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So unexpectedly the car breaks down,
the roof starts leaking, the air conditioner goes kaput.
They’re called sudden life events and when they occur it
has us in a panic, wondering where is the money gonna come
from. Our next 2 guests have been helping folks solve
financial emergencies like these, for years. With us this
morning Bobby Aikin and Amy Manning, both of Lendmark
Financial Services. Good morning to both of you. Good morning.
Good morning. Bobby, I wanna start with you, and listen to
the statistic. It’s pretty alarming. A recent survey
reports 62% of Americans have no emergency savings for things
such as a $1,000 emergency room, or even a $500 car repair –
none. That’s alarming. It’s staggering. When you think about
events that take place in people’s lives, whether it be
planned or unplanned events. You know, a planned event could be a
wedding or a graduation. But you could get ready for something
like that. You can get ready for, you know it’s forthcoming.
But an unplanned event, you know, the AC unit goes out in
July, the transmission goes out on the way to work. What are you
gonna do? What are you gonna do, and it creates a tremendous
amount of stress, financial pressure and it’s a challenge.
So, Bobby, name some viable options that someone could have
to get ready for something like this? It depends a little bit on
the size of the financial disruption. Makes sense. If it’s
2, 3, 4 hundred dollars, something you can take care of
over a couple of pay periods, or over the next 30 or 60 days,
then a credit card can be a good option. If it’s a larger event,
you know, like the AC unit goes out and there’s 3 or 4, 5
thousand dollars. You know, that’s a much bigger number. So,
if you wanna spread that over time, you wanna look for an
installment lender like Lendmark. And, correct me if I’m
wrong, but even when you’re using the credit cards for small
events, even if they’re just 2 or 3 hundred bucks, Amy, I think
sometimes they accumulate, it gets dangerous and you gotta be
really disciplined to do that. That’s right. You’ve gotta make
sure that you focus on having your payments made because you
can really get yourself into trouble and end up with a bigger
debt if you’re not responsible and diligent around how you make
those payments, longer term. What are you doing to help them
get thru events like this? At Lendmark Financial, we’re an
event lender. That’s what we do, and we’ve been working with hard
working Americans thru their life events over the last 20
years. And, I think the important thing that we focus on
is simple and affordable. We ensure the customers can afford
their loans. We look at their income. We look at the debts
that they have to pay on a monthly basis, and we make sure
that the loan that they have is something that they can manage
within their budget. What loan amounts does Lendmark offer? We
make loans as low as $1,000. OK. And, we can help customers with
needs up to as high as $25,000. And, as a woman, cause I would
say, most women today are balancing the checkbook and
taking care of all the statements at home – Bobby, what
should I and women out there look for in a lender? I think
there’s 2 characteristics that stand out to me. One is you
gotta be a responsible lender. Absolutely. I mean, you have to
take the customer’s best interests at heart, number one,
you gotta make sure from a budgetary standpoint they can
afford the loan. And, when you make them a loan it not only has
to be good for the short term, but it’s gotta be good for the
long term. Second, look for a company that’s compassionate.
You know, it’s hard to be on the other side of the table. Sure.
It’s hard to be in a position where, you know, your child
broke their arm, you’ve got a $1,000 deductible, and you’ve
got $800 in a savings account. That’s a very difficult position
to be in. So, we expect our employees to be compassionate
towards those customers because it’s a difference maker. Amy? I
would just say that that compassion comes from the fact
that we’ve worked with over 300,000 customers. So, we’ve
seen every, and all, life events that you can imagine, walk thru
our branches. So, our employees are trained and experienced in
working with customers thru their situations. 60% of our
branches are managed by females. So, we know and we understand
how to work with, and how to help you thru live events and
challenges. And, as a customer I would think it’s just so
important for them to know that there’s someone on the other
side that wants to help them get thru this. That’s right. At
Lendmark, we love making things possible when it seems
impossible. And Amy, for our viewers out there who’d like
more information where do they go? At lendmarkfinancial.com. We
have a branch locator on our website and they can also apply
for a loan. We’d love to have your viewers find the branch
closest to them and come in and see how we can help them. Thank
you so much for your time. Thank you sir. Absolutely. And, if
you’d like more information, you can also go to our website and
that’s thebalancingact.com or log on to
Facebook/thebalancingactfans. (music)

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  1. rocky mountain lass says:

    This is asinine because if the economy wasn't as bad as it is, then normal americans wouldn't be in the DiRE straits they are in. When you have people being outsourced, downsized, etc. They can barely make bills so his attitude or arrogance is NOT in touch with MOST people's reality.

  2. Horny For horse power says:

    Lendmark the worst financial company in the country, gave me a loan they advertised as low as 2.5 % after I singed they were never sending my statement with my info so when i call and asked for my balance and interests rate my balance was still high after 5 months and my interest rate was 35% with good credit this guys are fucked up fuck lendmark I hope u guys burn in hell

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