Lena Waithe Speaks On Halle Berry Kiss! | Genius Talks

– I want to thank our sponsor, Credit Karma as you see there. It’s an awesome app, you
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to make financial progress. So download Credit Karma app today. (applause) (upbeat music) Welcome our creative genius
writer, producer, actor. As I said, Lena Waithe. (applause) – Are you sure we aint’
got no walk out music? – Yeah definitely, in those
kicks, I don’t blame you. So as I told these people,
and they are I’m sure, everybody’s pretty
familiar with who you are. You really do do it all, but the one skill set I didn’t
mention was the fact that I think you might be able to make a living as a late night talk show host. – Oh yeah. – Yeah, so you hosted,
filled in for Jimmy Kimmel. – Yeah. – But as great as that is,
I think the greatest moment in that particular episode of Kimmel was you and Halle Berry kissing. – Oh yes, and Halle right. (laughs) I didn’t know that was going to– – Miss Lena, how did that go down? – You know, that’s just Halle being Halle. (laughs) She’s like, honestly to me, it was the most savvy-est
thing she could have done. Because it really kind of
took on a life of its own. But she did warn me that she
was going to do something in my green room, and I
was not excited about it. Because what they don’t
realize about late night shows is that everything is rehearsed within an inch of its life. I know when I’m supposed to cue the kids, I know what I’m supposed
to be reading next, I’ve got my cards in my back pocket. So I was like, whatever you’ve got in mind I was like, don’t do it. Don’t try to be funny,
don’t try telling a joke because you’re going to
throw off the whole rotation. Then she was like, no it’s
not going to mess you up. So, and then she did that,
and I was like oh okay. I’m not going to act like
that didn’t just happen and just keep reading the
teleprompter like I’m normal. But no, people loved
it, it just kind of went you know, everywhere, as it does. – What is going on in your
mind as this is happening? – Uh, just to be as
respectful as possible. Which I believe I was. But then it’s weird because
on one hand you’re like oh this is happening, because
I was genuinely surprised. But then it’s like,
the minute you’re like, oh let me enjoy this moment, this is my only free
pass I’m going to get. So I’m like okay, got
it, and then it’s over. And so itt was like okay, got it, back to the show, back to hosting. (upbeat music)

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