Hi Libra Libra Sun moon rising and Venus. This is your 20/20 reading with Amira Celon Mediumship Academy, I’m gonna be doing a month-by-month reading for you for 2020 from January through to December so we’re gonna use the Tarot and if you’d like a personal Session with me for your year. It’s only $49 We’ve got a jumper $49 and you get two spreads and a recorded detailed? Interpretation specifically for you with the love oracle cards as well as the Tarot so let’s have a look everybody all the links are here below in the show more section and Welcome back if you’re a new subscriber, welcome to the channel So let’s have a look Libra Libra Sun moon rising and Venus. The four of Pentacles jumped out, which is about controlling of finances Being more aware of your finances balancing funds etc Let’s change to Libra what’s going on for this year moving forward. That’s too many there January through December 2024 Libra There we go Alright, so we’ve got the page of Rods starting off in January so that can be a new adventure a new start It can be also anything to do with I’ll often see this is immigration moving starting fresh You might have a person come into your life. Who is a fire sign Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Could be a younger person are like a son a child a daughter if you do have a daughter son or child That is a fire sign symbolic of also feeling like you have a New forward direction for the year notice how the page of Rods is looking forward. So starting off very fresh looking forward Keeping your eye on the target as well being adventurous Going out of your car that’s owned It’s a good way to start the year. You might be going somewhere also, that is warm a warm climate For you for January or or making a plan to go somewhere warm and dry Mediterranean climate or somewhere in the desert? There in February we have the queen of Pentacles is a symbolic of money Okay, so you might come into some money in February a lump sum of money could also be a female under the signs of Taurus Virgo Capricorn that comes into your life where you have some dealings with or symbolic of looking at your Investments looking at your finances you that the four of Pentacles came out here in July So it came out in the spread as well. So there’s something good with money Coming forward and a very strong focus on money Finances prosperity abundance for you Libra for 2020. So this is a really nice card for February It’s like a lump sum of money and in the sense Potentially coming in as a lump sum as well So that’s good news looking at March you have the five of swords. It’s very strange This five of swords has come up for quite a few signs already This could be sort of for you Libra, I feel it’s like Kind of Not getting yourself down about what’s been and gone sort of keeping your focus on where you do want to go moving forward You might have had some losses. So just be careful as the stock market is meant to crash actually in January. So It’s saying that you’re not you’re not going to lose out big time But just be careful because it could be a warning that there could be some losses there if you don’t do something about it before then and or move your finances around or just make sure that nobody takes any money from you or you don’t lose money for something or sometimes money can’t be helped or To be lost. Like if you’ve bought something you need to sell it quickly because you’re going somewhere You can lose out on a car you could lose that on a house You could lose out on something that you’ve invested in furniture that you have to sell secondhand and there’s always a loss there But just keep your eye out that nobody is going to take anything from you. That is not Above border that’s not correct, you know They don’t take it from you without you knowing about it Okay, so looking at April we have money once again reaping what you sow reaping rewards Money coming back into your life. So there’s definitely a focus here on abundance prosperity and I feel you’re going to be some of you liberals are going to be focusing on a new type of business or a new business venture Project that you’re going to be working on I feel some of you might be selling products whether they’re in person or online and there could be some products that you acquire yourself that you design yourself that you have sourced specifically for a certain market bringing a product to some market that needs something specifically and I feel yet. You’re going to be sort of Tapping into that there and it’s going to show or come back to you very quickly the money the the Abundance will come back to you very quickly so have a think about what you can do and if you don’t if you haven’t had any ideas have a think about what you can do and I feel by April you’ll have some sort of evidence of Sales in some capacity that is going to be interesting for you then We have the Hermit having a guiding light showing its way to you star qualities feeling like There’s an intuition there as well, it could be also somebody under the sign of Virgo You might get some insights into something. You could even go into a Recluse phase where you have to study hard or work hard or working on something behind the scenes That you’re going to get done or you might just want some sort of downtime where you’re going to meditate Work on your own Self-development does an intuition as well and You’re going to get a lot of blessings through that too. Some of you might be going somewhere that is mountainous or cold even though may is not a Specific month for mountains or cold? It can still be very cold in places like Canada and they can still be snow there so You might be going somewhere that is Coming kind of out of you know coming into spring but it still could be icy and cold That’s what I’m getting with that card it could be on a trip a retreat Going to look at something that you need to investigate or it could be just taking a bit of time out it feels to me like it could be somewhere quite remote and It could be Alaska even Then we have June which is a magician. So There could be somewhere that you’re going to go that is sourcing a particular thing so it’s almost like you’re going to look for gemstones or Something that you’re going to be working with So you could have to go somewhere to source a product. You might go into China you might go into You know certain countries that have certain minerals or herbs or you know products fashion even Cosmetics, you might need to be you might be going somewhere that has You know an abundance of resources that you need for something that you’re going to be working on the magician is Major Arcana So that’s very important. It serves the hermit but Coming out in your own element in your own light looking into Jun You have you’re standing on your own two feet you have a lot of energy for something that you’re crafting designing and working for yourself by yourself or Independently, you could be designing something. You might even be going into You know if you’re an artist you could be going into the wilderness and painting certain things or Taking photographs of things or photography or something, you know along those lines as well and If you are an artist artist you could be Really? expanding your Art worldwide. That’s what I’m feeling as well worldwide And that can be anything from songs to actual paintings or sculptures Or pieces of jewelry or anything like that, okay So looking at July the money is being balanced and worked out and you’re keeping a hold of money You might be saving money. You might have accrued a certain amount of cash that you think. Okay. This is really good I’ve paid off this or I’ve secured that particular amount of money, so that’s great and then August Feeling like you have Responsibilities you’re taking on a big project or a burden you could also have responsibilities to do with a relationship a friendship a marriage partner children You could be you could have taken on a big responsibility of some description where you feel like you you just have to get through It you kind of have to push against the wall to get through it It could have been it could also be a challenge you might be going through a challenge like you might want to do a boot camp or have signed up for something that you have to push through and work on You know in a four week time frame you could be training for a marathon or training for some sort of a competition Where you just have to get it done and do it. That’s what I’m seeing here with you Libre for August September we have the beautiful Sun. So you’ve got another major arcana, which is a beautiful Sun So this is feeling like you have a beautiful partnership. You’re in good health There’s a lot of vitality in and around you in your body and around a relationship that you could possibly be in If you’re single you could actually get a marriage proposal then or actually plan a marriage for September Which is a nice month to get married often You could be looking at a partner moving in with a partner just Having a nice time with your partner as well if you are married Or living with somebody you could be just enjoying yourself with your partner and having a really nice time Then for October your birthday monthly bro, you’ve got which is happy birthday and you’ve got the six of swords, so The six of swords is leaving troubled waters behind you’re moving on into a kind of a karma sea or karma destination and That could be with his partner that you’ve sort of like made it and made a deal with made It made a contract with you could have gotten married and be moving on with his partner You could be moving somewhere with a family or a partnership you Might be moving house moving home Some of you might be going from one You know Property to another properties a lot of people in America. They have two properties one’s a winter one and one’s a summer one So you could be an October going back towards you know, your winter property wherever that may be or vice versa you Might be taking a trip overseas. It could be some sort of a honeymoon. It could be you know an overseas vacation a voyage it could it’s definitely over the water and Far away. I’m picking up Europe. I’m also picking up some sort of You know feeling of going somewhere that is Monumental and important. I’m also picking up Asia around to Southeast Asia Asia temples and things like that Or Europe so you might be going to Thailand or you could be going to Malaysia Singapore Southeast Asia or somewhere or or – you know Vietnam or You might be going to Europe So then we’ve got November being in two minds about something being in a dilemma being um, You know trying to find the balance and the decision into something tuning into something as well Libra and trying to work out what the best strategy is what the best path is and the message We thought – of swords is saying don’t make any rash decisions just sit with it until you feel You know that it is on point for you yeah on point for you and Take it from there. Yeah, take it from there But I feel like you are going to make the right decision because finishing off up the year We’ve got them one of the most beautiful cards, which is the nine of cups Which is the wish card all your wishes and dreams coming to fruition You’re coming out on top You’re feeling very happy with your decisions and what you’ve done and what you’ve invested in and what you’ve decided and what you’ve chosen and you with Partners and friends and everything else. So I feel like it’s going to be a very pleasant year indeed I feel like you you know, there’s not a lot of discord here with your reading some of the readings There was quite a bit of discord. So I really feel that there’s really not much. There’s really no discord here at all I feel like you’ve got everything planned out you have Your eye on the target on the goal and you’re going to get there in the in the end by the end of the year You’ll have achieved exactly what you want to achieve so many blessings to your Libra. Thank you for liking subscribing and sharing and Also commenting below until next time. Take care ciao for now

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