Kevin O’Leary: This Is When To Pay Off Student Loans

College is a privilege,
not a right. If you have student debt,
let’s say you’re 21, and you’ve just graduated with
$80,000 of student debt. That’s the high end,
but a lot of people actually have that much
when they graduate. You have ten years
to pay it off. Why? Because you actually
invested in your education so you could get a
job to pay off your debt. That’s why you
should think ahead and always ask myself, “What
am I taking in university that’s going to give
me a salary that lets me pay this off?” College is an investment in
your future, but it also brings on debt and
you’ve got to pay it back. I don’t care if you
get a Masters or a Ph.D. You can’t have student
debt for more than 10 years. Otherwise, it’s a ball and
chain on your life. You’ve got to pay it
off so if you’re really investing in education, in
post-secondary like a Masters and a Ph.D, you better get a job that
you make some money on. Make sure it’s worth it. I give you 10 years
max to pay it off.

16 comments on “Kevin O’Leary: This Is When To Pay Off Student Loans”


    Personally I chose to pay off my school loans immediately 🔥

  2. tiltheendoftim3 says:

    10 years!?,, f that!! I’m sure Dave Ramsey thinks this guy is a tool

  3. t1sp says:

    just have your parents pay it off lol so ez

  4. da biz says:

    This guy is a troll who just wants to keep you broke. He is the same guy who said its better to take an uber everywhere instead of buying a cheap reliable car. No what sense does that make? He means you no good

  5. Trevor Phillips says:

    And are you hiring people?
    Companies want you to have years of experience. So it's hard for college kids to get a good paying job in their field of study.

  6. I. Fawzy says:

    As a non American person. I think the best way to get a university degree with less debt is to get it from outside the US. you have Europe you can learn whatever ypu want with a fraction of what you pay in the US.
    This could be the best investment. I did not know that graduates in the US start their lives with an 80k debt it is bone crushing!

  7. funny men says:

    Im not going to college

  8. BeachBum Bob says:

    If you are in student loan debt go to the Dave Ramsey YouTube channel and see if fellow students call Dave oh after his financial teachings paid off their student loan debt‘s quickly! And are now debt-free!!. Dave and his daughter Rachel Cruz show you how to get free college grants or scholarships to pay off your school debt. Dave Ramsey also has a free app for your phone. Also on Instagram type in Dave Ramsey and you’ll see thousands of students show you by their picture of how much student loan debt they have paid off completely!Good luck to all

  9. Mike says:

    Lol, 10 years is an eternity. Paid off my loan for an engineering degree in 2 years.

  10. Michael Vuong says:

    Loan interests are tax deductible , just make sure you’re not paying more in interest than allowable deductible

  11. John Lee says:

    You can pay minimums and use the rest of the money you would've used to pay off the loan to invest. If your return less taxes is greater than your student loan interest then you are winning. Student loan interest is also deductible. Also consider inflation. Not necessary to pay off student loans as soon as possible.

  12. Host Promo says:

    Glad I never went to school and learned how to code 💰

  13. __ says:

    arbitrary is arbitrary.

  14. Salvatore Paparone says:

    We should be able to get jobs without going to college these days, since you can acquire most skills quick and free – this commercial is just another example of conditioning our thinking for slavery in a debt money system

  15. A Nony Mouse says:

    College is a privilege not a right? I bet he paid for his children's education

  16. Sophia Smith says:

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