughing and cheering) – [Kerri] I love how excited
you are by everything. – So you and your family
get to go see The Nutcracker by Ballet West in Salt Lake City. – Oh, I can’t wait! – We’re so excited to be
here to be part of this wonderful day for you.
You’re having a great time. This is Kerri Cronk,
this is Kelly Chapman, and I’m Fox 13’s Big Budah,
and we’re here to just fulfill some of your wishes that you have. There’s two ornaments in my box. One of them is you’re
gonna get to see a concert. Cause one of your wishes
was to see a concert. It’s gonna be Ariana Grande! Yeah, that’s what the guitar… (gasps and squeals) That’s what the guitar’s for. Now the microphone is
because you’re going to get the VIP treatment at
the Ariana Grande show. (cheering and laughing) Yeah, you’re kind of
freaking me out a little. I wanted to scream with you! Wahoo! But it’s our pleasure to
introduce you to someone very special in our lives who helps us make these wishes possible. This is Krystalina with
Mountian America Credit Union. Krystalina? – Hi, Kallie. – Hi. – It’s so nice to meet you and
congratulations on this tree. I have another ornament that I think we should add to it though, but I want you to help me open the box. Will you help me? – Mm-hmm. – Okay, so there’s that
little clasp right there. It’s kind of a tricky one. And then, do you want to
read what that says for me? – Congratulations. You’re
taking a trip to Hawaii on us. Oh my gosh. – So, do you want to take out
the next little ornament here? So, you and your family
get to go to Hawaii on behalf of Mountian
America Credit Union. We are so excited for you. – Oh! – I think it’s that
little spot right there. Have you ever been to Hawaii? – No. – And this is on your wish list? – Mm-hmm. – Oh. Do you like the ocean? – Yeah. – Oh my gosh, you’re
going to love Hawaii then. – [Kallie] I can’t wait! – [Kelly] The tree looks amazing. – [Kerri] It does. It’s covered
with all of your wishes. And you get to keep this tree. – [Kallie] Awe, thank you. – [Kerri] So you’ll always
be able to remember it. – [Kimberly] That’s just so amazing, because I never thought ever that all this amazing stuff would be happening, ya know? – We’ve got one more surprise. (squealing) – This is yours. He’s yours. Courtesy of the Robinson
and Ross families. – Thank you! – [Kimberly] Amazing
day! The most amazing day I think our whole family
will ever see. Ever!

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  1. Angela Sorenson says:

    Ty so much mountain america for helping make that little girls world a little brighter.

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    She's so beautiful 💕💖💕💞

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    Nice work MACU & Fox!

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    I now her

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    She looks like a doll

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    Damn, Kallie got the hookup! Mountain America really gave that girl and her family a lot of goodies!

  7. Angel McRae says:

    My heart is so full. My daughter has been going through the fight of her life for the past year. I can’t express in words how much Kallie’s story has touched my family. Thank you for sharing such a positive way to embrace life in spite of your challenges.

  8. jenn jeffs says:

    R.I.P Sweet girl.

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