Lionshare training presents – Bank Statement Loans for the Self Employed

What I want to do is talk about
self-employed individuals in our bank statement loan. One way to prove income
is using bank statement deposits averaged over 12 or 24 months so what
we’re going to do is ask you to send us 12 or 24 months bank statements either
personal or business and we’re going to add up the total monthly deposits over
that period of time either 12 or 24 months. We’re going to average that and
we’re going to use that to calculate your income. Here’s why it’s so special.
If you were a person who owned a restaurant and you deposit three
thousand dollars a day in your business account that’s 90 thousand dollars a
month. I assure you most restaurant owners tax
returns don’t verify 90 thousand dollars a month or a million dollars a year in
net income so by using bank statement you qualify for a lot more home and it
fulfills the ability-to-repay rule. Now a lot of lenders don’t offer this because
it’s a special program offered directly from Wall Street. We are fortunate to be
one of the very few lenders in the country that does offer the bank
statement program allowing our luxury home buyers to qualify for more.

2 comments on “Lionshare training presents – Bank Statement Loans for the Self Employed”

  1. 757 757 says:

    I have been in business for 6 months could this be an option for me

  2. William Rivera says:

    Next year will be my second year as an owner operator. I have a business account and I tranfer funds to my personal account. Wich is better to use a business account or change my deposits to go directly into my personal account?

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