100 comments on “LeBron James MOVIE: The Dark King Rises”


    You forgot his championship where miami beats the boston…

  2. Rio SidelesTv says:

    My Goodness!!

  3. DuckworthBF3 says:

    One of a best Moviemaker! Awesome Work BF!!!

  4. Nathan Manceau says:


  5. Piphol P says:

    MJ never had this kind of burden on his back. To win a championship asap and to win one for your own hometown. He's been scrutinized the most amongst all NBA players. He's never had a HOF coach, never had a consistent backcourt mate like MJ had Pippen (and Rodman). And yet he's been to the Finals 9 times and owned the East every year. I think his journey was more sensational than MJ or Kobe. And to compare him to MJ while he's still playing and arguably still not declining, it says a lot about his legacy. I hope he wins at least one more in LA. If he wins 3 rings there, I think it will cement him as the GOAT for most doubters, bu lt not all.

  6. Anti Mage says:

    im so happy to witness lebrons greatness!

  7. ervin ocon says:

    this is not complete… the story still not in the end.

  8. Eddy C says:

    Trully the goat! Respect his greatness. There are others worth mentioning but the way this guy conduct himself is beyond great. While others achieved more rings this man had to compete against some of the greatest athletes, teams, coaches and often against his own teammates and organisation. Give credit when it's due 🙂

  9. Chasing Dreams says:

    wheres his Lakers highlights 😛

  10. Krystian M says:


  11. knight torpe says:

    lots of prediction coming in 3… 2….1… see comments.

  12. Christopher Tholou says:

    That chase down block still gives me the chills

  13. Leonardo Oliveira says:


  14. Gilbert Tagudin says:

    Idol …..m

  15. Yeipeih Shanglai says:

    Man skip bayles sounds like a gay guy who is trynna get Lebron's attention and failed

  16. jima dak says:

    Year 17 👑

  17. Ashaz Javaid says:

    LeBron is the GOAT

  18. Aamer Ali Ahmed Al Amer says:

    The King is gonna rise once again

  19. Harvard says:

    The michael jordan of today's younger generation
    Disagree with me if you want i'm not saying anything

  20. Shivank Taksali says:

    Dope visual storytelling!

  21. Evan Clinton says:

    "i guess his feeling just got hurt"

  22. gengar hide-self says:

    bronsexuals 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  23. Ben Cordero says:

    people that dislikes this video
    Why are you gay?

  24. nachiket26 says:

    comes from a warrior fan king james make it no 5 with lakers

  25. Jeff Snag says:

    I was completely engrossed by this!

  26. Manila Kid says:

    He went to the finals one flop at a time. And creating the first super team. lol

  27. Khal Drogo23 says:

    Ive seen this exact same remix from a different channel before lol

  28. john john says:

    14:59 my favorite alley oop from norris cole

  29. Essam Monem says:

    Gooooooooooood job gooooooood job man I looooooove it..

  30. Tars Baymax says:

    When he retires, we'll all miss him.

  31. Dulguunsuren Sergelen says:

    This shit is a fuckn master piece! Thank you very much

  32. Bryan Magallano says:

    lebron is the greatest basketball player 👊

  33. Arnamo says:

    His biggest flaw is that he got drafted to one of the worst organizations in the NBA. And that was out of his control! Imagine how a young lebron could've thrived with a coach like Pop or Jackson

  34. KEVIN DUHNAPPY 35 says:

    23:48 Lebron smiles at Klay’s comment

    Me: It was at this moment that Klay knew… he f###ed up

  35. Arnamo says:

    This is really well done mate!! Fantastic job!

  36. Arkadiusz Kowalczyk says:

    jr Smith the dumbest nigga in nba

  37. jessica52520 says:

    very very very good video, LBj is always the chosen 1.

  38. Lucci perry says:

    i never thought that back in the day he sounds like jaime fox, now his voice sounds like a sensored murder witness lol.. we love this man… He's a God damn legend! period.

  39. HughsReviews says:

    Well fucking done!!!

  40. joe momma says:

    Forgot the real ending…went to a team that's worse then the team he carried when he was younger

  41. Deven P says:

    Amazing video of a living Legend. We are all witnesses to the King's greatness

  42. Dj Mckenzie says:

    I’m crying this is beautiful

  43. Neil roger Magno says:

    So He gon’ be the second Batman?😂

  44. Evgeniy Tsoy says:

    He is a heck of a player..
    I used to hate him, but watching through his career i've changed my mind…
    How he eliminated Alone Pacers, then Toronto and eventually Celtics. Who else could do that in present NBA? cheers for him while he is still playing..

  45. FuzzMonkeh says:

    the NBA is a better place when LeBron is doing big things

  46. Chris Shawn says:

    The most motivating thing I've ever watched

  47. KC says:

    THE MF KING!!! this is amazing. Well done

  48. Oyame says:

    I always admired Lebron James, after Kobe era, He is the source of excitement for NBA. People can say anything about him, I watched was watching NBA since MJ then Kobe and after that Lebron. I wasn't born yet when other legends such as Wilt, Karim, Larry and Magic was dominating. So the supportive feeling for them is not there. However for me, those 3 are The Kings of their respective era. Maybe now we are in transition for another King, who would replace King James?

  49. Dan X says:

    Definitely the 4th best player of all time after MJ, Bird and Kobe

  50. KingAnonymous 18 says:

    20:14 That team still gives me shivers. It's over now though. Sorta

  51. KingAnonymous 18 says:

    Make a new one after the Lakers win this year

  52. ItsToonBruh says:

    R.i.p Fred Mcloud

  53. Brent McCullough says:

    #GOAT (GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  54. Brent McCullough says:


  55. Magnus On Board says:

    my favourite.i repeat myyy favourite nba player of all time…

  56. Daniel Frazão says:


  57. Agnis Rubenis says:

    black princess mj forever

  58. Alex Starboy GL says:

    es el mejor sin duda….LARGA VIDA AL REY JAMES!!!!

  59. Momo Freeman says:

    Apart from Jordan, I haven't seen anything like Lebron in Basketball… I'm starting to think that he's even greater… guys, should i increased the volume?!!!!!!!!!

  60. KJ.WAKEUP says:

    The ultimate Story!!

  61. KJ.WAKEUP says:

    I dont know how and why. But I had faith when thethey were down 3-1

  62. luz mabait says:

    Every time watching Kings Video I'm always in tears….tears of happiness

  63. luz mabait says:

    Thanks #BasketballForever

  64. joseph khrasi says:

    Am sure this Movie Music Director is from Marvel.

  65. Peter Galgana says:

    JUST WANNA SAY HE IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TRASH that i was able to watch, certified choker floping, always complaining and traveling, blaming and trading teammates, firing coaches, not clutch and last he just an overhyped great wanna be!

  66. Jonas Mellado says:


  67. Mejie Nuñez says:

    The 👑 will rise 🙌

  68. Lebron James says:

    Lbj is not just a player, he is the face of the Nba.
    I cry while watching this short movie of Lebron's legacy.
    Love you james

  69. SK GAMING says:

    If there is one thing I learned from this it would be… Stephen A. Smith is nothing but a bs talker. He sucks leBron his dick > He hates leBron > He kisses leBron his ass > He hates leBron > He loves leBron and acts like he always did….

  70. Lil Phil Tv says:

    Skip Bayless and Rob Parker uglass been haters

  71. Mohamed Seck says:

    this is fire, God bless the chosen one

  72. Penis Rodman says:

    King of America also no one care outside USA

  73. Xandrodist says:

    wait wait wait you make this but dont have any clips from the james/pacers playoffs those were some of the best times…

  74. Aryan Aggarwal says:

    I'll be precise… I got 8 times full body goosebumps…

  75. Evan Clinton says:

    at 23:46 the suspense music killed me, and u know the series was over then..

  76. Brian Castillo says:

    Cleveland this is for you 😢😭😢

  77. youtubeabuser says:

    The GOAT. No argument. Let the facts speak. And he’s still playing!

  78. Aryan Aggarwal says:

    When someone says I'm GOAT! LeBron to the final Let's make him 🐐!

  79. 28andee says:

    Wow Skip has been a long-time hater.

  80. DW About It says:

    damn i really teared up watching this. im glad im here to witness lebrons greatness

  81. drank boy says:

    i cried at the end..damn i forgot that feeling.. #lebronsking

  82. G.O.A.T James says:


  83. Jon Stransky says:

    10:30 took a Stephen A Smith quote about Durant lol

  84. aooaooapoooopa says:

    This is one of the greatest YouTube videos I’ve ever watched

  85. Al Kin Quinn says:

    History will repeat itself lakers gonna be “CHAMPS” this year

  86. BallerDej says:


  87. Dion Bortolani says:

    This video/mini movie is legendary

  88. Lebron says:

    The GOAT of his era !

  89. HiradTheBest says:

    Who’s here when Lebron put the headband back on

  90. Cornfed Scarecrow says:

    This guy Lebron is done now! Furthermore he will never be near Kobe or MJ different level's altogether LBJ needs to bend a knee.

  91. Fakzuala faka says:

    I go where eaver u go the king

  92. Pionesa says:

    Same fame as Shaq …its like hystory repeating…

  93. Dank Dank says:

    I would pay for this every time. Absoulute incredible quality.

  94. Christopher Casibang says:

    my tears begun to fall at the end.

  95. Kenjie Ronatay says:

    I think this is for lebrons fans. What the hell are you doing here lebron haters??? go watch your own idol video shhh

  96. jason robbins says:

    The Communist rises

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