a real audience the stories and stories build a brighter and your truth it was the post I put today thank you for watching thank you reviewing commenting I want to know what your truth is all right so good morning guys how’s everyone everyone’s happy what do we have today we have interview with interns we have incarceration nations tonight we have proposals one m1v goes live one m1b goes I am today I’m super excited about that but if just we’re just going to finalize this proposal so we have noon on Saturday is for the Friday we’re going to be spending the entire day of New Jersey with at least I am and then so we’ll present that proposal so that also everything needs to be sent to Barbara today okay so those photos Nick will be done today um and even if she does those tomorrow that’s fine he’s so fun but you know be she for her yeah for yeah I mean we can get him to her today and then tell her if she can’t do him tonight into tomorrow that time we can fit up to be done we have someone coming in today at 11:00 I’m going to send you his stuff maybe he can do the images yeah we’re going to this is like though within the next seven days I want this to not be history anymore so like let’s figure out how to make that happen because you need to get back to video and oh yeah I understand again I appreciate the fact that you’ve been flexible because we had to get this done to get this stuff in and the next seven days we’ll know if we have all what we have against contract how am even thinking about it might be if we can get a spanish-speaking – if we can get a Latin America tour in in a new year and we can hit week let’s say we can hit 20 to 30 colleges in Colombia then maybe the sponsor is a Columbia based company that wants to get in front of you know 10,000 students in terms of videos Nick what is the lineup what gets released this week what gets released today whether there’s a Friday I think Columbia’s top row Columbia and a life in shorts real actually life in shorts real is first so let’s do a life in shorts real Columbia all right so you guys Jam let’s meet privately some some things that I want to run by you I bet on kobato girls with under native – everyone’s working so good good good okay okay all right thanks I’ll sir you can follow us Java proven and this cool cool helper are in charge of the party post on this forum accepted yeah sure have them figure out how many views we’ve gotten total and how many articles we’ve written and what’s on the smallest the least views that we’ve gotten an article and the most users we’ve got an article so then yeah are you immediate let’s to meet you too thanks for coming in thank you did you go by Anthony or Tony Tony got it how’s it going yeah thanks for coming in and chat month you met Danza and Oscar this is like you have to get used to the whole like camera thing in your face all the time right really cool so tell me a little bit about your song like V the way that we view branding and like you get like just based on that comment like I understand as we kind of weave get it like we we really believe in like a value driven based branding another value add value add value of L show we use right now but we do believe that like when you can connect with somebody by adding value first is always a great start to making to Brandon and then from there like we’re really focusing a lot now on video and and you know what’s these new clients going to be doing like we’re going to we really wanted to come to place where like you come for the best Facebook commercials and so that’s kind of a differentiator a lot of people a lot of agencies love agencies are still pushing traditional fan as TV print and we basically just have seen the value of kind of paid ads in digital space so something we’re really pushing for so we’re figuring out how to basically scale like oh all this is is just me at scale right knee of the person brain of skill doing nothing different than what I would be like we would be having this interview whether Oscar was recording or not but the cool thing for me is now any 15 16 17 18 year old that’s trying to prepare for an interview can watch this and know the kinds of questions that people ask right and then maybe that creates some brand loyalty where when by the time they’re 26 27 28 29 30 35 they’re like hey that guy that taught me about interviewing on this YouTube show like what he’s doing and they bring us in to a keynote at their comfortable so it’s a nice I’d be writing the long game but the point is you have to have content out there and most busy executives from a time what we’re doing is we’re just hacking my day so I’m not doing anything different he’s just following me around you’ll be following me around and then that content goes out dude you should like the amount of opportunity that that leads to isn’t so we want to do it further people and that’s building brand behind business we actually are recently starting to be on all social media in China so our stuff is in Chinese in China and it really is a grind ration global like where I want to do videos everywhere in the world we can talk and then we’ll get back to you real soon yeah cool coding a real pleasure man yeah thanks for coming in yeah sure Brian and I were talking about your interview and everything that we feel you can bring to the team and we came to the conclusion that you very good fit for the life insurance scheme and we would like to offer you an internship with us oh my god and so how are your excited okay cool we start tomorrow in June is 9:30 great okay make sure to bring your camera your computer and of course your determination all right see you tomorrow hi alright so something congratulations your very first hire character to start selling this is behind the scenes behind the scenes snapchat and Instagram stories here you guys I’m ready snapchat Nick was losing ping-pong that’s not we’re talking about right now someone Instagram Instagram is where it’s going down right now lots of great content that’s a great story that’s great stuff is it a really cool thing about what it means to build a personal brand right now I think so many people are overthinking what it means to build a personal brand they want the picture to be perfect too light to be perfect they want to make sure that they have the boat or the watch or whatever to make sure that that is that the image they’re putting out the world all you really have to do to create a brand that wins is make sure that it’s aligned with your truth we put up a really beautiful picture today that said basically let your truth guide your brand and what I mean by that is if you’re just being yourself like I love Spanish oh it was it alright that’s cool shoot another one just go all day Oscar this is btv 40 or something like that how’s it going to a defendant right so we’re getting another I can’t wait for 44 you know four is my lucky number some people not working for anything that has four 14 24 but 44 is like my ultimate lucky number – there’s four four yeah or four four four five me and jay-z or tight rather than one of the camera I’m teasing everybody is also let’s go Anthony get to work I’m hungry alright so so that’s the idea that brought that your brand if you died with your truth I love Spanish I love speaking Spanish of Latin America Latin American communities I love entrepreneurship so that is my friend that is my truth and I don’t know where you’re laughing at anything but you’re making me laugh but laughter is good and keep that in the story so make your truth be your break and that’s it and for the people that are watching a vlog like I think that that is an important message which is stop overthinking the brand just do you do your day we had meetings we had and we’re getting a new team member that starts tomorrow we had an interview today Spanish something I love I have a bilingual brand not because I think I’m going to siphon all of Latin America into you know my my online funnel for my online products it’s because I love it and I want to serve these people and I want to be a part of that community and I want to travel and I want to speak there and when our businesses grow and that’s the reason that we do the branding and that that is the brand so I think that stop overthinking what a brand looks like just be yourself be you do the things that you love and then build the brand you don’t even have to think about building the brand because it’s just you being yourself all of a sudden manifests as a brand and I think that if we’re doing a minstrel right now what’s up in stuff that’s what snapchat still my god how many snaps how many snaps I’m going to see how many people watch this whole thing daily vlog but I really just believe that that is the truth like doing your truth building the brand around that it just takes such less energy and mental like to sit down at the storyboard out like exactly what my brand if you look like it just seems exhausting and I don’t think it’s a good strategy I think it’s anything you’re going to lose so build a brand around your truth early on it’s the stories it’s the stories build a brand around your truth it was the post I put today thank you for watching thank you for viewing commenting I want to know what your truth is building sustainable only we’re going to build them in sustainable is to do something around something you love that is your truth and the human being that’s how you stories stories we’re just hacking our whole day I love that saying you Andres como estas muy bien that’s what we do okay anyway your boat Simona thank you thank you very all right we have incarceration nations tonight so what’s up kebab what’s up sand lives of men we put on the event we’re going to go support the cause we’ll get some some probably some brief like b-roll stuff with you guys there just so you can kind of see the scene Bob the different of mine she’s a professor at John Jay criminal justice she school criminal justice she is a really cool book out called incarceration nations which basically explores how people who on the world are incarcerated and the condition then maybe a bit of civilization and she has a very important juvenile around prisoner right stuff so you know support her and then the day incarceration nation author entrepreneur professor asked event or I’ll make that your amazing just a minute just a general amazing amazing human being one of my favorite people in the whole planet face entire thank you things given me with incarceration nation Bible we all the proceeds go to the freshman college Bible in which the appellate everyone has well let’s all be the change we want to say I love you right for the cliche given in terms and one fantastic event thank you so much the lives of men for putting us on always have great events great turnout great energy takes the hassle for having us here the high-end bed company is amazing like $37,000 beds from the crazy expose my girl my friends my just so much love and admiration for this woman who is constantly doing doing doing doing doing inquiring with her books and her education and all the workers she does amazing so good event let them energy you probably hear it feel it Santa go home I’m going to keep networking reconnecting hope for all of you that are watching you’re doing some of your excitement about whether it’s chilling watching TV with some friends having a drink running a company whatever it is I hope that in this moment I find you with the same amount of peace and you’ll find me in three two one good night guys

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