Keeping Hope Alive

[snort] [snoring] (off-screen): AHEM! Thought Slime: *grumbles groggily* [continued snoring] (off-screen): ACTION! Thought Slime: [slurring] Yeah… [tap] Hi… I’m Brain Slime from [sic] I was just thinking about how we’re all gonna die! And it’s gonna suck for the entire time until we do… Let’s talk about that today! [Upbeat music] [Record scratching] (secret slime transition noises) In October, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC released a report detailing just how incredibly fucked we may be. It’s 700 pages of Boring Science Words, so let me sum it up for you: We have about 10 to 12 years to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, or shit is about to get really bad Everything from global famines, to mass flooding And an unprecedented extinction event -BEYOND the one that humanity has already been causing for the past 200 years- is on the table Unless we can get our runaway carbon emissions sorted out before the clock strikes midnight We don’t have to just *reduce* our carbon dioxide emissions – and that’d be hard enough!… In a world so horny for coal power We have to get to a NET *NEGATIVE* EMISSION! That means we have to start pulling carbon dioxide OUT of the atmosphere. And we need to pull a whole hell of a lot of it: Worst case scenario? We have to pull about 1,000 GIGATONS …out of the atmosphere… by 2100… That’s two *quadrillion* pounds To put that in perspective, That’s roughly the weight of 5 million blue whales worth of carbon dioxide. Incidentally, there are about 12,000 blue whales on Earth at best right now – in case you were wondering – how blue whales were doin’… Pouring this one out for all the blue whales who couldn’t make it here today. …Actually fuck the whales. If we want to keep global warming to under 1.5 degrees Celsius That means we’re going to require a mass mobilization about equivalent to WWII. So you’ll excuse me if I don’t fancy our odds. But if we just focused on that. If that was the only thing we had to do – maybe we could pull it off… There’s so many things we have to do There’s so many problems in the world that are getting worse and should have been solved a long time ago. I know I talk about this a lot. But have you noticed that fascism is back? And in a big way? And not the wink-wink, nudge-nudge “Traditional fascism” you might be used to, but full-blown jackbooted Nazi style fascism! Hey, did you notice that concurrent with the rise in fascism – Far-right nationalist monster people have started being elected to major liberal democracies? There’s also a huge upswing in fringe right wing political violence right now! They’re getting bolder and they’re getting scarier oh, and because I know you’re you’re saying “both sides do it” right now: According to the Washington Post, “of the 263 incidents of domestic terrorism [in the United States] between 2010 and the end of 2017 a third of them – 92 — were committed by right-wing attackers.” More than supposed left wing terrorism, and more than jihadi terrorism – – in fact, more than both of them combined. But it’s not just terrorists getting a slice of the action! The state is also escalating violence against minorities and immigrants… Which is saying something, because the previous level of violence was already pretty damn horrifying. Hey, did you know that in my country, the supposed Liberal Paradise of Canada, We’ve been practicing the forced sterilization of indigenous women as recently as last year? That’s genocide, no matter how you slice it. We’re committing a genocide right here, and right now. I mean, I wasn’t naive enough to think that Canada’s treatment of its indigenous population wasn’t brutal and cruel. I knew we were committing a cultural genocide. I guess I thought that the days of outright exterminationism were behind us But… I guess I only thought that because I didn’t know that they never really stopped… I should’ve known… But I just wasn’t listening. 10% of the world’s population control 50% of the world’s wealth, and that problem is getting worse, as more and more of the world’s money goes to a handful of rich parasites The rest of us are working longer hours and making less money! Pair that with an increasingly automated workforce taking away more and more of the menial jobs that used to make up huge swaths of the job market- and it’s not lookin’ sO GOOod!! Here in Canada about 30% of adults have NOTHING saved for retirement, And in the United States? That number jumps to about 50%. An increasing number of people are working part-time or contract work meaning they’re not paying into social insurance programs and don’t have pensions or medical benefits. Now consider that we have an aging population; and they’re gonna need to retire at some point, and shit is starting to look pretty bleak. *crunches on pills* Our government and politicians aren’t doing anything to take the pressure off; in the United States, consumer debt is Skyrocketing, and medical expenses are the #1 contributing factor to bankruptcy So how do their politicians respond? Well, either they’re outright monsters, desperately clawing back whatever meager gains people have made in the past ten years, or, theyre useless ding-dongs! Trying to stem the popular demand for Medicare For All, with vague platitudes… “…We were too cautious. We were too namby-pamby. This is sharp! Bold!…” Oh, thank god. Oh, thank god Chuck. I am so glad to hear that. You’ve been too “namby-pamby”? I mean that’s a pretty gross way to put that but I’m totally on board with the sentiment. So let’s hear your Bold, Decisive plan! “…Well Democrats unify behind single-payer health care-” “Well- our economic agenda – we’ve talked so much about health care, that we are not going to address that in this agenda, w-” Don’t worry Americans! …You’re saved. *low reverberations* Okay, so the government isn’t helping. But- -what about the Free Market I’ve heard so much about? I mean not with climate change, obviously. Did you know that 63% of the human caused climate change is the result of the carbon emissions from just 90 companies? *nervously* Cool, cool! Coolcoolcool. Cool… Yeah. All right So, cool, very good! And they’re not gonna help with consumer debt either, they’re just gonna take advantage of our desperation to push more and more predatory lending on us You know, when they’re not just actively lying to the consumers face to defraud them and… get away with it… Because despite what you may have been told about the market setting us free, they seem to be pretty comfortable selling us out to authoritarians when it helps them make a quick buck. Look how quickly major publications started rehabilitating fascism the very second they knew there was a market for it! Which shouldn’t be all that surprising I guess, because the far-right’s entire purpose is to shield capital from the revenge of the exploited… Big Business won’t save us. They -can’t- save us! They’re what we need saving -FROM-! They’re exploiting us, to death! That is their prerogative. The powerful have never cared about the powerless because I mean, why would they? They don’t have to listen to powerless people, because what are powerless people gonna do about it? But you’d think that the powerless people would at least be pissed off about it. You’d think we could all commiserate maybe try to think of some way to make our lives a little easier by working together… … Instead, we see the powerless staking their entire identities on worshipping the powerful! Studying and mythologizing them as Superhuman Pillars of Accomplishment to be imitated and obeyed, and I don’t like it, but I get why – they’re what? Six major media conglomerates? They’re all run by rich old men who have a vested interest in making sure the only perspectives you’re able to consider are the ones that make sure their wealth and power are Unchallengable. And aside from the media, the only other formal source of supposedly definitive information that most people get in their entire lives are from schools. Schools regulated by the state, which will not allow the plastic brains of kiddos to receive anything they consider subversive, which kinda sucks! Because they consider things like *safe sex* subversive. They consider things like… Anything from history that isn’t from the perspective of a white person… Subversive. Academia isn’t educating you to make you more “enriched” as a person, or to be more “productive”. You’re educated to be obedient, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that most people are unreasonably deferential to power; most people think of the rich and powerful as their superiors – a higher tier of human being – but they’re not. They’re a nepotistic death cult of buffoons, sycophants and psychopaths. So, to sum up… The world has zillions of intractable problems some of which are genuine existential threats to the human race, and nobody with any power in society is interested in doing anything about it because they all benefit from it. And I think the worst part is that we could fix these problems. I mean, there’s so many more of us than there are of them. We outnumber them by like 99 to 1?? But we just don’t… I don’t know if we’re too scared? or- -we just don’t care? But- – we’re letting ’em win. They’ve already won. ‘fights over. Nothin’ left to do but enjoy our slow slide into oblivion…. Cheers. *thonk* Hello friends, don’t be glum! We’re fine. We’re fine!! – probably – Look, I don’t want to downplay the problems that we’re facing; they’re huge, and they’re severe, but but we can beat them. I think… I don’t know, maybe we can’t, but we have to try! Cuz’ if we don’t try we’re just giving them what they want; they want us scared and they want us beaten down. The thing is: it’s true that nobody is coming to save us but in a way that’s kind of a good thing. We have to save ourselves. If someone else came along and fixed our problems for us. We’d be beholden to them. Instead we’re forced by these horrible circumstances to create the world that -we want- to live in, not the middle ground that some bureaucrat could offer us, And as bad as things are there, are rays of hope all around us: Look at the brave work of indigenous water protectors standing tall against monolithic corporate interests in the violence of the state. And just as the far-right is on the rise, So too does the far-left rise to meet it, for every act of state terrorism or fascist, thuggery we see huge outpourings of mutual aid and community defense, not only from our comrades but from all sorts of people. People who just want to help. People are finally ready to start taking these problems seriously! Even the bad guys – the Nationalists – the fash-for-brains – They believe that horseshit because they looked at the system as it was and realized it wasn’t doing anything for them, it was offering them nothing but more grinding poverty and less job security. Probably wasn’t hard for people to convince them of some dumb scapegoat like “it’s the immigrants” or the Jews or whatever. But the good news is that that means it’s going to be easier to push them in the right direction too, which, confusingly, in this analogy is the Left Direction As old prejudices die away, people are more willing to consider radical solutions. What once seemed like a lonesome fantasy is quickly developing into the Orthodox position. Even moderate liberals have taken note of the sea change – – they’ve started calling themselves “socialist” to court the growing leftist base, and you can expect that to continue, because if there’s one upside to continuous mismanagement by authority figures it’s that it tends to erode people’s confidence in authority. And, My Friends, we have entered into an unprecedented age of mismanagement! The whole world is being taken over by grifters and bunglers, and you don’t have to work very hard to convince people that a doofus like THIS… isn’t qualified to be in charge of a Burger King, let alone an entire country! There’s a big secret that powerful people don’t want you to know… The secret is this: Everywhere oppression has existed, so too has resistance. No group of oppressed people has ever just laid down and taken it, they have always fought back because that’s -who we are- as a species; You and I are not going to dishonor that human legacy by laying down and dying now… We’ve got a world to save! So it’s time to roll up our sleeves and just get it done already! And sure, it’s gonna be hard but that’s never stopped us as a species before. We do amazing things all the dang time! We did surgery on a grape… We can do anything… Now is the time to make a stand, to stand up against the forces of- Oh! Hold on… Yeah, I’m getting a note in this earpiece that I’ve been wearing the whole time, uh… It looks like my legal counsel wants me to read a message *deadpan voice*: Thought Slime is a satirical YouTube channel in which the host portrays a leftist radical. Anything he says which could be interpreted as seditious is to be recognized under Articles 69 to 420 of the YouTube Doofus Protection Act as, legally speaking – Just a prank bro. All right. Now that we got that nerd shit out of the way, *demonic voice*: LETS REVOLT! [Air horn noises] You might feel like we’re not ready for freedom yet, and you’re right, we’re not! But we’re never going to be ready until we *are* free. So that means we have to act before we’re ready and that’s scary, it’s scary because we could fuck all of this up, and… The stakes are pretty high. But it’s so much more dangerous to do nothing! And, for the record I’m not saying that we have to storm the Bastille And, and – guillotine Mark Zuckerberg, or – throw Molotov cocktails at police cars. There’s so many ways to resist and fight back. You can agitate in your workplace, You can wheat-paste agitprop in your neighborhood! You can start a food-serve! You can start a squat. You can show up with 200 of your buddies when Nazis are marching through town and hassle them! Don’t just cast a ballot every four years! Stand up right now and disrupt! For the record if it sounds like I’m lecturing you I’m including myself in this by the way I need to do a lot more. I’m conscious of that, and I will- mark my words on that. And if enough of us stand together and fight back we’ll turn the tides. Because not one of us has the power to save the world alone, but all of us together! All of us together *do*. But hey, maybe you feel like the world is still doomed. Maybe you feel like there’s just nothing we can do about it. You still feel hopeless. That’s fair enough! Can’t say I blame you on that one. But… We can’t really afford to be hopeless right now. So, if you don’t have room in your heart for hope… Then try spite! The ghouls, who put us in this situation, didn’t do it because they needed to. They didn’t even do it for luxury, because let’s be honest… They could live luxuriously on one 1000th of the wealth that they have accrued… They did it just to prove that they could. And even though they might have destroyed the planet, they’re going to live the rest of their lives in the greatest luxury, in the greatest comfort that any human being has ever experienced. So I ask you, does that sound fair? Does that sound like justice? So, if you don’t believe that standing up and fighting has the capability to make your life any better Consider that it might make theirs a little bit worse. Because every time we stand up and fight back, every time we flex the collective muscle of the working class, some rich asshole has a very bad day. Maybe we won’t save the world Maybe all we’ll accomplish is that we’ll piss off a few oligarchs on our way towards extinction, but let’s do it anyway; let’s do it just to prove that we can. This video has already been a little bit corny, But I want to get even cornier and end on an excerpt from a poem: This is from Percy Brice Shelley’s The Mask of Anarchy: “And these words shall then become like oppression’s thundered doom Ringing through each heart and brain heard again again again Rise like lions after slumber in unvanquishable number Shake your chains to earth like dew, which in sleep had fallen on you Ye are many. They are few.” I was worried that that ending would sound a little scary and that’s why I put on this bowtie in case you were curious because… I figured “Nobody’s gonna be scared of someone in a bowtie”! Good night!! If you don’t know where to start, check out and get access to a huge community of Left-O’s and Greenoids! Organizing a massive international campaign to end climate change once and for all! And it needs your help! Hello, it’s me, Thought Slime, from thank you for the money I got on patreon. I used it to- um pay rent, so that’s good for me. It’s good. I have a place I’m gonna live- -for a month and um Hey, why don’t you click the like… button Hey, th- um… Why don’t you click the like button and the subscribe button and the Bell! I gotta ask… I gotta ask you to do it If I don’t ask YouTube gets really mad at me. You guys have gotta hit the subscribe button and the like button and the stupid Bell YouTube has made it very clear to me that if more people don’t hit those buttons. I’m cancelled so…. Please. I- I need this. Thank you for watching Video! Here is more Video! it is in here! Click on more video to watch more video. Goodbye!

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    okay but can we guillotine mark zuckerburg? pleeease?

  67. Amanda Kropp says:

    I am not literally about to kill myself.

  68. Aleksy The Pony says:

    It is correct that oppression often births resistance. However, very often that resistance is slaughtered or imprisoned or harvested for organs. People love to use the famous tank men clip, however few people know that during these same events that video was made thousands protesters were killed by Chinese authorities and in modern China older folks don't even speak about those things with their kids who only know that there were some random manifestations around that time. Not all resistance is successful and when it is revolution often eats it's own children like in the case of french revolution.

  69. Drew Armstrong, The Glorious Lobster Emperor says:

    Honestly, if we have to line up every single rich person and chop their heads off in order to save our planet, then give me an axe because I'm gonna kill some rich people.

    And even if it doesn't, they're the ones who caused this mess. They deserve to be punished.

  70. sparkpenguin says:

    i admittedly only read articles 69 AND 420 of the the YtDPA, none of the ones in between am i bad at lefting

  71. ronan stephens says:

    I don't know if this term exists but I'm coining it. It's existential apathy. That's why we're not doing anything. The problems just feel to numerous and to large for any of us to accomplish anything and as you say lots of them are pretty intractable. We're frozen by fear and uncertainty.

  72. OwlQueen Animations says:

    eat the rich

  73. Soy Milf says:

    Well I'm super bummed out. What a time to be a non-drinker.

  74. Canadesian says:

    Hey Thought Slime, has anyone on your discord floated the idea of organizing a general strike across Canada? I was thinking about it today, and I thought back to the general strikes in the turn of the century as well in Iceland, and a single-day, canada-wide workers strike would probably get us some major leeway. 

    Basic demands like increasing mandatory vacation time to something like 20-25 days (common across the EU), mandatory raises reflective of inflation + 1% (or something like), increased number of sick days that can also be used for caring for sick children, spouses, parents, or even pets. 

    This is baaasic stuff and we could probably catch the governments attention in a big way if we could organize workers all across canada, in every industry, to just not work for a single day.
    What do you think? I might be silly even hoping for a reply, but here I am hahaha

  75. Nibba 007 says:

    O shit the last time we only had 10 to 12 years was 10 to 12 years ago everybody stop buying technology and driving around like a bunch of suckers

  76. DiamondCalibre says:

    spite is basically the only thing keeping me going. i refuse to leave this world without fighting back.

  77. Lollypop says:

    Thank you, I really needed that!!

  78. James Pruitt says:

    Also climate stalin

  79. Comrade Luke says:

    That was inspiring and I really needed it. Thank you ❤️

  80. Josh Mitchell says:

    I don't know, lots of people seem to be scared of Bill Nye, and he wears a bowtie.

  81. Luxury Vagrant says:

    Bacardi product placement, for freeeee

  82. Shani. says:

    I think he'd be funnier but his comedic timing is too fast.
    Kill the liberals

  83. Lex Lazarus says:

    I love you!!

  84. Artie Rupinen says:

    talking notes on how to take over the world while saving it Hmmm….. I prefer the first 11 minutes. I relate to the first 11 minutes. Knowing there's nothing you can do and accepting it is the first step to making your life less miserable. I came to terms with the fact that I'm f*cked and yet ironically when I stopped caring about everyone else's problems my life started to turn around a little. You can't save the world without saving yourself first. Only those who have control of their lives can afford to worry about others. "Mind your own business". It's not a family friendly lesson, but it is healthy.

  85. Wyatt Wren says:

    Kinda late to the party, but the thing you said about saving ourselves reminded me of a poem I heard in a TEDx Talk. I don't know if it has a name, but it's by Guante if anyone cares.

    There are no stories told in a vacuum,
    There is no prophecy lighting our way,
    There is just a lot of darkness to be afraid of,
    So it's a good thing we are not afraid.

    There is no Superman in that phone booth,
    There is no rewarding our faith,
    There is no one who can save us,
    So it's a good thing we don't need to be saved.

    There are no star ships in low-Earth orbits,
    No aliens to save us from ourselves,
    There is voice willing to speak for us,
    So it's a good thing we know how to yell.

    There is no chosen one, no destiny, no fate,
    There is no such thing as magic,
    There is no light at the end of this tunnel,
    So it's a good thing we brought matches.

    It's something that resonated with me when I first heard it, and I'm glad to be reminded of it as I'm slowly being radicalized towards anarcho-socialism

  86. stoneman472 says:

    "We don't have to storm the Bastille."
    Stops working on guillotine in back yard
    What did he say? I was hammering to hard.

  87. Phaedrus says:

    So sympathize with "Brain Slime." Downright happy there is a Thought Slime channel. Keep neckerchieffing the good kerchief, comrade.

  88. halafradrimx says:

    Once this neoliberal façade is over, you're all screwed.

  89. Penrico Scam says:

    WTF IS THIS REAL! Specifically the tangent about sterilising native American women. Like WHY

  90. FaeQueenCory says:

    Don't be rude the Nara deer!
    Trying to paint them as blindly obedient… They're better than most US citizens.
    Also: technically that man was being deferential to the deer, it's a god afterall. (Basically.)

  91. FaeQueenCory says:

    Oh, and it goes without saying….
    Or it should, but kenraken gonna kenraken.
    But if you break bread with NaZIs, you are NOT an ally to anyone but the NaZIs.
    (Not to mention that Yeshua said the same damn thing, so kenraken "Christians" are doubly hypocritical.)

  92. Benigno-Isagani del Rio says:

    Thank you for this encouraging video!!!!

  93. Whoo711 says:

    So, to sum up…

    We're fucked?

  94. Aweonao Lol says:

    "to put that in perspective, that's roughly the weight of 5 million blue whales" Ah, yes, the one weight unit we're all familiar with, the great blue whale

  95. Space Junk says:

    i am real big into Twitch but never really followed a YouTuber, but you're really cool, really enjoying all these videos, genuinely. never used pateron before, but i might take a look and see , thanks for the videos

  96. shireen says:

    i L O V E this video and i feel like everybody on Earth needs to see it

  97. Chloe Paradis says:

    Damn, where has this channel been all my life? Getting to listen to a cute leftist guy who's opinions resemble mine so much? Yes please

  98. icarean says:

    Yass! Don't give up! 🙂

  99. James Cooper says:

    One of your best videos so far, keep up the good work and thank you! <3

  100. Conner Kirk says:

    They did surgery on a grape

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