Law of Attraction Vs Law of Karma – What is the difference between Law of Attraction and Karma?

hello Awesome Nation this is Awesome AJ
your mentor guide and coach in your personal transformation. Before we talked
about law of karma where I explain what exactly Karma and how the law of karma
works and I got so many magical response from all of you, liked the story, you liked
the video and so grateful to all of you for liking that particular
video and the story. Today I’m talking about another key topic Law of Karma
versus the Law of Attraction. That’s what many people asked me like they keep
asking me like “AJ what is the law of karma and law of attraction? How they
works together or how they works against each other?” Because many people believe
that the law of karma and the law of attraction are completely different
things and they work against each other. So let’s see I’ll be explaining you
whether they work against each other or they work together in the same
philosophy I’ll be giving you the insight. Now as we discuss about Law of
Karma – The law of karma is not just about the physical action but it’s more about
the intention, the thoughts, the feelings that you keep carrying consistently. Yes
so the intention drives action. so intention is more powerful than even
action. Few people asked me this Question – if I just have one thought a negative
thought about someone or something so is it really going to be a bad karma, the
answer is NO. If there is just one thought and you could able to recognize
it and you could able to change that thought immediately then it’s not going
to be registered as a bad karma. When it become an intention and how it become an
intention, when you continuously keep a thought, like you consistently keep
thinking about someone or something negatively like for example you envy
someone because of their success or the way they are living their life or you
feel jealous about someone or you don’t like someone so you expect that
to have a miserable life so if you keep thinking about it continuously and
consistently about it again and again then it become an intention and
definitely it generates bad karma in the universe and it creates stress and
anxiety, jealousy within yourself and your vibration will go down. So that’s
one of the answer but if you recognize a bad thought or a negative
thought and it’s very normal for getting negative thoughts from time to time
because we have been programmed with so much of negative news and programs
around, so it’s very common for everyone to get a negative thought but the key is
to recognise that negative thought and change it as soon as possible.
A few weeks back I shared a video I created a video on 5 second
strategy to help people to change their negative thought into a positive
thought. Many people are trying that particular 5 Second strategy and
it’s really changing them. So coming to today’s topic Law of Karma versus Law
of Attraction, let me explain your bit about law of
attraction again. So what is the core principle of Law of Attraction? we
attract everything into our life. We attract everything, people, things,
jobs, materialistic things, all the good things and all the bad things into our
life. And what is that thing that attracts everything into our lives (the key is I
have already talked about) is our Thoughts. When we talk about law of attraction, we mostly
focus on thoughts. That’s why we have popular belief system like “what
you think you become” “thoughts become things” “your thoughts creates your
reality”. So in law of attraction we focus mostly on thoughts.
And yes thoughts is the genesis of our manifestation process but not just one
thought. One thought is not going to create the manifestation, you have to
think consistently and continuously about something so that it become a
strong intention and that’s when the manifestation process happens.
So law of attraction is about setting strong intention with continuous or
consistent thought and feelings and then the intention becomes strong so that you
become a magnet and you start attracting those things into your life. That’s how
all of us are magnet, we are magnet, we attract each other, we attract our community, we
attract the good people into our life, even we attract the bad people into our
life, we attract the good things, bad things and everything into our life. So
that’s how the law of attraction is working we are attracting everything
into our life. Now the number one misconception about Law of Attraction is
many people believe that Law of Attraction is about only thinking and it’s
not about physical action. So that’s the biggest misconception ‘law of attraction is not about physical action’ but let me remind
you when we say the word law of attraction and you take the third
word, the last word ‘Attraction’ and if you consider the last six letter of
ATTRACTION, what is that word it’s ACTION. The last six letter of attraction is
action so this is the awesome concept, within attraction there is action exists.
In any manifestation process there is thoughts, there is feelings which
together become strong intention and then you take some physical action and
in physical action again the action has to be inspired action, the action has to
be positive action, that’s where you manifest that’s the key of manifestation.
So most people believe that law of attraction not about action whereas the
action is very much the reside within the law of attraction because it’s the core
part of the attraction process but thoughts and feelings are the main and
that’s where the genesis happen. So if you see the law of attraction and the
law of karma, the biggest misconception in law of
karma is it’s only about physical action and it’s not about thinking and feeling
and intention, whereas the biggest misconception about law of attraction is it’s only about
thinking and feelings and not about physical action. So that is why it
looks very much contradictory. I am sure most of you have always found law of
attraction and law of karma contradicting each other or a very
different thing but if you understand both the law clearly and
completely, you will understand both the law perfectly aligned. Law of karma is
about what you set as the strong intention and then you take the kind of physical
actions, both both of them create your manifestation or the result.
Same way in the law of attraction whatever you think and feel it created
strong intention and then you take the physical action and both the things will
create your manifestation. But among the physical action and strong intention
which is more powerful? In case of both law of karma and law of attraction, if we
understand clearly the strong intention is the powerful thing or that’s
the core of the both the laws because without a strong intention you will
never take a physical action. Even it may happen there can be a strong intention
and you may not take an action and still you can get good things or bad things
into your life because the strong intention it’s actually the
magnetic power but along with the strong intention when you take the physical
action then you actually materialize this intention and you get the
manifestation quickly. Whenever you you fail to take some action you really
need to understand that when I said the strong intention and my strong intention
if it’s really positive then you can get the idea to take the inspired action.
Only when your strong intention or your intention is not strong you may not be
able to take the inspired action. So we’ll be discussing about action or
inspire action and desperate action separately in another
video. This video is more focused on law of karma and law of attraction. So as we understood both the laws have their misconceptions and both the laws
have that core value – it’s the strong intention and that strong intention
drive the physical action. So there is a chain if you see always your thoughts
and consistent thoughts create your feelings for example if you keep
thinking about some accident then slowly you will feel sad or angry or
anxious about it, if you just got a news about some accident and you just let it
go you won’t feel that negative feelings same way if you heard about some success stories like if you read a news or you find that somebody has succeed in
something you just get that thought and you just let it go you won’t feel
anything but if you keep wondering about it keep thinking about it like how come
that person could able to achieve that goal and what the mindset must be how
much struggle they have come through how they really make it possible then you
feel the motivation. Or sometimes if you feel that why that person could able to
achieve and why I am not achieving then you probably feel desperation or jealousy or
envy also. So always when you start thinking something the thought process
created feelings and then when your thoughts and feelings combined together
and it stay consistently and you keep thinking about them, if you keep diving
into them then they become a strong intention then the intention which
always inspire if you to take some physical actions sometimes you take
physical exams, something you may not take it maybe because of some
fears, maybe because of some doubts, maybe because of some social boundaries
something but without a strong intention you will never able to take some action
or you will never able to do that physical Karma.
So if you see the chain thoughts create feelings, feelings create
intention and intention drive your physical action and your
physical action drives or it results in your manifestation. So this is
the chain and this chain works both in Law of Karma and Law of Attractions. So
ideally law of karma and law of attraction both are aligned and they have some interesting laws along with them. Like I
said yesterday in law of karma there is a season of sowing and that is the
season of reaping. So when you sow you reap but it may not happen immediately.
Same way this is one point where many people struggle when they get to know
about law of attraction and then
they just think about it thought for a while and they expect why my manifestation is not happening? why am I not getting my goal? why things are not working for me?
Because again the same law works here there is a season of sowing and there is
a season of reaping in law of attraction also, there is a time frame there is a time delay between the way you are thinking and the way you are
manifesting because the universe has to really check that whenever you are
thinking about it either you really want it or not, whether you are consistent
about it or not, and then you receive it. For example if I ask you to
just think about an elephant and all of you watching this
video you must have thought about ok an elephant, suppose if the
manifestation will work at the lightning speed then the moment you
think about an elephant, the elephant will appear in your room and then the
same will effect with me and then how can we will handle it. so that is why the
universe is kept a delay time there is a season of sowing and there is a season
of reaping, same way there is a delay time because in that delay time the
universe wanted to see that whether you really desire it. Same thing works
in law of karma the season of sowing and the season of reaping, the season of
setting in tension, the time of setting intention and this time of receiving the
manifestation. That is why in law of attraction there are four steps. I keep
talking about it – 1. Asking, 2. Believing, 3. Acting (taking action) and 4. Receiving. So
between asking and receiving, there are two steps
that you take and there is a time delay and that’s why you receive. So you need
to set that intention and you have to set that intention consistently but many
of you must be thinking like “AJ why there is
delay between our intention and manifestation?” It’s because the universe
wants you to correct your intention if your intention are in the negative
direction. For example if you see something or something wrong happened at you and
all of a sudden you thought bad things about yourself or people around you so
the universe gives us time to correct those negative thoughts that is why
there is a delay so that we can understand our thoughts and we can
correct it. If we understand closely the law of karma and the law of
attraction is the same law or it’s the law that is perfectly aligned. There are
only some misconception which differentiate them but there is no
difference between them. The concept of Karma which known as the law of karma and
which was very popular after the discussion
of Lord Krishna and Arjuna from Mahabharata it become Bhagavad Gita
then at the time of Buddha he refined it to the highest level and and make people
understand their karma is more about intention. And that’s where the
modern new age theory or new age philosophy of self transformation bring
a new name to it which is the Law of Attraction because prior to that most of
the time when people talk about law of karma or law of intention or thought
process they usually just keep connecting it to only spiritual
dimension or spiritual achievement but in the new age theory or when new teachers came and they realize that there are many people are still struggling in
their materialistic need, materialistic world so if they can follow the same
concept in the name of Law of Attraction or even if you can give it any other
name so if you follow it then first you could able to achieve the good things
happening in your life, your materialistic need you can fulfill and
then you can ascend to the next level of your spiritual need and that’s where you
can go beyond and start manifesting more and more things. So we are on a journey
where whether we call it law of attraction or law of karma or law of sowing
and reaping, law of giving and receiving it’s always working in the same way. The
key to remember is it works for both the positive things and the negative things.
The key to remember is there is a season of sowing and reaping. The key to
remember is your relationship is with the universe not directly with people
around so far for whom you do the good things or for whom you do the right
things or help them you may not receive the help back from them, you may
not receive abundance or success or support from them, but if you are doing
good intention, good things with good intention with positive energy then you
will be receiving it from the universe in the various different ways. So those
of you who have still some doubts about law of karma or law of attraction or
anything relevant to it you can mention in the comment section and in one of the
upcoming videos I’ll be talking about the law of attraction versus the law of
love because again that is many people find the law of attraction and law of
lover again contradictory and they keep asking me that how law of attraction
and law of love work against each other and how things work. If you really
liked this video and really liked this explanation then do share this video
this video on your timeline with your friends, with your family members
and let them know and let them understand how law of karma and law of
attraction works together and in alignment and they are not working
against each other. Thank you, thank you, thank you guys. Thank you, Love you. Tons
of gratitude to you. This is Awesome AJ. music bye bye

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