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Land Purchase and Entitlement development
is once again hot in today’s growing real estate market. Even if you have a great project, you must
have the funding available to make your plans come true. understands that and we have loan
options available for Raw Land Purchase, cash out refinancing and the entitlement process,
including soft costs to permits. If you are a strong borrower, expect the best
rates and terms. But if you have little cash, and a really
great project, try our special program allowing funding up to 100% loan to costs. You need a good strategy and a great team
of professionals on your side and we would be honored to be part of your team. We can offer both fixed fees or Joint Venture
on a percent of the increase in land value. We help you from Dream to Build. Our sweet spot is creating Loans from $3 Million
to $35 Million. For more information on Land Purchase and
Entitlement loans Nationwide, visit or call 925-268-8012 today!

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