Lessons Learned from a Legend

my name is Dan Hanson I’m the chief
production officer for retail I’m Alec Hanson I’m Dan Stein and I have the
privilege to be a vice president production here in Southern California
my favorite memories of my dad was he was always at every one of my sports
games I remember he used to come running in in a suit and now I look back and I’m
like he was coming right from work I learned later too after we’d go to bed
some nights he’d go back to work I think the most important thing for a dad is to
be there when your family really needs you there I’ve worked for him and many
times I think I’ve been fired by him before but for the last almost eight
years now we’ve worked really closely together it’s challenging because
there’s you know there’s there’s family dynamics but at the same time it’s super
cool I mean I don’t think people get the chance to do that it’s actually I think
much easier or more fun for a dad to work with a son than a son to work for a
dad to be quite honest because I get to see my son grow and learn and and do
things that I think are amazing and it gives me a sense of pride which is cool
my daughter is now a loan officer he’s in Florida so there’s now two hurricanes
in Florida I look back now and I have I have pride for when I was young because
he was just a great dad and then I had this amazing pride to go and go all what
a role model for me live life I think I have this adult
respect now you kind of have the kid respect at least you’ve got to grow into
that after college and realize your dad’s not a schmuck
maybe he did something good it’s very aspirational it’s very exciting and I
just I look at him I’m like this is what a cool thing to follow like what a what
a path carved for me I really see in my son maturing an openness and a capacity
to take on responsibilities that I never did so I remember my first year
originating loans all I wanted to do my first year as a full-time originator was
to go to Chairman’s elite club and have my dad hand me the trophy on stage that
was my that was like this is my thing I’m gonna do it no matter what he’s
gonna think it a moment to walk up on stage and my dad’s and then you know
here’s the trophy gonna hug it’s a meal good and so I worked my tail off and I
got to go to Hawaii and flown out there with my with my wife and my dad handed
me the trophy and it was really impact was really amazing for Alec I would just
tell you that I’ll just continue to be the man that you’re dedicated to be you
see a great dad he’s a great leader of people I don’t have to do that much more
because he will be an outstanding leader I’m proud of you dad
proud to be your son it’s fun to learn from you you give yourself and a lot of
yourself to a lot of people and I have a lot to continue to learn and a lot to
look up to so thanks for being the man that stood up and did the right live the
right life accept the right role model for me and for your grandkids love you
dad how much questions are we gonna do

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