Leeward CC opens permanent home for Waiʻanae education center

(sounds of oli) Manny Cabral: As we celebrate the present,
I know that each and everyone of you here is looking forward to the bright future ahead
for Wai‘anae Moku and for the students and the Leeward coast that we serve. Kristina Nip: I can say this is where Iʻm
from. I got an education from where Iʻm from. I was taught by the people who live out here,
from people I call family, my community. Cabral: 70 percent of the Wai‘anae Moku
student body identify as Native Hawaiian. And the college and the university have
a special commitment to meet its indigenous serving strategic planning goals and outcomes. Zachary Cheek: Ho, a second chance at life. I came back to school because I wanted to
seek different opportunities for myself and now that I came here to Wai‘anae Moku, it’s
opened up doors that I can actually look at different aspects of where I want to go with
my life and see where I want to end up. David Lassner: With this permanent facility,
we will be here forever, reaching into the entire University of Hawai‘i system to understand
how we can serve the students and the community. Cheek: We do have quality education here and
we have quality staff and faculty. And you can definitely seek new beginnings
and further opportunities for your education at this university

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