LATEST UPDATE: Nigerians Leaving South Africa

So far, more than 500 Nigerians, fearing xenophobic
attacks, have been repatriated by air from South Africa to Nigeria. Air Peace evacuated 315 Nigerians in the latest
flight with the airline’s CEO, Allen Onyema, promising that evacuations would continue
as long as people wanted to return home. These are the words of Onyeam. “This is all about the returnees; not about
me. Some of you don’t even know the kind of
stories they have got. “Forget the political statements coming
out of South Africa. A lot of gory things happened to these Nigerians. Some of them were stranded for the last 10-to-12
years with nowhere to go, and afraid to move around, because they have over-stayed their
permits. “They stereotyped and stigmatised Nigerians. This evacuation was a lifeline for them, and
they grabbed it with both hands. A lot of them were very happy coming home”. The second airlift came just two days after
President Cyril Ramaphosa apologised for xenophobic attacks on Nigerian citizens. Jeff Radebe tendered the apology on his behalf
in Nigeria on Monday 16 September 2019. Ramaphosa dispatched a team of special envoys,
to deliver messages of solidarity to several heads of state and governments across the
continent, in the wake of looting and xenophobic sentiment in South Africa. Nigerians who returned home were offered medical
check-ups, counselling, gifts, cash, airtime, data and loans to start businesses. Earlier on, Professor Jonathan Jansen apologised
to Nigerians. He expressed concern that the attacks undermine
foreigners’ contributions to the South Africa’s education system and development, as some
Nigerians are academics. Jansen says these generalisations are reckless. These are his words. “I am thinking of so many Nigerian friends,
who contribute to education and development in South Africa. I apologize to you for the reckless generalizations,
and wish you to know that your service is appreciated”. Professor Jansen was the South African rector
of the University of the Free State. In early 2009, he was appointed the first
non-white rector and vice-chancellor of the university. Professor Jansen is a distinguished Professor
of Education at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. In 2016/17 he was a Fellow at the Center for
Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, at Stanford University, and in 2018/19 will
be a Fellow at the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Studies. He is currently, the President of the South
African Institute of Race Relations, and the President of the South African Academy of
Science. Please check in the description box below,
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8 comments on “LATEST UPDATE: Nigerians Leaving South Africa”

  1. Dan Roley says:

    xeno-riots and xeno-rioters are Puppets for SA anti Israeli Games.
    do you know…''Cage Africa''..?
    do you know…Jasmine Opperman.

    its quite disappointing to discover SA pro terrorist stance .
    Dan Roley. Indianapolis.

    *Rwanda Private Security Forces.
    South Africa Operations.

  2. mada adogeri says:

    We don't need their apologies. Enuf is enuf..ds is mercy after death..ur apologies can't bring back the dead and properties destroyed.. Up AirPeace!!! D, pride of Nigeria..

  3. Yvonne De-Souza says:

    South Africans must plead for God's forgiveness.

  4. John Osas says:

    Which loan, how much loan and who among the returnees has receive the credit load from government? 🤷🏿‍♂️

  5. Di Ja says:

    We will not accept the south Africa products in Nigeria ever ever and ever

  6. gtud65 cutting says:

    Bcos of Honourable ONYEAMA AIR PEACE ✌️ 😆 action,

  7. Elsie Msibi says:

    Forgiveness will makes lives easier it's hard but let's us try and be unite Africa let love leads plz brothers and sisters

  8. Taneby291 says:

    Nigerians has moved on .

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