Karma Just Came Kicking Down Omarosa’s Front Door After Weeks Of Trashing Trump

Karma Just Came Kicking Down Omarosa’s Front
Door After Weeks Of Trashing Trump It seems like Omarosa Manigault-Newman is
managing to anger a lot more people than just those she worked with in the White House these
days. According to the Daily Mail, this time Omarosa
Manigault-Newman and her pastor husband, John Allen Newman, have been hit with a lawsuit
over the way they upkeep their ‘moldy’ Florida home and fetid swimming pool. The neighbors are demanding that attention-starved
Apprentice, and now White House villain Omarosa and her husband scrub their walls and repair
or replace the roof of their $615,000 property. According to the demand they also want neglected
areas of “dead” lawn to be replaced and the pool to be treated with chemicals out
of fear for it becoming a biohazard and a breeding ground for mosquitos. This property is located on an upscale golfing
development in suburban Jacksonville. Omarosa’s net worth is estimated to be at
$3.5 million dollars and is likely to soar now that she published “Unhinged” which
is supposed to be a tell-all book about what went on behind the scenes in the White House
and The Apprentice. The book has been called as a work of fiction
by most everyone who was at both places and she has contradicted herself multiple times
since the book was published about what she actually wrote. Here is more on this via the Daily Mail: “Her 63-year-old husband, a registered Democrat
who worked on former president Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, has faced a string of money
troubles, however. The respected leader of The Sanctuary at Mt.
Calvary church in central Jacksonville has twice filed for bankruptcy, most recently
in 2013 with debts of $1,225,764. Three years later, Newman’s 2014 Buick Lacrosse
sedan was repossessed after he fell behind on his repayments, owing $42,885. GM are still chasing him for the outstanding
$23,516 debt, according to court documents filed in June. While Omarosa was one of the highest paid
White House staffers in 2017 earning $179,700 per year, Newman declared in his 2014 divorce
from ex-wife Andrea Johnson that he made a modest annual income of $48,000. He kept their marital home under the settlement
but has since fallen behind in common fees and other charges to the tune of $11,063 according
to the Jacksonville Golf & Country Club Property Owners Association. Their suit filed June 26 last year at the
Duval County Courthouse, further accuses Newman of ignoring repeated requests to carry out
maintenance on the four-bed, 3,000 sq ft property. Officials demanded that he ‘maintain the
exterior of home including mold/mildew removal on the roof to return it to an acceptable
standard, or if not possible then a complete replacement of the roof. ‘Removal of the dead tree resting on the
fence in the back yard. Replacement of the dead grass and maintain
the landscape material in an acceptable manner. ‘Complete chemical treatment of the swimming
pool to return it to a normal condition to avoid any hazard to neighbors, including potential
mosquito problems.’ The suit adds: ‘To date Defendant has failed
or refused to make all the necessary repairs.’ Court records reveal that an attempt at mediation
failed and the case is listed for an October 15 hearing. Omarosa and Newman met in Washington, D.C.
in 2016 while she was teaching at Howard University and he was working for the nonprofit Golf
My Future My Game which encourages black teenagers to take up the sport. They dated for about a year before he dropped
to one knee in the middle of a Sunday service and proposed. Omarosa, who is also an assistant pastor at
Weller Street Baptist Church in Los Angeles, accepted and now lists her home as Jacksonville
on social media. The wedding was originally scheduled to take
place at The Sanctuary but was relocated to the Trump International Hotel in D.C. amid
security concerns and rumored opposition from members of Newman’s largely black flock
who were reportedly unhappy that he was marrying a close Trump ally. ‘That’s not true, I witnessed this proposal
and we welcomed it as a joyous occasion,’ said a regular worshipper who declined to
give her name. ‘Omarosa is a strong, intelligent, highly-educated
black woman. I love her. We are all happy to have her here.’ Another member, Earleen Smith, told DailyMail.com
that the Omarosa attends services at her husband’s side every week and takes her duties seriously
despite her recent media fanfare. ‘I think they are a very close, loving couple
working together doing great work in the ministry,’ said Smith. ‘As for the Trump stuff, I’ll let God
sort all that out – but I support her, of course.’ Omarosa was previously married to Aaron Stallworth
for five years before the couple split in 2005. DailyMail.com exclusively revealed this week
that she went on to have a six-month fling later that same year with Michael Misick,
the corruption-tainted former Prime Minister of the Turks and Caicos islands.” Can you even imagine what it must be like
having to live next to this woman? It’s not enough that she is a known liar
and backstabber, now according to this lawsuit we can add “slob” to the list. You spend a good amount of money on a home
and people like this move in next door. What an awful thought, let’s hope the justice
system can force these people into upkeeping their home
the way they are supposed.

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  1. Louise Bucher says:

    Instant Karma

  2. Stephanie Parker says:

    Won't spend a penny on icky book… And now we learn she married a d*ck!!

  3. Lyn Utermark says:


  4. Pancho Villa says:


  5. Aunt Kitty Hashtag says:

    Omarossa is a snake in the grass.

  6. Mary Rickles says:

    That church is in big trouble!!

  7. Johnny Bumpous says:

    Sell the house and get something you can afford…

  8. Ray Charron says:

    Sounds like her property is a ghetto, shithole property. No wonder she sneaked in recording trump and others. She was writing a book and needed some information by spying on President Trump and others. She just ruined her life. Who’s gonna hire her. Maybe McDonald’s. I heard they can use a toilet Coker in the bathrooms for min.wage. She really needs jail time. What she did was illegal. Now she’s publishing all that stuff for the world to read and they shouldn’t be . So I say arrest her with no bail so she can’t run to Kenya and join her crooked buddy Obozo. Throw the book at her, Trump.

  9. Eulette Ricketts says:

    Omaros you are a disgrace to all the church's in the world and your family o my 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

  10. Honey is my favorite horse says:

    She s a snake!

  11. Iyam Nobaudi says:

    Tools are used and often discarded when their usefulness is over.

  12. mr benchpress says:

    She sounds like a gold digger her husband is 63

  13. Fridom Snowbird says:

    Ghetto Slumlords!

  14. James Hatley says:

    Crackheads can't have anything….they trade it ( the church ) for crack

  15. ford5522 says:

    Soon she will have her shit in a shopping cart somewhere in LA

  16. those who must be kept the cold ones says:


  17. Sandra Bell says:

    Holy Shit! The chickens come home to roost, don't they?

  18. JohnjacobsJHS says:

    Omerosa when are you going to learn NOBODY LIKES A TRAITER. Even traiters like Demonrats don't like traiters like Piglosi, Maxmouth Waters and Obummer, Hil LIAR y and the rest of the Demonrat Pedophilles

  19. Shell Shell says:

    Romans 12:19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

  20. therooster333 says:

    She should be charged for being in public looking like that. Lol a dem husband that's in debt and she fucked up a good job just to please her hubby HAHAHAHA. She could be hanging from a cliff and I wouldn't help unless it's to kick her hands away. Lol highly educated you say. That can't be right unless she got that TDS that the dems have had the last few years. Maybe she caught it from her hubby or CNN. They both are on the way out and you can see the TDS in CNN MSNBC ABC and CBS NEWS. WARNING TDS IS VERY CONTAGIOUS TO DEMACRAPS. but I'm sure it can be cured with a few firm smacks across the FACE. If that don't work well they probably look like Cooper or lemonhead by now. If they look like Madcow cumoo they can't be saved. HAHAHAHA

  21. Marc Baker says:

    Deadbeat bible thumpers living on a golfcourse development the hoa ought to sell tour tickets "guess which property the deadbeat bible thumpers own" swimming pool full of catfish preacher taking bus to work. How can you get that upside down on an old buick? If that church has any sense they will forensically audit thier books

  22. Kilgore Trout says:

    WELL. "WE ALL SHINE ON.." b!tch…….

  23. Brian says:

    You can take her out of the ghetto but not the ghetto out of her!

  24. Bob Wieland says:

    this beast is a snake I hope trump Sue's her for every cent she has and might have in the future. you can't get any lower then she had.

  25. Teresa Mier says:

    It's a wonder the RATS don't pay for all that since she spied on our President for them. Omarosa is Pure D Trash & that's a proven fact.

  26. RPG 808 says:

    Omarosa attends a Baptist Church? Are you kidding me? It is people like her that give religion a bad name. Read the Bible Omarosa..live and learn.

  27. Bozo Me says:


  28. Joseph Van says:

    She had her 15 minutes of fame. Now she will be relegated to the trash bin of history.

  29. jean neill says:


  30. ruth campbell says:

    The sad part is, it is people like her that make people racist and anti-black.

  31. ruth campbell says:

    If her husband is a pastor, he should know that by divorcing his wife and marrying her is committing adultery.

  32. Louise Mae Brouder says:

    YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE . . . TOO BAD . . . NO TEARS HERE 🇺🇸😆👎🏾🖕🏽🇺🇸😆😆

  33. Vicki Chavez says:

    Omarosa is an embarrassment to America

  34. J.e Woodard says:

    Omarosa needs to pray and ask God forgiveness. Repent and ask God to help them.
    I see that black prosperous people who forsook the Lord Jesus to join Obama's demented Muslim team seem to suffer all kinds of bad luck or God's chastising hand move against them
    God chasten those He loves.
    Omarosa come back to Jesus/Yeshua so He can save and bless you again. Following an idolatrous criminals got you in a mess with God, Jesus, leading to, mentally, spiritually, financially, and physically distress.

  35. Tammy Burman says:

    Moldy is a good description of everything about ol Omarosa!

  36. eemu pitts says:

    She has admitted to taping secret meetings at the white house, I would like to know why the F.B.I. or other Law enforcement agency isn't knocking down her door with warrants to seek out any classified information she may have walked out with

  37. Rosemary Oneill says:

    Trump rally tonight! Be there!!!

  38. LilRed M. says:

    Welfare and foodstamps, a come a knocking, think before you act,

  39. Wendy Roman says:

    So, she is breeding mosquito's? She could always sell them for science! Lol

  40. G Lynn says:

    Throw the whole dictionary at this bitch !! Not just the book !!

  41. Johnnie Antler says:

    Wealthy trash…

  42. Orendain Ocampo says:


  43. Sheila Starks says:

    The slob can't afford a pool cleaner or a housekeeper because she's trying to keep up with the Jones' with those expensive clothing like got going on.

  44. Sheila Starks says:

    Highly educated socialpath.

  45. carolynn markiewicz says:

    She won't make a dime on that book.Democrats don't read and Conservatives don't waste money or feed their brains with trash.

  46. Paul Skopic says:

    Maybe they are trying to make their house like something in Detroit?

  47. Calvin Dement says:

    Yep another highly educated idiot.

  48. Order11110 says:

    section 8 ….

  49. Kristina Starkie says:


  50. Bobbie Harper says:

    Laziness! This so sad because President Trump made her. Where does she think she got the money to support these once beautiful things that both her husband worked for and neglected?

  51. Barbara Kempf says:

    Omarosa is a phoney publicity seeker

  52. Shelly Doggett says:


  53. Dennis Bell says:

    Husband and wife dead beats.

  54. Jean Wetherbee says:

    I have never and will never buy or read her book. She has done a lot of illegal things.

  55. Salvatore Saccoccio says:


  56. Kwan Lek says:

    Associate pastor? Burn in hell

  57. Tim says:

    She opened a big can of Worms and now it's pay back time.

  58. G Howard says:


  59. ronald welch says:

    She is useless Omama Tranny,

  60. Mary LG says:

    Karma knows no boundaries! It's a ?

  61. Dee Bee says:

    She's a flipping traitor to The President.First begging The Pres for a job.Then turning traitor on him.Some respectable employee.She's a money grubbing scum queen.A duplicitous viper with no redeeming personality attributes.
    Now of course here comes the book.
    I hope the President sues her into debtor's hell.She's toast.Stick a fork in her.I've never liked her,I was right about this two faced trash.

  62. Remko Jerphanion says:

    Why does Omarosa remind me of Michelle O?

  63. Mike Retzer says:

    She has been a mole her whole life. Not trustworthy.

  64. Pinger Lock says:

    She devil will crash and burn, as quick as she rose to the top. Karma is B

    Trump 2020!!

  65. the three musketeers - funny dog videos and tribulations says:

    Let's not forget the huge legal bills around the corner. Maybe she can take a walk down the green mile.

  66. leexx321 says:

    Maybe she needs to start selling her arse. She's already sold her soul.

  67. illuminateMary TRUTHLOVELIGHT says:

    it bk not worthy of being tp

  68. Goodie Gurl says:

    Ghetto trash in high places?? Who wudda thought huh??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 I have a very healthy respect for karma, as should we all. Apparently, she doesn't UNDERSTAND this concept. GO KARMA!! 👍👍👍👍GOTTA LOVE IT!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  69. We Are Citizens Too says:

    Bible states the ONLY debt you should have is of love.
    These "pastors" of The Bible Need to practice what The Bible teaches !

  70. 2coryman says:

    The now Real Fake democrats are wretched crooks because the collectively have rejected the moral guidance of GOD’s 10 commandments

  71. Dave Negrin says:

    Turn the area Ghetto, just like her!

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