Kill achieves with Meltdown [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]

For today’s video we’ll look at how to get a forklift load of kill achievements using Meltdown. Get it? Get it? *Laughs* Ok, so the story behind this is that I was trying out my previous strategy for
the Dance Party Trophy (25 SMG kills in 25 seconds), and I realized that Jewelry Store isn’t as
easy to pull off, so I tried looking for a better alternative, which brings us to Meltdown. Why Meltdown? Because Meltdown, even on Normal, has at least 26 scripted Murky spawns. And after adding the regular assault enemies, the total number will go up to over 40 or sometimes even 50. So when these enemies bunch up together, it makes it easy to get certain kill achievements. Before we go into the video, I want to point out that I will be using a
HUD mod called WolfHUD, to demonstrate the spawn and kill counts. Whatever is shown in this video can also be done without mods. Now let’s look at the setup. For the setup we will be hiding out in a particular container, which is this one where my laser is pointing
to, below us and to the right of the forklift. We would also want the contents of the container
to be suitable; either this water-tank-ish things or two wooden crates stacked on top of each
other, so that we can hide behind it while waiting for enemies to bunch up. This is also the irritating thing about this
method; we have to restart until we get the correct
type of contents. So assuming we have the correct container, what we’ll do from the start is to walk pass the red barrel into the warehouse to trigger the spawn scripts, then we head back to the container, open it up, and hide behind cover. Just a quick replay here, when we trigger the scripts, we can see the spawns immediately jump from
10 to 18, and after some delay it will again jump to
26, just for the Murky spawns alone. Now we’re back in the container and hiding, all we do is Netflix and chill *beep* all we do is chill while the enemies bunch up. Usually I’ll wait until the 3 minute mark, or until the first flashbang detonates before I pop out and do my thing. For achievements or trophies that need more
kills (like Dance Party, Human Sentry Gun or Spray
Control) I recommend waiting a bit longer, like until 3 minute 30 or even 4 minutes game
time so that the most of the enemies can gather near the container. And that’s it for the setup. Skill-wise, Bulletstorm (aced) and Shock and Awe (aced) or shield knockback will help for some achievements. Now time to read out some achievements. Of course, this is not the complete list and in future there might even be more achievements that will benefit from this method. For LMG achievements, if we own the historical pack DLC for the
Buzzsaw we can get 3 at one go, while without, we can get 2 at the same time
instead; Killin’s as Easy as Breathing, Bullet Hell and Human Sentry Gun. Note that there is a very small space to deploy
the LMG so try spamming the deploy button while fidgeting about in the right corner
of the container. For SMGs, we have of course the Dance Party trophy and Spray Control for the Tatonka SMG. Bulletstorm (aced) is recommended here. Then explosive achievements; Big Bada Boom, Not Invited and Nobel Prize, self-explanatory. Peacemaker achievement, Fastest Gun in the West, recommended with Bulletstorm. The Lebensauger one, 11 kills without reloading, is now extremely easy with Graze. Just aim for the head and get the achievement. Last 3 achievements in this list, are all released together with their respective DLC packs, but as of today, can be achieved without DLC, to get one step closer to that Immortal Python
skin. Seven Eleven, 7 shotgun headshots in 11 seconds. Triple Kill, just fire the Platypus into the bunched up enemies with a body shot. Then we have Disco Inferno. I remember this unlocking for any player just by being in the same game as someone else who has fire weapons, but for this video, just drop an incendiary grenade and watch them burn! And that’s it for this video. Some demonstration clips are coming up so stay tuned. Note that in some of the clips the killcount is already at 1 due to the Bulldozer spawning in the container. Otherwise if any of you guys have tips to
contribute, drop a comment, so that others can read it for some help. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you all in the next video.

13 comments on “Kill achieves with Meltdown [Achievement/Guide] [Payday 2]”

  1. Shivan Issa says:

    High quality guides as always
    Would not expect anything less <3

  2. uh says:

    excellent work as always knight

  3. Davtwan says:

    Now I got a plan for those pesky SMG achievements. Thanks!

    Also, I'm feeling a bit inspired. Would anyone be interested in a Steam Guide where I exploit the pathfinding of the cops to show the safest spots for tied-up civilians to lay in while the cops rarely, if not never, reach them?

  4. Gameriz Şeklimiz Yeter says:

    That could work. Yea instead of trying again and again in go bank that could work. Hey can you make tutorials for not popular and not easy maps. When i try online everybody doing same heists again and again. That could help them.

  5. CRACKGEAR says:

    Well , I already got this achievements before the video , So , I hope this would be good help for the New Players ;3

    Loved the Vid and the voiceover ~~

  6. Andrew harwood says:

    Thats really good mate. I will use this method thanks. 716 achievements, need more.

  7. TheShocker says:

    Finally a payday 2 youtuber who uses wolfhud and a great video as always

  8. Matheus Henrique says:

    i'm having some problems with some "snipers kill" achievements, do u have any tips for: "Let Them Fly", "Compact Confrontation" and "Snipe This!" ? may u do a video about these ones?

  9. Nightmare n. says:

    "dance party" achievement can be done on birth of the sky, play on normal, on the plane,run pass all cops and open the door on one side then jump back down where you start "DO NOT" shoot cop on the plane, then climb back up and start killing them with any smg.

  10. DatOne Guy says:

    yo bro i know it aint like you to do something like this but are ye able to do a list showing ur fav weapons and why? It will be greatly appreciated thanks

  11. BigBaronn says:

    I can't get the "Celsius Or Fahrenheit?" achievement to trigger i dont know why, even with this way. Maybe its the weapon im using it on that doesn't count for it?

  12. Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg says:

    Hey knight can you do the achievments for the gl 40 grenade launcher? I am trying to get the maximal concealment and i dont know where i can kill enemies that are 40 metres away …. thank you in advance great video by the way keep it up 👍

  13. yan tang says:

    While doing this a Dozer spawned in the Container LMAO anyway thx for the help

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