La Casa De Papel : interview CASH du casting (Money Heist)

¿ Por un millón, duermes con la máscara de Dalí toda tu vida ? ¿ Por un millón, escuchas a “Bella Ciao” todos los días durante un año ? ¿ Por un millón, no usas internet para la vida ? ¿Por un millón, acepta pasar toda su vida con Arthuro ? ¿ Por un millón, usted acepta ser la primera persona en encontrarse con un extranjero ? ¿ Por un millón, te comprometes a jugar a la ruleta rusa ? ¿ Por un millón, baila flamenco cada vez que gasta su dinero ?

100 comments on “La Casa De Papel : interview CASH du casting (Money Heist)”

  1. †ɪʍɪɗѳ ʀʝ Mobile says:


  2. Serena Hyun says:

    I can't understand shit but Im just happy to see them

  3. RanDy-_-RyZoRi says:

    Tokio meurt a la fin

  4. May R. says:

    J'ai jamais vu La casa de Papel tout ce que je vois c'est qu'il y a 2 acteurs de la série Physique ou Chimie là dedans 😍😲 Et qu'ils ont bien vieilli surtout Ursula (Ruth) c'était une ado blondinette OMG…

  5. Zulkuf Suer says:

    Please anyone can add fucking eng subtitles please

  6. Filippo Giusti says:

    Well… I didn't understand shit but I enjoyed it anyways ^^

  7. Kipruto Christopher says:

    This Spanish language. Really interesting

  8. Alex Arru says:

    Je suis amoureux de Monica (Stockolm) perso

  9. irem cave says:

    i need english

  10. Steven1& PedoBear80 says:

    Pendant ce temps la le professeur refléchi toujours pour les faire sortir de la banque 😂

  11. Ousmane Laouali says:

    Nous jusque là on attend que la troisième partie, alors donc Berlin est vivant waouh j'en étais sûr.

  12. Σ n y g m a says:

    Marseille qui parle de salami alors qu'il ne veut pas toucher au cochon c'est contradictoire … ( lol )

  13. you are right says:

    I hope someone adds English caption pwease

  14. Liban Ahmed says:

    So English just left the chat?? 😴😴😩

  15. Βαγγελης Γιακ says:

    Seriously? Don't you know that it's global serie and we don't speak spanish?

  16. Ophé Lie says:

    Arturito m'énerve tellement

  17. Le Tramo says:

    Mais où est nairobi dans toute ces interviews…

  18. Kendall Sherwood says:

    Denver is so fucking sexy untz

  19. sacha vanhuynegem says:

    Soy el comentario en español que buscabas.
    Salut les francophones.😃

  20. READ IN BOOKS says:

    Denver es tan…Tierno, guapo y hermoso

  21. Aylaselenia Maxwell says:

    Que mal , entiendo lo que dicen pero no entiendo las preguntas.

  22. مجودي الفارسي says:

    نبغا المقطع مترجم😕

  23. tommaso marini says:

    I am italian so i can understand it 😎😎😎

  24. Rodrigue RMCF says:

    Marseille on le voit dans tout les interviews mais dans 10 épisode de la série on le voit 2 ou 3 fois max

  25. Aya Chebedden says:

    Spanish is a dream

  26. Theo D says:

    They already have a million so you have to say for a billion !

  27. Pro wrazzlin' says:

    "Enrique si, pero arturo no."
    Same guurl

  28. Nnn Qqq says:

    I’m smiling but I don’t know anything

  29. Sandra Guti says:

    Me encata este show….Episodie 4 please

  30. Pegi Gamer967 says:

    vidéo française mais 0 commentaire français mdr

  31. ACDJS Mes Vies says:

    Marseille sert tellement à rien

  32. Fer77bjk says:

    0:04 #breakingbad

  33. Arshed Fazal says:

    Where are the Puts is professori?

  34. street vérité says:

    Tokyo a pas mis de sautif mdrrr

  35. Sherlock says:

    Anlamıyorum ama izledim öznvjdksls

  36. Hiba ASMR COOKİNG says:

    Anyone English

    No : just me Ok.

  37. Hiba ASMR COOKİNG says:

    Spanish language is so fast

  38. Euuh Ok. says:

    Oh ptn le flop a 1:48 j’ai honte

  39. Elsa says:

    I'm fine with the spanish but I can't understand the questions 😂

  40. Kimberley Liyaa says:

    Bababa l'espagnol et l'accent espagnol c'est tellement magnifique j'kiff!

  41. A Ovee says:

    Tokyo and Monica speaking at 273km/h

  42. Ahmed Hassan says:

    Why I'm happy to finish the video i dont understand Spanish 😂

  43. Emanuel Garcia says:

    Monica ( Esther ) Y love you

  44. Her & Mely says:

    Marseille is sooooooo underated and i don’t say that because i’m french 🇫🇷😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  45. sandeep rash says:

    Why is the video on fast forward..!?

  46. DickinHerFace says:

    We not ganna talk about Tokyo nipples?

  47. Lulu La Barquette says:

    Where is Rio? 🤔

  48. Brian Park says:

    I took Spanish for a few years, travelled around and used it, but damn its still hard to keep up this speed.

  49. Matteo Cot says:

    Pour des acteurs ils doivent augmenter le prix pck je pense qu'ils sont tous millionaires

  50. Lucila Passos says:


  51. david ben says:

    English please

  52. la BG de Fortnite says:

    3:56 o nann quand il a dit j'aime pas le flamenco Jaime lui a taper un de ses regard 😂😂😂

  53. DanyFast 02 - TodoAndroid says:

    👍🏼👍🏼like si hablas español👌👌👌😂😂


    Monica ❤️

  55. Royston Yinkore says:

    I heard "por favor" and I was like yeah…I know what that means

  56. dana says:

    i literally dont understand spanish, why did i watch this whole video

  57. Creature Fufa says:

    I’m Puerto Rican and this Spanish is difficult for me to understand

  58. heyits ann says:

    So basically Spanish people rap

  59. heyits ann says:

    At least insert some subtitles or sumn

  60. Jesus is black says:

    i wanted to see professor and berlin tho

  61. خيل الصفرا says:

    كل السلق الي ف الشعيب يطلعون

  62. rocket man says:

    Don't understand a lick of it but I can still understand and comprehend that Monica is fucking hot!!

  63. 刘熠熠 says:

    期待第四季!looking forward to season 4!!!

  64. fairal says:

    Aaa no… Aaa si
    I don't know… Any shit

  65. Roko714 Clips says:

    Can you please translate for us english people

  66. Jade Canonne says:

    Toykio je l'adore

  67. Gothboi . says:

    After hearing tokyo and monica speak i don’t want to learn spanish

  68. ZeeZTube says:

    the best series in this world ❤️

  69. FNBrent says:

    who was doing the english voices in the show

  70. Xavier Shelton says:

    Why did they put Arturo in this interview. FAWK HIM! Lol

  71. Ekrex says:


  72. Zerma Siazon says:

    is there any english subs for this video pleaaase

  73. Kevin Jeronne Gador says:

    why is there no english subtitle like seriously

  74. vag4l vevo says:

    They are talking about the Russian roulette. They asking them if they will pull the trigger only once for 1 million euros. So the gun hold 6 bullets and there only going to be one bullet you spin it and pull the trigger for 1 million. Thats what they talking about.

  75. Lipaz Dotan says:


    For million Euroes, would you agree to sleep with the Dali mask for the rest of your life
    All say no. It's sweaty and suffocating.
    For million Euroes, would you agree to sing Bella Ciao each day for a whole year
    Ursula and Ester: Sure, we do it anyhow for free.
    Enrique says "Yes, I love this song.
    Jaime: Yes, we did it already, I want my million.
    For million Euroes, would you agree to give up internet surfing for the rest of your life
    Ester: No. it's too much
    Ursula: Maybe it'll do us some good.
    Ester: Yes, but it's like the Island thing. For awhile it's fine, but you wouldn't last two years without internet.
    The boys all say "yes". Enrique says he just Google's "how to make a million" anyways.
    For million Euroes, would you agree to spend for the rest of your life with Arturo
    Ursula: Not for a million, or two, or three or five, no way. With Enrique I don't mind, but not arturo
    Ester: Oh, poor guy.
    Ursula: Poor guy, but you couldn't stand him for a second.
    Ester: Yep, so no.
    Jaime: sure (Enrique hugs him)
    Enrique says that yes because he likes Arturo. Luka says no.
    For million Euroes, would you agree to be the first person to meet an alien
    All say "yes". Ursula and Ester will do it for free.
    For million Euroes, would you agree to play Russian Reulette
    Ester says strickly "no". Ursula asks how many bullets does it have. Enrique says that if it's 1 to 6 then yes, but if it's 50% then no. Jaime wouldn't.
    For million Euroes, would you agree to dance Flamenco each time you spend it
    Ursula says yes. Enrique says no ('I don't like Flamenco).

  76. Jade Jade says:

    J’adore vraiment les acteurs de la casa de papel que ça soit en vrai ou dans leurs personnages respectives !!!

  77. sayayin175 says:

    Me siento guay por hablar español jajajajajaj esto es lo que se siente americanos 😂

  78. Martin Godinez says:

    I still wanna kick Arturos ass

  79. that trunplay says:

    Dam Arturo

  80. Mrs A says:

    I watch the whole interview but don’t understand any word.
    Why I did that?? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  81. faizan ahmed says:

    They are speaking way fast didn't get a single word.

  82. Mufasa says:


  83. Rani MJ Fan says:

    Ok…time to enrol in some Spanish classes

  84. TaeGucci says:

    Me parto leyendo comentarios de gente no española diciendo que los actores hablan rapidísimo

  85. Lucy&Koko says:

    Joder!! Traduzcan las preguntas!!

  86. Isabella McCall says:

    No one:

    Spanish people: C’esttresuhidvbquduwgquñjsbdshsbs’wdwdufsgwhdyparcequecá

    Americans: ummm I i forg um forgot wha what immm so mhsd yes

  87. Mel Mel says:

    All the woman on that show can have my baby

  88. Czapka90 says:

    I Love espanol language and People 🙂

  89. Joaquín Amores Polo says:


  90. Aziz bzd says:


  91. M Temmar says:

    le personnage de Marseille sert vraiment à rien.. mdr

  92. une fille parmi tant d'autres says:

    tokyoooo ❤

  93. Holly Southall says:

    I just watched this whole 4 minute interview and I don’t even understand Spanish

  94. Chismes wepa Notevayas says:

    La casa de papel.. you should watch la reina de flow from colombia and more spanish series they are pretty good ..señora acero from mexico part 1 and 2 rest sucks reina del sur, narcos etc all in Nexflix

  95. Ghada Ahmed says:

    I hate Arturo

  96. wow man says:

    Holy shit. They're talking like a sports car

  97. Marlon Leanivis says:

    Arturito hasta me cae mal acá 😂, se que es un actor pero nose

  98. R Rh says:

    What ?! 😕

  99. StankJeans says:

    Really wish they were English would of been much better… “Realty is often disappointing”

  100. COBATOX X says:

    See arturo sitting beside denver 😂😂😂

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