Keegan Bradley’s walk-off eagle at Quicken Loans

Keegan Bradley at the 18th from 144. (applause) Can you believe it? The most fascinating thing, is not just the
hole out, but maybe even topping that, is I guess because it is a walk-off eagle, if
there is such a term. He carried the bag up to the green! Maybe his caddie, Chad Reynolds, gave him a good club
and he said “I’ll carry the bag.” What a way to finish.

4 comments on “Keegan Bradley’s walk-off eagle at Quicken Loans”

  1. Giulio Lovato says:


  2. Dark Helmet says:

    I wish I could play like this.

  3. Brass Trains And Video Games Galore says:

    0:22 hell of a farmers tan lol

  4. Randy Watson says:


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