Lightning Jack 1994 (full movie)

Come jams Stay english Brass it gets dead your fIt’s the younger game, I just saw Bold As riend Cole and Bop younger no mistake Where are they the pink for men right now? Where are they the pink for men right now? the other brother Real fish all right Hi gentlemen hold steady And we can do this the easy way Nobody has to die But we can do it the hard way Choice is yours You open the safe IIIi don’t know the combination I Hit him I shot lightning Jack Haines, I got him Clem I seen him fuck just as a fire Mommy in the middle I just shot Kane the fastest gun alive well Maybe a hit of two, but mine was a headshot knocked him forward right out of the saddle there Ain’t no maybes my shot was plumb in the middle that There is Sam jorgeson, where’s the other one? Where’s that lightning gun? Ha we got Kane marshal being Pat here We we fill in full of holes or stricter frightened dragged the body on down to the riverbed I reckon he ain’t the fastest gun alive not anymore You better go fetch the party. Yes, sir marshal marshal Kurtz in the center. You’ve got to be in the center of the photograph Can we have a statement marshal? Well? I’m not much for speeches. I’ll leave that to the politicians I Am just a man who’s doing the job that people elected me to do. I think today? We sent out a message to all lawbreakers in Junction City You will respect the law or you will learn the theory Hi, I guess these boys are just slow learners Three cheers for marshal Kurtz All right hold Read that out to me yes, sir, but you don’t need the gun so ain’t the law Younger gang wiped out That pot the only flaw in the trap was the escape of lightnin Jack Cain Although several witnesses swore he was shot full of holes and ridin dead in the saddle Cain is a medium height and build blond hair With a mean weathered face and has an English accent Yes, sir, that’s Bloody Australian Can I send this from the mates back home and tell him what a big success I am here if it says I’m English bloody newspapers never get anything right in a sermon Marshal Dan Kurtz was unconcerned saying dead or a live Kane don’t matter We got Cole Younger. He was the meter and brains of the gang Kane was a follower and just a brainless no-account Without the younger brothers. He’s nothing He’s nothing We have two younger brothers or nothing Brainless now account. That’s what it said nothing You’ll see is brainless That’s all bag assault good sex Wow you got that boy Yes small bags of salt two bags of flour That’s on top my regular order This handwriting is so messed up mr.. Cunt maybe I can make it out. It says thank you, sir. Is that everything well That’s what I thought it said, but it’s bad written real bad Well get him to load the rest of my order on the wagon out there you better do the tallying up yourself being he can’t Read proper why we don’t want him doing no figuring do we huh? The rest of those goods old mr. Coons wagon no wolf, yeah pay him no heed, mr.. Doyle. It’s a fine Christian thing You’ve done taken on this poor unfortunate Boy, well it’s been a real struggle mrs. Franks See the boy was poorly raised his folks filled his head with all kind of fool thoughts That he was just as good as a normal man Was when they died at a cholera, I knew it was my Christian duty to take him in trying to get his mind, right Yes, you you could date mr.. Good a good day to you. It’s real hot out there today, man Babe now Josh Curran is one of my best customers now ain’t gonna. Help you sassing here That’s it no more notes and no more right and you understand the half the folks around here Can’t even read or write in a nightstand that somebody like you can It’s unnatural now. I took you old with nobody else would I? Deserve some gratitude We finished loading and tally up the cash draw and take it to the bank Now hold steady gentlemen We can do this the easy way. No one has to die what we can do with the hard way the choice is yours Phil Allah Shut the door against the wall hands in the air pick believe in that window Above happen Against the wall Get away from the window What the hell’s this store keepers from the closing up? What stores? They closed it for to do their banking from 4:00 to 5:00 Maybe you ought to come back after 5:00 You you open the safe Sit open the safe, I can’t syrup just to tell her only the manager knows the combination where’s the manager? Shit over there Right from the window Give me that But I hope you got a lot of friends happy It’s only the dummy hold still everyone Nice Trailin jet stay well back Read a few good rifle with fresh horses and find me someone who can refracts for me to feel every day One would When I say jump you jump no questions no back to a company no no What I our engine or something now engine would have been smart enough let me ride riding Get out You did good kept your mouth shut. I’m letting you go you can talk now Yep you can’t talk Turn around face that tree turn back you’re a dead man Don’t even think about it I’ll join your game What King what are you gonna? Do anyway walk into a bank and write them a note Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of take your boots off Quick And I want you running back over there to tell the posse where we are We’ll just be glad that You’re walking back to town stead of lying across the saddle Teddy yes It don’t make no sense He’s turned the horse loose and kept the boy, maybe he’s just running that poor dummy boy barefoot out of pure meanness Stay alert men and shoot on sight Shit how did you get? I’m snake pit I Can’t be snake pit. That’s some have a her snake chat cost me $50 Yeah suck the poison You’re gonna have to suck the poison yet, I can’t reach it What put the gun down That’s it. It’s just a splinter. They bite. See it’s night charm with It scared us nice, okay, I just don’t like them Nonetheless He was willing to chew on my butt to say my hi Fact is you’ve been saving weight since we met I Had a man to take that widely. It’s cute Turn backbone, yeah bossy will never cross the county line because I’m talking again Which is giving up the battery more just this once How come you can’t talk Baby you had a baby You’re the by t-try be contour you was born dumb, but not death What’s your name what do people call you Ben door then Doyle wait rotten and Jack guy That’s a the Lightning jack guy You what you’ve probably heard of me Yeah We want to be an outlaw doesn’t everybody Gonna help me rob a bank yeah, I could use some backup last time but Ah your ears your eyes for me, I think I need your eyes What makes you think lead your eyes It’s what gave you that motion Yeah, well my eyes get a little fuzzier up close trying to read squinting down a sight But I can hit anything get and point out and it’ll be dead before your finger straight Sorry that That’s an evil oi Got it off a Navajo medicine, man $75 That’s my iron annoy So don’t start thinking just course one part of me. I work and good did I got a weakness? Yeah, I guess you know better than me I approach reactor weakness Anyway you still think I need help I Can tell our $1 bill from $100 bill They’re all bloody once I lock up a bank for 50 bucks What I’ll never tell anyone Oh, you’ll never tell me Why you’re at it, don’t go talking to no one about that snake boy either hey that guy’s talking in our Hey I Just coming out with him. Don’t go talking and don’t tell anyone Hey Ben, I’ll probably make up a lot more funny jokes like that about you, but if you ride with me Nobody else will You ever tried, Arizona chicken I’m an astrology is a column you see so if you rob a bank back there. You wandered all over the country, but in America You can rob banks in five different states You still got another 30 plus the border and you run free no worries Yeah The micro C is a wonderful thing I Got pain well pick you’re out else Next time you eat Buzzard, I need the drumsticks Hey, you ain’t got all day go anyway Must have been a fail for bad smell Oh What do you smell all right? Not you him he’s might miss he’s nine I Was gonna call him thunder one stage? You know lightning Jack and thunder You wouldn’t hear of it uh-huh, that’s What he smelt Now they’re just playing folks, I never shoot blind folks. They say really annoy me Sling it Like your mind’s gone away smart But I need again. I got a charm these folks head. I’m attend all the horse $5.00 maybe this I got a silver tongue Daddy neighbors $30 for this vagabonds Cleavon bastard, I should’ve shot him Now relax like I said democracy not wanted in this tight laughter. We’re over the bank Oh, yeah, we we go to the far wall Ride the money, then you come in I do the speech all you got to do is draw your gun and Kappa me Oh Unless someone goes to big-gun then you shoot a Hole steady gentlemen Yeah We can do this the easy way No one has to die What? We can do it the hard way the choice is yours Bank robbery bundled In a display of criminal stupidity one of the two would-be robbers managed to shoot himself before the telus could even raise their hands Its partner Panic and the two fled in fear as the bank staff laughed in their faces one witness thought one of the men was jack current Jack tank the Lightning jack What’s the sweat bladder in that head on some pissant reporter just leaves it out. I’m writing them a letter The US Marshal Daniel Kurtz dismiss this claim saying every time there’s a robbery someone identifies, okay? But that colorful outlaw here is finished Cain Mr.. Lucinda will be cut off you’re sure Sure, I ain’t no Jesse James Well, I mean ain’t no Jesse James What’s so special about Jesse James so didn’t impress me none? I Know Jesse James yeah right on a few banks in a couple of years back with image brother Frank Frank’s the brines jesse is a pic a hit Picky yeah, I may let you pick her Jesse’s a pic Is he bald Now he’s not bald just dum-dum like I lost if I rob a bank greenhorn idea We gotta face the facts Always born to be ineffable you wasn’t Young kid Just one good here They’re too much to ask We want bullets What do you want them for gonna rob a bank By yourself Are you gonna join up with the James boys I gotta learn you to be an outlaw So one day, I’ll pick up the newspaper, and it’ll say Jesse James and Bend or rob bank Like they could teach her things that I couldn’t Suppose I put that in the paper – well they Jesse James succeeds with Jack came fail I Was just just you come on there’s James boys couldn’t even teach you fine like an animal Yeah, there’ll be more If they come down for a visit, just do like idea. It’s been some friendly telling with an iPad There be no trouble if we follow their rules just passing through Sharon I fear and I disrespected most important Oh shit that rills the Comanche it’s not up steady like They ain’t gone Comanche don’t even have a word for retreat. Maybe circling right now That means the other three will come from my side Don’t shit. No matter what just hold me Einstein your horse not like on our bunny times Wow fucked up nah no weep not my feet none of you Why didn’t we shoot him the Comanche we don’t know they’re nice. I don’t know nothing about agency You kill a Comanche I know he’s nine Spirit guys into a nail and every night that I’ll come around pulling out whoo-whoo If you can’t sing you have to write nine. He’ll follow you forever bad medicine I Like that secret I’m already glee music Comanche show me this job pitch physically bad wife honey $30 I Think we got a problem damn This is known as called competition that stuff we ran on law and order or the younger gang wipeout got picked up nationwide That the male made you a national hero damn, so of course our rivals are rooting for the underdog Now try and turn Kane into some kind of folk hero outlaw And then you’ll be just the lawman who failed to catch him So far it’s just this one small paper But it could catch on and we’ll have to deflate mr.. Kane pronto Now I can find the right people and the proper incentive But I needed some financial support from the Law & Order Association. I’m sure that can be arranged Junction City and the male are behind you 100% Governor I’m safe. It’s now law my slight flex Got us a cab with a couple miles up the road tomorrow you start teaching you the outlaw trail and now something more important red Gardasil London Honey what raised miss down exist for my how long is a brain seizure better Deanna woman Got not Never never You’re full bad name we’re apples You get on then you had to rob banks if I figured on learning during lovemaking Did you pick a work proper Whenever a sweet-smelling gal pass this class boy does it stand up and say howdy You do now where the poor Say you’re just nervous Hey, my first time any time in my entire life. I was ever scared shitless There was a was a nerve gentle an experience for for a boy of 11 years It’s as simple as riding a horse Start for the walk He’ll move you know what canter Steady like don’t truck never truck You hold that steady canter? Less sweet little creature starts to moan. That’s your signal yep Yep, right, huh come on yes? You boys got business here Remember I have a just jump on First tell her she’s got a pretty dress my soft here In your case striking a few times in joke one not my Daddy They told me you were badly wounded maybe even dead well fact is I did stop enough. Led to kill a normal man June at me almost half an hour as a nickel steak You surely uh-oh I want you to meet my new partner Ben dawn, then this is the miss Lana Koster prettiest gal in the county sweeter singing voice in the entire state Pleased to meet you Ben Which I like her benzo Ben’s a man a few words, but he was just sayin to me on the way in that He’d really like it if you could organize a Lie Billahi is a perfect match for Ben. He don’t talk much and she never stops ha Now till I darlin I want you to take good care of our friend Ben here He could surely use a nurse I bet but aside for that He’s unsewn Well what a coincidence Allah? What do you say you get acquainted over some bubbly champagne? Come on right now lets you and me get on with my pleasure I’m gonna do my specialty number now He was just alone with a heart Blue you sweetheart wait Your sweetheart wait Third you ate the quest manna every minute You ain’t said one two or three words in almost an error mind you I am NOT going to complain about such things most men will just Interrupt a person or talk right on over the top of you, but not you sweetie. You are a rare gentleman Ben Now don’t you want to say something sweet about me and go right out ahead darlin You can’t talk in you Is there any other part of you that doesn’t work problem So you mean to say no matter what Different things we find ourselves get Mel – you couldn’t tell nobody could you ever? They’re in that a real shame New York Who got in New York City? I reckon people there got culture coming out of here. Here’s when Jack No one lost job. I need a couple of weeks to get Ben ready I’m glad you got them to watch your back. You know there’s some things woman can tell right off He’s loyal to you Yeah, I’ll be on account of I saved his life He got bit in the leg by a rattler if I hadn’t been there to calm him down suck out the poison He was a gone Of course we never we never mention man well This time we really are gonna go off and make a fresh start I can feel it Seems like I know yesterday. I promise to take your water in nine years Honey Sabir look Someone’s looking bright and Vickie just wanna. Let me guess excited about starting a school on the bay, right? Something else put that silly grin on your face Howdy Ben, what did you do last time? Oh No you menu Right up then I’d like to hear sorry from you boy Stupid grin just don’t get it done Dot look This is none of my affair gentlemen They make You gotta watch this That’s Comanche Doyle You don’t look like no Injun night Nicole in Comanche cause I free comes a man down he cuts out his tongue Got a dozen of them on a stream manis neck Boundaries show wife’s the fella next to his skin Yeah, I heard about you Comanche Doyle Comanche Doyle, yep dangerous fellow About 50 bucks says you can drop them both. They are spilling these beer Make it a hundred Now just hold on there no point getting all hit up up her little spilt beer take I spill more than that just taking a drink I Guess I’m just clumsy No offense mr.. Doyle Lucky fella Appreciate you look like I’m troubling my channel Comanche That’s what you call what we scared the gizzards out of him boys I Surely hope your friend wasn’t running from me, yeah I mean he’d more likely be running after you really like you you can be sure that Last night. He practically begged me to marry him But I’m too young for that oh You gotta love them I Point and practice on that taste layer got a better idea for you. Take that read off Ride with a fella once. I’m a bad eyes McBain Now we really needed eyeglasses couldn’t see past his hand so try that Now hit himself a special place Any gauge cut me It’s a close-up guy go get place Take it easy and not in the wall 45 caliber 50 caliber special write them down strike twice once is enough Yeah, this shotgun six or seven places blow man clean out of his boots, but at 30 paces It’ll just make him real pissed off Little I Yeah, I Point pulling a gun on I mean if you look like a scared rabbit You’ve got a look right through him why he’s nothing Think like you are a rattlesnake he’s just a little mouse Me is that how I do it. No, I just uh I just now I’m good Real good That tile I was telling about you being Comanche door and entirely made up of Course ain’t true about Comanche cutting out a man’s tongue, Ben. I want you to add this Track this ain’t even an engine chomp I got it off an old joiner, man It’s a fertility charm. They ain’t tongues there are testicles no balls now on tongues Comanche Yeah, no need to thank me just get on with your gum practice. Let’s fix us up a bit of grub Third talk used to lay low around these parts Figured it’d hit here. He’s all shot up. I’ll shut up. Don’t matter the reward stands alive No, I can’t anyone like that hey Lana these two Lawmen are asking about or not involved by the name of lightning Jack came you know? Lawmen are always fat old grouchy types of you two alone, and you can lock me out. No ma’am. We are the law one special US Deputy Marshal You know Caine no I met him once that was enough He was no outlaw out loss can be gentlemen no sir mr.. Lightning Jack Caine was a mean lowdown conniving skunk I heard his dead I hope he is You boys love girl package Sally Why don’t you find these two handsome boys a table while I has two left something? You should be on the stage yeah like that’s where you meant that Yeah, well that part about Jaffe and load a mean conniving scum I mean Then boys your total Badgers, I guess that makes you later, they got a smell of death No, I just want to know why the sudden interesting Jack I’m like you told me you always slip up naked Yeah, I do, but I wouldn’t be decent found another man Yeah, then what brought you here in the middle of night started thinking about me buck naked I came here to warn you there’s two deputy marshals in town telling folks. There’s a Dead or Alive reward on you Get our library ward a might reward I think they said two hundred Two hundred dollars well, maybe it was two thousand. What’s the difference? It’s dead or alive. What’s the difference? Two hundred dollars is a fitting reward for two bit counter Russell darlin I’m lighter than Jack Kane Betty Brava a cold-blooded killer Yeah, silly me I must have panicked. Maybe they said five thousand Five thousand it sounds more like it saddle up in Lights around here returning their kinfolk for less than $1,000 Jack I’m scared Yeah, the laws been on my tail for years. No, this is different. These are bounty hunters, and there’s more comin Some marshal up north has been hiring killers special deputies and kiss Junction City It’s not safe for you here anymore jack We can’t come back See we can’t no matter you ain’t planning to come back Not more than once take you with me. Okay, I promise When one last big job I’ll be back at the end of the month You’ll be ready to run Got my word All right, I don’t suppose you picked up one of them wanted posters with my name on it This is just a small town. We need a big city back like Junction City What robbed that Bank again huh I can never go back there no towns deputized Like them Never lightning never strikes twice you’ve got a point It’s the last place on earth anyone at expect me to turn up that And I think like an outlaw good You’re just the biggest cattle Sally Junction City auction house Friday the 27th that’s next Friday That Bank We found the Baker’s wife you gotta take Yes another big event one addition more thing No sorry get us another drink Comanche Okay boy Me and my friends were just wondering about that You’re planning on drawing down on squirrel or duck Man black coat add the jaunty columns coals the gun fired from up north What’s the matter boy think you can see a squirrel Gentlemen This is mr. Comanche Doyle He’s a bit down Sad facts rounder you don’t paint my never mind to do a lot of flapping off at the mouth mr.. Right into this You like that big mouth you just go on flappin You’re right sir this is none of my business My big mouth is shut tight I Was just about to leave good idea you just stick your tail between your legs and sneak out of here like a yellow dog Yeah try mine yeah I’ll take on four gums get Have it Listen to Comanche You got two choices Either you pull that squirrel gun of yours or I pull it for you, maybe stick up your squirrel ass For is hard for three I’m so good ski myself You boys are lucky if command she had drawn damn on yeah Ben Hold it right there mister you blink, and I I’ll cut you in a half Good night, Matthew if not just sure Here’s there was another drifter involved. He’s could ever fast Nobody had done ever seen anything for and one of the boys should hear the name Comanche Doyle Love you mr. Gunn father Comanche Maybe a good pistol whipping loosen up your tail leave it they bark They don’t matter none what he calls himself. I’ll tell E grab his description around tomorrow My guess is we’ll know who he has been then Anybody that fast with a guns got to be wanted for something You know men like you got to understand The old ways is finished You can’t outrun the wire, this is a 19th century Check around outside door make sure the boys have settled down for the night It’s been a long time jack Wait 10 years time yeah, have you been yeah surviving just surviving You know I can’t let you just walk away too many witnesses. Why tomorrow county’s gonna know about the shootout Shh yep ten years ago, I kicked this cell door down and rode out of town with you, but now yeah Just do your job Tom We go better survive this why we can not take it personal I Didn’t put no name to the description. It’s the best I can do partner Well it’s quiet outside Cheers Yeah, you’re deputized Barca. Just don’t get close to the drifter, and I’ll spend you about the sunup Immature Who’s there Your boys connect the fool only wall I ain’t up for nobody Go home and sleep it off Looky here no aiming sights You sure got lucky in that ruckus boy No, you got lucky Lucky I didn’t blow a hole in that big turd you using for a head When your fates in bitch Slowly boy one hand in front the other on your head come closer Back up Now you can don’t damn No point may miss me good night’s sleep will become like you Thank jeopardy Hey REO Wow Cops You got religion bin And I never thought much of it myself Till back there when you came through the flames thought you was all Satan himself come to claim me personal I Come to thinking bin you’ve got a shortcoming You just ain’t partial to pull on that trigger and blow a man’s head off, right? We don’t be shamed in nobody’s perfect even I got one flora my nature Never could trust anyone until now You being gun-shy don’t matter shit. I should better than any two men alive anyway What counts is I trust you burner? Faster you’re like a brother It touches me I feel like I should give you a big hug So it’s a lucky thing we don’t do that kind of sissy stuff Read out a now for will you better hold on now more four now five. I’m not really better fine Not a now Zeke $6.00 now $700 gentle psilocin nice at three o’clock. Well I find that Bank weepers not the same, okay Then we go in and pay our respects Yeah, my man, that’s what’s gonna give us the element of surprise I’ll show you Bigger problems in That bank over there. Is it it has that was Randall It’s early answer You were right that Louis makes me nervous the Beth It wasn’t now cash there and hey gentlemen gentlemen You are looking at the safest bank in the state, but every businessman in town is a member and at the first ten of trouble No outlaw in the territory would even think about it not after the way we handled that younger gang You were part of it That’s first bottom yes, I I just having a high for trouble That’s a definitely the bank for us For sure On that Good side is that he couldn’t spot an outlaw that took a dump in his hat had thought is he just proved Now To Reuters While on the Left. That’s JD Kincaid one of her bank-robbery in four states Maybe you didn’t spot me This game must be in town somewhere. He wouldn’t be dumb enough to try and take that Bank with just two men Is different you better follow you careful like I made you pick at the stables Please six on What a month go with an ID match the color, that’s Benson, that’s the Kincaid game will be here after the bank Shoulda known biggest cattle sale of the year town not expecting anything outlaw think We’ve got two choices We go in now at first take the bank right now And you ain’t worth taking for themselves over second choice We bet Kincaid not go after the bank. We jump him on the way out again Which way out of town hate these big cities What three Third choice Quick find another Bank What’s wrong, what is it? Bank Got alerting members. Hey you you you go get the marshal, and I love I’ll sound the alarm Don’t run Alright step forward everybody step forward Put your weapons on the ground lay them on the ground this way hurry Set up right there. That’s good like a shot of marshal Kurtz capturing all the bank robbers already alright Hold it Where I’ll never forget the look on their faces when they saw all those good Hold there now before any out of my even thinks about robbing this Maybe the horse is one more thing I gonna do A gentleman just delivered closer together, please if you folks a move on just a little bit. Thank you very much Gentlemen please it still is possible Just wanted for the big papers back east don’t want to see the originals committee and of course our next governor all right gentlemen Hold it Longer these buzzers gonna stay in town Cause loans are being paid This state until they realize that jacket never coming back oh Right a man don’t have to keep his word to a whore so I want you to total honor that ten years ago Maybe she ain’t gonna hear it today Lana Why don’t you come inside and share a nice cool lemonade with me? Oh I’m just getting a breath of fresh air away from them Jack’s most likely wait until things get a bit quieter here. Well of course. I mean you can’t just ride out in broad daylight They’d spot him a mile away Honey How many men have asked you to ride off with maybe even marry up with them? More than I can count We’ll start counting darling One day you’re gonna be standing on some dusty porch waiting for a knight in shining armor there really ain’t a knight at all just some green old cow Shut up just shut up and draw I am I am King Kai Hey Ben relax mana will be alright, that’s just a hick town nice Sheriff Besides it’s been two weeks, and no one’s looking for us Yep, we did the perfect crime kid No, I don’t never know about it Whoa whoa Did you get everything honey any problems, maybe Ben why don’t you check my supplies make sure I packed them nice and tight Newspaper got a letter with this bank managers watches proof the letter says that you were the mastermind behind the robbery That you’d double-cross the Kincaid gang They even pointed out your photograph And Jack the letter was signed Comanche Read out that patent underneath my likeness Read of that lad $10,000 reward for mr.. Lightnin Jack Cain Described by marshal Kurtz’s meaner than a rattlesnake and twice as cunning oh man Why? $10,000 reward Main turnaround slice Twice as canon Dollars Let’s say sandy and Richard Comanches better get rolling Every lawman in the territory is gonna be looking for me and bin maybe have you every lawman in the country, right? We’re the kind game that was Jack folks in town said this trail leads to hostile Apache country good say this It’s a spirit bag Bought it off my Pesci medicine man, that makes me a full blood brother to the Apache. I’m practically family Marley fifty dollars believe it if it works for you, what about me and then It’s no problem See this covers my whole family. I just tell them my you’re my wife and Ben’s their kid Anyway relax, you know I had an engine within a hundred miles. I can tell

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  36. Yay City says:

    Just me but I think paper would have been a bit expensive she just be having them to write on it was super funny but I'm just saying I don't think that would happen

  37. Sheldon Fritz says:

    Good movie
    Cuba pulled it off

  38. محمد شعبان says:

    wonderfull movie

  39. Danny Young jr says:

    Great movie!!!!

  40. buttdart83 says:

    Great movie 👍 got a weird broke back mountain feeling though. I think ole crocodile Dundee fucked his asshole out like a tiger tail while the 🐎 watched. Jack Nasty

  41. Paul Brasier says:

    Alaria us at 16:32 when he says "what are you deaf" you can hear Cuba say " I'm ah."

  42. Antonio Coppola says:


  43. Bob Dole says:

    cant take on the whole bloody tribe


    20 min 50 sec in is the snake bite scene.

  45. gunfuego says:

    What a great movie, I wish I heard of it sooner…

  46. AngelSusie57 says:

    I love it, made me laugh, I highly recommend it to others. 😀

  47. Tommy G says:


  48. Jaturungkabart says:

    Good flick. Very funny.

  49. Kitty Kat says:

    Now, this movie ain't got nothing on Young Guns but for a free movie it ain't half bad!

  50. PJ * says:

    Great Memories…❤

  51. Justo Tinoco says:

    En español we

  52. Michael Brown says:

    what you going to do walk in a bank write em a note lmao

  53. wolfgang boettcher says:

    Alle zusammen unschlagbar,Ruhe Bitte

  54. Solution Revolution says:

    ending is cut.

  55. charles bromberick says:

    "You can´t outrun the wire  –  this is the 19th century."

  56. Jamieriggensyahoo.com187 Riggens says:

    I finally seen a black man in a western film. Of course he was short lived

  57. StarlightSG-1 says:

    10/10 movie for me.period.:) it was great,made my day

  58. Siddeshwar Prasad says:

    cheerful kinda movie

  59. maurice stanley says:


  60. John Dearden says:

    Hogan promised Gooding a talking part.

  61. blxtothis says:

    Sorry, I saw Paul Hogan in the credits, couldn’t watch it!

  62. Max Noerenberg says:

    my first time I watched Paul Hogan in CROCODILE DUNDEE was when I visited Australia, actually Queensland…..and we were on a campground and in the middle was a common center with firepit, tables and a tv………and there he appeared…hypnotizing the bull / wildebeest on the road ….


  63. Keith O'Neil says:

    Just love this movie very good movie thanks friend

  64. Glint Doctor says:

    Who the fuck dislikes these? Damn

  65. mscricket73 says:

    Rofl…whoever did captions for this is a nut…movie said "evenin sheriff"…caption said "immature" LOLOLOLOL

  66. William Sr. Donaldson says:

    Words on the screen messed up the view.

  67. Eduardo Barranco says:

    Oh jes Veri jon

  68. Roger Baker says:

    If you absolutely MUST put English subtitles in a movie which was done in English , the least you could do is have them match the dialogue. They don't. 10 minutes in and I'm out.

  69. Steve Krumbah says:

    Who did the captions for this lol 😆 I don’t think they speak English

  70. jim is i says:

    a really underatted comedy.very funny. i guess people wanted crocodille dundee 3

  71. Mark Chilluffo says:

    Subtitles are funnier than the movie

  72. takeshi hiraoka says:

    I totally agree with many of the comments posted here: this is a great film. Thank you for posting, and great job on the upload.

  73. Amanda Brown says:

    thats right we aint english we are bloody australians

  74. Amanda Brown says:

    clearly whoever trranslated this movie isnt english as a 1st language,since when does Tellers have a u in it ?

  75. Roderick Sloan says:

    Paul Hogan used to work as a rigger on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

  76. Phillip Smith says:

    Good to watch again but wish whoever done cc would remove because it's way off the correct words

  77. Maricarmen Malcolm says:

    very good morning my dearest beautiful friends & family . woohoo fantastic this movie video upload so damn funny yepp most enjoyable family entertainment great MUST WATCH THUMBS UP BRAVOOOO XD . WISHING YOU ALL A BLESSED FRUITFUL JOLLY DAY AHEAD . MUCH LOVE THANKYOU MY DEAR LOVELY FRIEND kW ikarus for sharing wonderful I have a good laugh blast from the past . WARM GREETINGS FROM ENGLAND KISSES & BIG HUGS FROM THE HEART . XXXXXXX

  78. Rk Ml says:

    Critics destroyed this movie yet it's a classic critics have no taste

  79. Fisfis 9999 says:

    Get this Aussie ( Paul Hogan ) garbage out of here…thumbs down mate to the land down under 💨💩😷

  80. Jim Wilkes says:

    Seen it couple times before

  81. Daniel Larcombe says:

    Who wrote the subtitles 😂😂😂great film tho

  82. TheWarriorArts says:

    Damn i miss Paul Hogan in movies.

  83. oldboy707 says:

    please read the subtitles carefully the frigging hilarious. whoever typing the translation must of been having a twix !!!… lmfao.

  84. Christians For Truth says:

    Whoever did the sub titles needs to go learn grammar and get a hearing aid.

  85. J. sparrow says:

    The subtitles are shit …at 1:09:29 , for example , Lightening Jack says ; '' I'm so good I scare myself '' …the mumbskull who is writing the subtitle writes ; '' I'm so goo I ski myself "…and many other f**k ups …

  86. kevin pierce says:

    Great comical western

  87. Andres Weinman says:

    You don't know the combination? I forgot to write it down.

  88. As If Aye Mate says:

    Paul Hogan dogged his own country for America.

  89. PICKS1993 says:

    40:47 I’d always die laughing as a kid! It still kills me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  90. Jo Smo says:

    jesus, Cuba never shuts up

  91. Alec Cap says:

    Silly childish but a great film nonetheless and a rock and roll star playing a bad man. Only wish there was a part two

  92. SHAUN ROSTRON says:

    Hey lighting Jack for this movie have a great birthday Christmas and long life i completely forgot about this movie thankyou very much it has a high level of great memories for me

  93. Keith S. says:

    I wonder what idiotic speech to text system they used for the subtitles!

  94. Sultan Gris says:

    hope there are no deaf people trying to watch this cause the subtitles are wack, lol

  95. Andres Weinman says:

    One word you are dead may I go to the bathroom sir?

  96. Genevieve Clark says:

    A brainless no-account. Ahh the good old days, when journalists reported the impartial facts.

  97. didjamom1979 says:

    "I'm not English, I'm Australian"

  98. jp bart says:

    i really like this movie. as far as i'm concerned, hoges had redeemed himself after that turgid shyte known as almost an angel.

  99. dstudie1 says:

    Who wrote the sub-titles for this? What a moron.

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