Leadership for all students, corporate partnerships highlight 2017 State of the University address

And I want to assure you that the state of
Central Michigan University in 2017, on our 125th anniversary is great. We are vibrant, major, national university. Leadership is something that all CMU students
should acquire. This is who we are. This is who we’ve always been, although today,
today we are poised to take it to another level. And we’re going to formally cement leadership
experiences as a part of the educational journey for each and every student at CMU. All CMU students who identify personal values,
explore diverse view points and consider the impact of their actions, they will participate
in volunteer activities, develop their own sense of purpose. This emphasis on leadership upholds the qualities
and the culture. It upholds the qualities and the culture that
have been 125 years in the making. For CMU to designate its own core group of
premier business partners, those partnerships would mutually be beneficial with CMU students
and graduates having prime access to internships, to jobs, and there by addressing gaps in our
partners’ talent pool. I’m humbled and thrilled to recognize Ford
Motor Company and Quicken Loans as our first two premier partners.

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