Life Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 1

this young I need some tissue good loss to me I’m
bag I got I got attacked you know and last
week about something the neck singing I stabbed in the neck a client
stabbed me in the neck he asked me for an anal sex and I don’t do anal sex when I said no he said to me you are
doing that page for the hour you doing what is a bit jealous that I don’t think
of fuckin arm and each one back off in the neck let me show you mean Bobby’s that these
are my little darlings ease i am going to show me quills three days have been
brought up around close because the first posture own I add they used to get quick quick
annual things to get where Lex I so on what time you got a guy you were going
to Richard right it gets me to tie your mouth duct-taped
him put his hands behind his back with him you know them plastic think ty cable ties put a bag
over his head then duct tape him all the way around so we can’t move and it any
likes me to him he’s got these nipple clips the call put monies nipples and
keep squeezing and squeezing him I can come out with like to run from him
from an hour session the first time I worked well he used to
be married to a woman in hole before i went to me last prison and then she was
rattling for drugs and she said to me like you’re gonna can you get me some
money and i said i meant to get your money to an idea and she passed me the
package your ex and I said what’s that farmer lesbian we should stand on that corner and
you’ll see what the far then cast up to went jump in garages and then he went
what you offer in and I just said well what do you want because I didn’t know I
didn’t know how to say or anything out to go about it and he said well I want
everything how much is that and I said Andrew quit
and give me hundred quid it was a bit of a buzz in a bit of an addiction going
out and I got addicted to the money you know the good money yeah – shit there but there’s a lot of
importance to come out in this weather for some reason it gets busy when it’s
like this yeah let’s go see what girls around one so Frank far girls there these are
all polish moment don’t work there’s another one that will help that
6rn that’s out see with all those with competition that
long enough for me to get my mana you know I made yeah we’re around from out we thought get
locked up with you stand on guard on my way that’s a lot of here because now we’re
getting in cars and things like that the police ignore what you don’t do that
make your business 24 hours and in so many different girls now this
polish you will have come from everywhere so many different girls down
there now it’s being legalized I’ve just got a call out to em where
field just off junction part a and I’ve gotta walk past the reception desk and
I’ll see the dark for the left of the stairs give me a ring with an idea of when i’ll
arrive please should you really want to know what you
want you want to be shown him I’m not joking that’s the truth that’s what he wants me
to do those that were will advise me a quarry from the sharp to get me going
and love the crack you know to get me because crack makes you got the toilet suddenly and then yeah just do that and that’s that yeah yeah that can do acrylic nail extensions we
have sure laughs we do manicures pedicures sprayer towns work saying some
beds obviously but there’s just people and not one is common to the area
anymore unfortunately i opened of Pern 15 16
years ago from a dark session which is finishing college I thought you’d give
her a good start in life she did get a solid by a prostitute
probably about six years ago she now doesn’t want to come back I think it makes a sharp about the area
she’s coming back in and she’s got two little daughters herself now it’s not as
bad with use condoms and needles outside now because they are cleaning the area
up but we are on the main drag of it and it’s not nice having his concert this is choosing Wednesday beauty
treatments one there one there than the rest of the week just somebody no beauty treatments
nothing treatment fridays and saturdays I moved into my street just in August
when I got married and already I’ve met a few people and that’s just really nice
and i don’t think i’ve ever had that before and so this was me and a few friends on
Bonfire Night so we were just in his boxers and just playing but I really
love this way – no matter where I live and the people that are around me and it
makes me happy when people hear the time red light district they imagine like a lot of glitz and
glamour and that’s just not what it looks like I remember the first woman that I saw I
like she just looked very broken to be honest that you’re not necessarily
going to be able to stop the woman from working but i think it’s much better to
work with them than to try to fight them people have been upset by the managers
own i guess it’s hard living somewhere that seems like a bit of an experiment I guess for me i think it’s a good thing
keeping women safe that’s how kids get lucky ones all the
time pushing your ration doing whatever i have this every single night before
well because I it gives you confidence but not self confidence in me but not
altogether Crockett well but no choice really ever won an
addict I’ve got to do whatever now otherwise
I’m rattling that after all Grafton and you know shoplifting and things like
that and burglaries which I don’t want to get into I’ve been there before didn’t want the
t-shirt and dried it back out again yeah say this stuff the crack this is what
turns you on a very well yeah you’re gonna pause but first time everything I spilled my
ringer off base it’s such a nice feeling but it may be sick but it’s nice you
know it’s a nice feeling that after a few weeks at second and then it’s just
the render what you go through a withdrawal of the feeling you have when
you don’t love it you’d be sick she called you out on
college silver it is almost beyond the west and that’s horrible horrible don’t
know don’t have any favors out there I’d say for ruined because of it so you say your friends are you very
close yeah we’re very close she offered me
business while also on the girls step last year’s bar with chocolate to me now
but she says development business now says bull , and come in so I mean
everyone know and it just lets go ahead from up there with it and we’ve been
friends ever since I loved one of a kind of bargain at any wiska feel sorry for
her in the way but because of care that’s what it is I care yeah but ill minutes all right all right bye with her when
she loves sex drive you know you don’t want to have sex on
arrow and completely sex drive to win here if you down there you have it sleep
with someone it’s just awful something awful grab that for me don’t miss Martin cover and neck what I’m doing air and read it because
she’s my baby sister and I know why I’m doing it I know that I’m doing it for a reason what is there to go out jogging men for
money the old men pervert of them breaks me up i wish i could look after bush just too
expensive and she’s becoming really bad on crack here at me here is if you need the money you need
the money Tanya we’re going to what I’m talking to a
little bit I’d love to just grab all the lasses
main checks and send them and tell them to stop ball you can and everyone’s got
a problem and everyone’s doing it for the on reason no no even when I come from we haven’t
said not where i should have went that where instead of go online I should’ve went left it’s quite hard when you hear people say
things like Oh what that they’ve chosen it why did they choose something else yeah for some of the women they did you
choose it but the cycle that therein is far more complicated than a quick fix I think it’s naive to just tell him to
stop working and to come with drugs it’s not that simple please have launched a murder inquiry
after the death of a young woman in a managed red light zone in lead 21 year
old sex with was savagely beaten and the whole back district in the area where
sex workers are allowed to operate during certain hours police saved area
peon code was found seriously injured on an industrial estate in whole back in
December she died a short time later in hospital the night Jerry you got killed I was out I was talking to her and then
I went on because I got any money and then that and was like you kick up the
ass to say right we need to stop very soon flag and the car with one head she’s done there and will not move until
I get back with a partner up with paranoid – 26 year-old she goes on like
until we’re old proper protective of me but that’s good don’t just look out for each of that now place the coffee cases it’s a lot
but here a lot that you feel safer it not round here just dodge around here but yeah I’m
there apart from what happened to me over than that yeah laughing I feel
alright yeah but I’m a strong person me and I’m strong minded if you know I mean
she’s not a strong person some of them bigger dicks been the car
will go to a place where it’s nice and quiet we followed all the roads will be asked
for money – big heads and time afterwards and it doesn’t work like that
you’re always at me never know . you get the business and
flip it up anything just kick off text on my way had you worried constantly like
constantly on edge what happens if I’m getting that kind of
that that’s very much care i ever again it could be one day yeah yeah yeah

100 comments on “Life Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 1”

  1. emma says:

    They could start by regulating the industry, it'd be a major step forward in protecting women and helping to stop the spread of sti's. Sex work is going to happen whether people like it or not, there is a demand and people willing to meet that demand. The most sensible thing to do is make it safe for everyone, not criminalise it or pretend it doesn't exist.

  2. Scot Girl says:

    It's 3 1/2 years old now, I bet that poor woman's sun bed shop is closed by now.

  3. Lou Marie says:

    Curry and crack wtf is she 4 real!! Heard it all now

  4. Lou Marie says:

    She's a slave 2 the crack shes old 2 surprize she still alive living that life style 4 so long it a sad circle

  5. Hawk eye says:

    World needs Jesus,well another country I will not be seeing! Nasty skanks

  6. jack bone says:

    some women are BUILT for that life, and take to it, like a fish to water.
    many are NOT.

  7. weerobot says:

    Drone shots are nice..

  8. beautiful bitch says:

    Awe😥😥i feel just pain for these young ladiis…its so sad, addiction will make you do anything…smh…i pray they find the courage and strength to pull out of it…wish i was there..and not here id be happi to help them💙💙💙🙏🙏🙏

  9. moon khan says:

    If u go for same sex marriages,this gonna happen
    Merry a man,who will earn for u

  10. Briggs Marrish says:

    this is disgusting that we have legal areas of prostitution, but haven't had weed legal

  11. Con Barclay says:

    Can’t even afford a pipe haha

  12. Nicky Cotton says:

    "He wants me to shit on him"! The dirty bugger. Crack Crack ruins the BACK.

    Mate's got a lump in his back like a 6 month pregnant woman's front ffs. She is making excuses though! Get to rehab for 6 months, but trouble is many have to return to the same stomping ground due to responsibilities etc. For those who don't = count yourselves lucky although realise funding is a problem.

  13. Dennis Johnson says:

    Are you f**** joking. Your big sister is proper protective over you. But yet though you are side by side going off with stranger men for money. It's a dog eat dog world no one cares about nobody in your chosen profession. I have very little sympathy

  14. Genesis Elditore says:

    These documentaries could actually help these women somehow.. I wish they would find better way than this

  15. Tom says:

    Even prostitutes are now complaining about immigrants taking their jobs😂😂😂

  16. Roxanne-X- Oxo says:

    Wow sammy gone down hill big time at the end.. she seems a nice girl.wish she sort herself and get clean! Wish they'd do another year see where they are now!

  17. Canadian Aussie says:

    Book me a flight🥴🤮 20 quid a hour and crack and curry 👍Paul heavy in the pimp game.the younger sister is hot 🥵 I would throw her a 20

  18. Adams ASMR says:

    i like these shows but the accents are hard to understand sometimes tbh

  19. Věra Škrobová says:

    I love the music they choose. Compositions are as fragile as these girls lifes.

  20. McAvoy Afton says:

    I live too close to this area.

    I'm in my early teens, underage, and have been protesting against it, or wanting more police to patrol the area. I've been asked by strangers if I want sex, even when wearing school uniform. I've been assaulted by strangers on the street, and am soon to get counselling sessions. Needles left in the streets, condoms littering everywhere and prostitutes asking if I will help them with one of their men.

    I can't go outside without anxiety and paranoia clawing at me. My parents even recommended taking a knife on the way to school, but I couldn't bring myself to do it, and never will. Got a rape alarm instead…

    These men and women could do so much more with their lives, and this doesn't have to be a final resort.

  21. Alicia Hazel says:

    Hmm yh there definitely on benefits

  22. That Thing says:

    That woman: There are so many girls out there, Polish, Yugoslav.

    Me: I'm sorry but this bugs me alot. Yugoslavia doesn't exist its Balkan.

  23. Lauren McKeand says:

    I think it’s sad how some people have to these things for money I mean here in the uk if your not rich your either homeless, screwed or in debt all the time . The council tax is unreal and rent and shopping for 4 or more people is really expensive.and people shouldn’t be killing people because they either didn’t do it right or didn’t want to do it at all.

  24. Milquetoast Eugenicist says:

    Imagine being born "Yugoslav" and then being told "You're now Macedonian. Enjoy."


    Sad about the girls n that but Yugoslavia is what piqued my interest. And the crack shitting story.

  25. samuraineko3 says:


  26. puunbaz 4000 says:

    Sammie Jo is druggie.

  27. Julia Drusilla says:

    When she sounds like Ygritte from Game of Thrones

  28. Carla McDonald says:

    The fucked up subtitle mistakes are better than the actual show lol

  29. Logan Paul says:

    Brainless people, I'm sorry i have no other comment, nothing else to say

  30. chuck blaisdell says:

    she's beautiful

  31. Rennxx X2WM’s says:

    Was the girl with the birds ever on Jeremy Kyle?

  32. DonaId Trump says:

    I drive late an night all over my city but I've never once noticed a hooker at the side of the road.
    I guess I'm either blind or too innocent.

  33. Leah Smith says:

    That first woman with the quels… Really respect. Your a fighter. Keep strong baby x

  34. Malik Sturm says:

    That make up ain’t gon help

  35. Ritesh Gowder says:

    It's sad to see people selling their body and it's, also sad to see that there are people who go and buy them for a few hours. Just a piece of advise remember Jesus Christ as He is the only one who can wash our sins so please come to your sense and Our Father will bless you. We will have trouble in this world cause God has put satan in this world. But be paitence Our Lord Jesus Christ is the only Way, Truth and Life.

  36. Fish Finder says:

    You should do a show on the onlie sex services operating in california is out of controll 3600 escorts available in Fresno CA alone. -sad

  37. Fat Phil says:

    Woman moaning about beauty treatments haha they work at night time not outside your shop threw day 😂😂😂

  38. HXEM XEM says:

    Wtf dem mans are weird

  39. Isiah 6:8 says:

    Since it’s legal I wonder about physical health inspection and blood test on a quarterly basis? Is there extra police presence for safety. This is first hearing about it since I’m in US. First thought of course about the infamous Jack.

  40. Rachel Hudson says:

    Legalize prostitution to save the country money. Simples

  41. Hannah Fender says:

    So sad

  42. Adam says:

    watching youtube struggle to decipher accents with subtitles is very amusing

  43. The Swedish American says:

    sammie jo u still alive or u kick yet?

  44. mike sull says:

    it's the dirty BBC this is what thay think of our white people .this is to make you look like shit.

  45. mike sull says:

    haha parden me she's just sead a man wanted to shit on her was he from the bbc

  46. Leonna Danu says:

    “ Jack the Ripper” would have a “hay day” sry. But it’s true.

  47. Lou Waldon says:

    Maybe rehab is better then been a person of the night

  48. Deborah Nieling says:

    This documetary was amazing…on the real side of life! Showing the hard life of this working women…without any gloss!!!!!

  49. M Dawson says:


  50. Lady Labyrinth says:

    Why not cater your salon to men? Or have hooker discounts

  51. Charlotte says:

    Wouldn’t a brothel be better coz it’s so much safer

  52. KarateKidKing says:

    Gotdamn 😳😳 it’s some real deal freaks over there 😬😬 lmao and I’m in the States. Boyyy they don’t play❗️ 🙈🙈🙈

  53. Karlos Khaos says:

    Elizabeth Windsor is going to have service the soviet military elite for 4timez the length u girls have to work when she dies. Elizabeth's mother is currently serving her sentence with them right now as we are speaking she must wear a collar at all timez

  54. Cheech & Chong says:

    How can u get off someone shitting on ya , like wtf is wrong with people

  55. luvsilly60 says:

    It’s not safer if its not regulated with testing and security.

  56. Andrew Smith says:

    You got me at quail breeding refuses anal northern hooker BBC3. Good stuff!

  57. Andrew Smith says:


  58. Andrew Smith says:

    Great life advice here. Next time I've got a big presentation to the partners and am feeling nervous and lacking self confidence I'll just smoke a load of crack and I will smash it.

  59. ZiNgZ ZiNgZ says:

    The immigrants have taken prostitutes jobs lol it's true. Most are immigrants now in all the adverts all the online escort places, and on the streets. plus they are cheaper and it's all controlled by the eastern europeans

  60. Subscribe Vlogs says:

    out of all the things to make you go toilet you choose crack?😂😂😂😂

  61. Ted1ousRS says:

    Pass me the fuckin nipple clamps for 2 grand you kidding ?

  62. Deborah Mouzouri says:

    Has there ever been a follow up on these girls or series?? Thx

  63. George bluck says:

    "its cos I care , cos I care " LMFAO , dirty goggle eyed foook! don't ye mean its cos you like getting your smelly fuckin knob suuuucked!!

  64. ronnie reazon says:

    he buys me curry to get me going and loads of crack to take a huge dump on him lol who are these peoples who pays to shit on themselves go in slums of lyberia they will do it for free

  65. Lindsay Tucker says:

    I lost it when she rubbed foil on her teeth. Oh my god. Worse than nails on a chalkboard.

  66. Bijoy Gogoi says:

    Naturally, Sex is overpowering, instinctive and pleasurable. You live your life, you must survive as others consider you good for nothing, can give you nothing but officially allow sex.

  67. Randrup says:

    Adolf Hitler, please come back and save us!

  68. MCFCRuss Sinfin says:

    so that conversation goes something like "how much can I pay you to drop bombs on me?" I wouldn't be able to not be sarcastic if I was that girl lol

  69. Daniel Martin says:

    bare nitties

  70. K says:

    i feel really sorry for the little sister. When I saw her face it brought me a lot

  71. sus kunt says:

    Or just don’t do crack

  72. Woodsy says:

    Yugoslav – fuckin dumbo

  73. Ellie Nichols says:

    Messed up man

  74. Noble Bright says:

    They all need Jesus Christ and Salvation.

  75. Adam eben says:

    I got stabed in me neck

  76. Sibe Maharjan says:

    I am sad and disappointed to watch this video ,beautiful women into bad company such develop county like London .Why the British government not giving shelter for them?

  77. Amyah Johnson says:

    Godt Damn! This is so sad! These beautiful women.

  78. SPAM SANDWICH says:

    Wouldn't it make more sense to allow legalised brothels with security, then the girls could have a safe and a clean enviroment to work in.

  79. asprauer83 says:

    Poor girls! It’s not easy AT ALL to get out of that situation! The best way to do it is to go away to a longer term inpatient treatment facility that’s somewhere far away and not around any thing or one that was apart of the life you want to leave behind. So that way, you’re not tempted to fall back into that lifestyle. And after completing treatment and you have a clear mind for your future, stay in that area and DO NOT return to the place you were living before! Because that would only draw you right back into the habits you had left behind. The best thing for recovery and to maintain it, is to live somewhere completely new and meet new friends and surround yourself with positive people and influences! Just going away to treatment and getting clean then going right back home and around all the people that helped contribute to the negative lifestyle will only set you up for failure and will never work and be successful. I’ve never suffered some of the issues showed in here but I have suffered a lot of my own issues and I’ve realized (it took many years and many failures) that if I wanted my life to change, to be successful and most importantly, to be internally happy then I had to cut out all the toxic relationships I had known for years and start completely over from scratch! It can be extremely hard and at times feel totally impossible, but as long as you have that desire, strength, motivation and most importantly, WILLPOWER to truly change your life, you can do it!!! You just have to keep fighting and pushing through and then before you know it, the life you have dreamt of, will become your reality!! And the feeling of pride and accomplishment that you actually did it and all the obstacles that you had to overcome, is the best feeling in the world!!! The confidence that you have within yourself is amazing and that makes everything you went through to get there, completely worth it!! BUT, YOU REALLY, TRULY DEEP DOWN HAVE TO WANT IT!!!!! And then nothing can stop you!! I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my heart, that these girls can change their lives around! There’s so many good things to experience in life!! Prayers to all

  80. Colette Shenton says:

    Jesus saves us from every Adiction 🦋🦋🦋

  81. Connor Pendergast says:

    Hold on a minute, but do they pay tax

  82. Jus Killz says:

    No you went LEFT instead of RIGHT

  83. Jodie Findlay says:

    Sammy jo it is what it is any one know where she is I love her xx

  84. sara-jayne Davis says:

    Love your quails your so much better then that love I know the moneys good but I've been there and the dark side out weighs the money !

  85. Dr Frankenstein says:

    Love, don’t blame your crappy business on prozzies. You need to get your teeth and look sorted before anyone would come to you. Sorry but a bad tradesman always blames his tools.

  86. John Allen says:

    If 90% of the hookers are addicted, why not just give them their drugs and they would stop prostitution. It would be a safe method of getting their drugs and using them in a safe place. Illegality breeds lawlessness among them. It would cost pennies a day to the government.

  87. Heather Wells says:

    This lady is possessed by a fallen angel that is a Narcissist.

    This is the facts and the Truth.

  88. Eden Harrison says:

    If you were "Strong minded", you wouldn't be addicted to crack, use your "strong mind", to get off it.

  89. Ruth Dennis says:

    2 grand an hour and she can't buy make up brushes

  90. Şeker Mavi says:

    And you are still making fun of crack addiction…

  91. Colin Wiggenhorn says:

    I’m dying laughing I can’t take their voice seriously!

  92. By Da Beats says:

    1:09 I mean, the beat is dope

  93. Seek Truth says:

    Sad 😞 😔😥

  94. Terrance Barrett says:

    where is this wonderful place?

  95. Aaron c says:

    2k to shit on him b.

  96. reality check says:

    Quail girl(sammie jo) ain't bad looking, bet her twat's a mess though !! Lol

  97. GothicaBeauty. says:

    I don’t know about anybody else but i find it incredibly sad.

  98. GothicaBeauty. says:

    I don’t know about anybody else but i find it incredibly sad.

  99. GothicaBeauty. says:

    I don’t know about anybody else but i find it incredibly sad.

  100. Kinndy Edmond says:

    Omg!! Lord help them.

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