Kobe Bryant takes 2nd Class at Boston College

Obviously, I’ve been playing for a
while. I’ve been doing business for a while, but I alway feel like it’s important to
try to further your education. Coming in an environment where you can actually learn, some
of the things that I hear have obviously been kind of been put into practice for
the last 15 years and various business entities that I have, but to actually sit
and learn the terminology and learn the fundamentals of something, it’s very important. There we go. Got it. Thank you. Thank you.

100 comments on “Kobe Bryant takes 2nd Class at Boston College”

  1. Kcir Snewo says:

    That guy

  2. David Stephens says:

    The only black guy there lol

  3. Kelvin Cruz says:

    Humble and hungry for knowledge,much more than a Ball player.

  4. Carlito Brigante says:

    Alright everybody stop picking on the new kid

  5. Makaveli Vong says:

    Who is Kobe?

  6. juice9100 says:

    Not gonna lie if I became as rich as Kobe during his basketball career, furthering my education in a class room would of never been thought of, I commend Kobe

  7. pvanganimare says:

    Why kobe go to Boston college…. Because theres not college education in LA. People party in LA. Nice job kobe.

  8. Michael Cheung says:

    I bet he got paid millions to go to sit for 2 classes in that college

  9. Tony Soprano says:

    he wanna be young so bad lame

  10. Namkai Tshering says:

    Wow. Learning has no age.

  11. Terry Smith says:

    Kobe still looks young.

  12. airzii airzii says:


  13. robert bytyqi says:

    Kobe about to enter the draft again

  14. Kam Mike says:

    He's the 2pac of the NBA

  15. VergzHD says:

    well he obviously failed during the final test cause he never passed

  16. Aegon Targaryen says:

    When I’m late to class no one ever gets up to let me through lol love you Kobe

  17. RanjenaFoka says:

    The unknown homie…

  18. Ben Grimm says:

    Keep your gf close.

  19. Emmanuel Buloran says:


  20. Jay E says:

    I admire you Kobe for going back to school! Salute!!!!

  21. Chris L says:

    Boston college! You're a Laker Kobe!!!! 😖😖😖

  22. asian dude says:

    Lol to everyone questioning Kobe on going back to college. There is such a thing as taking specific courses just to learn certain things and not get a degree out of it.

  23. tombrady 12 says:

    @0:46 she's having something LOL

  24. King Tut says:

    Shout out that guy in the middle who asked his friend “who is that guy?”

  25. RubberBand Clan says:

    he went to a class for 10mins??? wonder what he learned lol

  26. Myron Hubbard says:

    your suppose to take your hat off in class

  27. xFlow777 says:

    He's bored out of his mind

  28. TRuThsTeR: Wake up world please says:

    Kobe is gay.

  29. Steven Johnson says:

    Lol I thought this was gonna be clickbait but I was wrong

  30. Da Man says:

    Boston Sucks I got your beat L.A right here

  31. ESSJ333 says:

    This is the only way students would find the class interesting.

  32. RICK PEACHER says:

    WHO'S KOBE? 🤔😂🙋

  33. forealz18 says:

    Props to Kobe for getting some proper education when he can. But LOL choosing Boston college, after he took a championship away from 'em

  34. Finn says:

    college is a scam

  35. Sanju Singh Mma says:

    Who's he?

  36. Steve Williamson says:

    Kobe is just a highly intelligent black man.

  37. theLearner says:

    Kobe was always extremely intelligent. He killed the SAT even though he didn't go to college.

  38. kiLLjoy24CALI says:

    He going break all kinds of records selling insurance

  39. Deon Kumbirai Mandebere says:

    The bald guy was like who that ?😮you.l said who? everyone looks excited in here

  40. June the Goon says:

    I need to transfer to Boston lol. It’s not everyday you hear I sit next to an nba star.

  41. Bartus Magnus says:

    His classmates are noisy

  42. TRUTH N FACTS 100 says:


  43. blekkk says:

    And now he has his own mutual fund company

  44. Consistency English says:

    How cool wouldn´t it be to be his classmate…let´s do this homework on your mansion and after that shoot some hoops

  45. Amber Spirit says:

    why not go to youtube or google university?

  46. William Handy says:


  47. D T says:

    Shaq went back to college got his Masters and Doctorate.

  48. Chair-kun Is Dead says:

    I really hope to see his third class, maybe 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Hell maybe even 8th just for fun

  49. crownbock123 says:

    I’d go back to college for the girls too

  50. William Salazar says:

    WTF is this bullsh*t? Kobe never liked college, that’s why he never went.

  51. Scott Aung says:

    You know he ain’t gonna pass the test xD

  52. Armani aka hops 90,s jumpman smith says:

    They hate him

  53. Felicia Moniq says:

    👀 👁

  54. Jason Smith says:

    i am sure he has the good sense to avoid the brain-washed, Leftist dominated "humanities".

  55. DrugAddicts GT says:

    Why is a video from 4 years ago popping out in my recommendations?

  56. GQ30 says:

    People are going to enroll at bc just to be in the same class as kobe lol.

  57. neverevenheardofit says:


  58. Raphial Lee says:

    Hes learning how to pass.

  59. Sovereign45 says:

    This is blasphemous, next the Living Legend himself will be at UCLA its not right just mot right

  60. Blank Blank says:

    This mans mind is so much more than basketball . Work ethic and commitment I love kobe no homo the man is a living legend

  61. munchikinbanana says:

    big deal

  62. Death says:

    Bruh you could've done online courses.

  63. Omar Silva says:

    0:11 ¿is that kanye? 😂 no? who? basket…what?

  64. Edmundis Tolitus says:

    Kobe's exam score….81.

  65. Ahmed Ali says:

    You can hire a Top professor and experts to help you Kobe you don’t need college, especially for business when you have the money you just need a good business plan and idea.

  66. Arthur Sulit says:

    Salu-te. #Mambamentality

  67. 人參剩粒祖 says:

    he never get old, he looks even better than 10 years ago.

  68. Too Blessed847 says:

    Haaahhh-haaahh!! The opening of this video here seem like an episode of punk that man talking about "we got another faculty recruit member" and big tall "larger than life" Kobe walks in the door…….that is HILARIOUS!!!

  69. Duquette Beats says:

    Even though im a celtic fan id still love to meet kobe. Bill Russell kobe Jordan an bird. Goats 👍⛹️‍♂️

  70. Ahmed Abdallah says:

    carrying the backpack haha that was cute

  71. Alejandro Beltran says:

    One day in school , mamba graduate it same day lol

  72. cbr9927 says:

    I don't think he will be needing a loan to pay for books.

  73. Hum Shak says:

    he's tall

  74. astigako2013 says:

    out of all places, he went to boston to study.

  75. Bobby Walsh says:

    Takes 2 classes and probably got given a degree… BS

  76. mac 269 says:

    It's never too late to achieve your dreams.

  77. 溫雲強 says:


  78. Thrashy Art says:

    Plays in LA, studied at Boston

  79. julius dogta says:

    what does he major in?

  80. Rq Zhang says:

    Another away game in Boston.

  81. Dealan Kuvre says:

    Some of his classmates look older than him

  82. uzernam3 says:

    Did Kobe have to take out student loans?

  83. Retrogamer Dell says:

    Kobe don't know nothing about no college. He went straight from highschool to the NBA. lol

  84. Bills Fan80 says:

    I heard Kobe Bryant is an INFP! Awesome 👏

  85. Donald Hump says:

    everbodies like… oh look another human being, just like me, coming to class just like me, but ill make this one feel extra special, because he plays basketball on a professional level.

  86. Cacas Prapra says:


  87. bintu stjean says:

    Kobe going try out for the team…

  88. Teckone Extended clip says:

    Crazy how people criticize Kobe over college education while his kids education is paid in full and ur here with school debt 🤦‍♂️

  89. David Huang says:

    Kobe looks sharp man x.

  90. Daniel Zhang says:

    It looks like a Series

  91. YOMOMOMAMA says:

    He should have went to Harvard

  92. Black Mesa says:

    Salute to mamba

  93. denmark gestuvio says:

    Hail the LEGEND

  94. denmark gestuvio says:

    Just a selfie with you dude 😊

  95. God ankles says:

    I bet kobe don't listen to his teacher because he don't listen to his coach and team mates

  96. dash4800 says:

    Is anyone else as amused as I am at the complete destruction of the English language in the comment section for a video about a guy attending college?

  97. Roy Cuthkelvin says:

    Kobe was one of the greatest💪🏽🏀

  98. dcosb09 says:

    he studied hours of Michael Jordan taking tests

  99. Alexander Tsai says:

    Imagine skipping class then your homie tells you Kobe pulled up

  100. 72vince27 says:

    This nigga really came to class dressed like the bad kid who got kicked out of 3 schools and gets his final chance in a 2004 movie 😂😂🤣

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