Lauren’s Gift – Pay it Forward | Mountain America Credit Union

(peaceful music) We just have lots of fun, don’t we, Lauren? Camille Almond and her friend Lauren have a special bond. Lauren is more like another grandchild to me than a friend. Their relationship is made stronger by putting together hygiene kits every week. We do 20 on Monday and 20 on Friday. They put together 100 kits a month. They donate those to Catholic Community Services to help local refugees. She has her own system and she is amazing at organizing and putting things together. Camille started this to connect with Lauren when they first started spending time together. It’s called Lauren’s Gift. It has been a wonderful thing for our family and for Lauren and I. Camille has also started another project making baby kits to send to Africa. These will be shipped out in October to Zimbabwe. She puts together 100 baby kits each month. Between the two, we have sent out over 4,000 kits. Camille loves serving and wants to pass it on to others. This just keeps me going all of the time. It brings so much joy. She does get some donations, but otherwise she’s shopping the sales for needed items. It does far more for me, I’m sure, than it does for them. We wanna pay it forward to Camille and Lauren’s Gift. Here’s Tony Rasmussen from Mountain America Credit Union. To express our gratitude for your wonderful service we have $500. Oh, my gosh! That we’re going to give towards Lauren’s Gifts to help you continue your wonderful service. Oh, Lauren!

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