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  1. Susan Frisinga says:

    Funny so we cant get much ifin our own country.this is bs crap to give non us students more than our own people.u may be just bs ing. I dont believe u kiddo.

  2. Okech Aldo says:

    Nice presentation. How can i get into one of these Universities on full scholarship?. I'm from East Africa.

  3. Shreya Singh says:

    do make a same for bachlers also plz


    And where is the list?

  5. Khalil s says:

    Help us to get scholarship . anywhere we can study just . We are unable to pay

  6. Bharti Sahota says:

    Hi I am from India recently my study visa got refused from Australia my husband funded me for my studies now I got divorced can I get scholarship

  7. Khulangoo Batmunkh says:

    Hi Marina, So it means that applying to University of Stanford or Harvard will give me scholarship if my and my families revenue is low. On the other hand, you said University of Chicago is worth to apply it means that I am better to apply to University of Chicago? Sorry I am little bit confused. But looking forward your reply

  8. ADNAN ALTAF says:

    This is so freaking helpful! Love it.

  9. Qwerty Asdfgh says:

    What are the last two names u mentioned of universites? Can u pls reapeat that thankyou ..quite helpful..

  10. Aashish Thakur says:

    I am from india. So, what I can do to be their in University of Chicago

  11. robiul awoul robin says:

    Hi I am from Bangladesh . How can I do study in usa university

  12. Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia says:

    Western Michigan University Live in Kalamazoo Michigan and get 💯 % of it paid. It’s called “ Kalamazoo Promise “ program. You can even use it for private colleges.. do not need to be an American either.

  13. Shree Laxmi Engg. says:

    I want full description of particular university or college providing me free education in physics bachelor study in usa.

  14. milena kebede says:

    Hi there ,can I get your email ? just wann ask some tips regarding may situation

  15. Apna Punjab says:

    Hy Mam

  16. Thacien Nsengumuremyi says:

    how about orphans who wants full scholarship do they go through the same process since they don't have anything at all , they study based on support of others and when it comes to Universities , they can't continue

  17. Harjot Dhillon says:

    Thanks I really need this
    My name is Harleen from India I am in 11grade and want to be a judge or lawyer how can I got scholarship

  18. The Iconic says:

    Hii linguamarina.. hope u r doing good. I’m sadeek by name.. I’m planning to come to USA for my masters degree.i am not from USA so i am coming as an international student,So about these universities u mention. I wanna ask if the universities still let students work out of campus to get some income. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us 🙏🏼

  19. Eylül Mira says:

    Hey marina 🙂 Can I help you ?
    My speaking is very bad. Please Can we speaking practice little bit☺️

  20. Fauzi Fadhil says:

    There is no Free Education in the united states lol they even force you to apply for loans. Tuition fees for international students are just ridiculously expensive.

  21. Ayeman Bin Salauddin says:

    I am 15 from Bangladesh.
    I love "Software Engineering",
    So should I wait for getting a Bachelors degree?

  22. electro engineer says:

    Can i do m.s in finance if i had done bba of 3 years in india

  23. America first says:

    Hello mam! I want to pursue my graduation to american college but my family can't afford the expenses so please help me to get the right scholarship for me.

  24. Opeyemi Familusi says:

    Please, I need your help. I want to apply to an American University. I have studied Law in Nigeria and have passed my bar Exam. Please I need a one on one consultation for my processong.
    I will be very grateful if you can help me.
    Best Regards!

  25. kitten30 says:

    Hi, I know I'm late but I am interested in studying in the usa. It would be a masters. I have a degree in English Studies, I'm from Spain. My uncle lives in Washington dc and I would have my accomodation covered, and I plan on working all summer to earn money, but I still don't have enough to pay the tuition fees. I don't think I'm outstanding at all, I actually have average grades. The only thing that I outstand in compared to other Spanish students is my native accent, because I was raised in England all though I did higher education in Spain, where I'm from and where I live now. I also have little work experience because I'm young and only just finished my degree. Is there any possibility of me getting an assistanceship in these circumstances? I think not, right? I mean if I were to compare myself with my classmates I would say my level of english and fluency is higher than them, but my grades aren't that good, and I don't think they look at anything else besides numbers and application, right?

  26. Faith doubt says:

    Hello Marina ! I'm your new subscriber.
    I'm in a very critical problem which make me feel like I'm going to be a drop of eye not a drop of sky.
    So if you want to listen about my problem I'll explain everything.

  27. Jai Langyan says:

    Does ielts accepted by us university?

  28. Daze Kiprop says:

    Hi…thank you so much…your email please?😢

  29. Husain Memon says:

    Hi mam, thanks for your guidance but can you please list down the colleges which provides financial aid and are good colleges? Can you please make a video on it.. And one more question for an MBA, GMAT is required or GRE is also fine

  30. Aysha Emad says:

    You are amazing

  31. Maverlous Kendal says:

    Never taught of resuming school back since I lost my parents in a car accident and staying with my aunt was so bad because she couldn’t afford my school fee till I was recommended to Hacker Douglas.

  32. Mateen Ullah says:

    Hi i m confused
    How much gpa for masters is good
    Would you tell me

  33. Nurakhmet Satikul says:

    Let me know Marina,i want to go to Harvard University,but in my family don`t have a lot of money.I know money it doesn`t matter ,but how can i get into Harvard.Please let me some advice!

  34. Syed dilshad Ali says:

    Sister I want to ask you that
    Do you have any idea or solution to free study at new York???

  35. Chukwudi Ofor says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. I am a teacher and i want to enrol for my msc program in the USA. kindly advice on how i can get started. [email protected]

  36. abs ig says:

    hello, ma'am, I'm currently studying Bachelor science in civil engineering from the Philippines I plan to study in the US how can I get a full scholarship? can you help me what should I do? and can I get your personal facebook so chat I can chat you directly? thank you!

  37. Pathan khan says:

    I wanna study there, Can you help me more how to apply for it, through my email:[email protected]

  38. Botir Adashboyev says:

    Hello, the thing I am giong to ask you is that I graduated my bachelor degree, physics, and I am planning to study again bachelor in the field of IT. So can my bachelor diploma help to get scholarship?

  39. luckyea7 says:

    You have such beautiful eyes!

  40. Mohammed Fettah says:

    man the tital says for free and in the first 2 minutes of the video she says there is no free education in america

  41. Foggy Suns says:

    Thanks a lot again for such an amazing information.
    I would like to request you to make a video on studying master in nursing in America for Indian students.

  42. Aref ghadimi says:

    Still avaliable?

  43. rahul sharma says:

    Actually i want to ask other question which in not in your vedio and also want a consultantation of you so how could i contact you iam from india so can i make an e- mail to u

  44. Alexander Sam says:

    I really need your help

  45. unknown mystery says:

    Anybody knows like how does the process work for students who just completed their A levels ? Moreover i am from Bangladesh …..anyone to help me out ? TIA.

  46. Satyajit Bhowmik says:

    It's difficult to assess if you would land financial aid until you get one. So how would one evaluate if he is going to get financial aid to study for MBA when his decision to study is dependent on that aid because of the high tuition costs.

  47. tamrat haile says:

    so nice you tech me alot tanks

  48. Emmanuel Udoh okon says:

    Really appreciate your videos, has been of immense help. Am seeking for a masters scholarship in petroleum engineering in the United States. Really need your assistance on what school and how to go about it. An appointment with you will be of great help

  49. ហ៊ា វីន says:

    Hi madam

  50. The Queen says:

    How About The Financial Aid That Medical Universities Provide ? I Mean Is There Any Who Gives ScholarShips ?

  51. Santiago Pombo says:

    Lmao “girls from uruguay” well im a guy but i guess its still something!

  52. Joanitah Luyiga says:

    Hi am 20 years and i am in uganda can i apply for a fully funded scholarships at the university of chicago

  53. Henry Tettey Acquah says:

    how where you able to write letters to the schools

  54. Henry Tettey Acquah says:

    What is the chance of a student from Ghana getting a free scholarship to study

  55. tifou jr says:

    I would really like to talk to you or to someone who's as much informed as you, cause i have à lot of questions that remained unanswered,and thanks😆

  56. edith mwangi says:

    hello.I am doing my bachelors degree in Cyprus and i look forward to graduate on June 2021.When would you advice is the best time for i to apply to graduate school in USA? Thanks in advance.

  57. richard dapal says:

    hi hello

  58. Minion Superstar says:

    thank you soooo much ma'm would you plz tell me that which is the best one scholarship, fellowship or assistentship for phd program

  59. Minion Superstar says:

    and which university is the best for phd in english linguistics

  60. mepriyal says:

    Thank u for these videos..they are amazing 😄

  61. shivanshu pandey says:

    Hello . Can you please tell what kind of achievements they look for
    While considering international students for financial aid and what kind of internships or activities that can help me get one . Moreover MBA from which university and in what stream will help me to get a job there.it will be really helpful if you throw some light on admission process for MBA

  62. monica gogoi says:

    I want to apply for Phd in English Literature in the US. Can you advise me where to apply?

  63. ZEUS-Brawl Stars YT says:

    That means there is only one chance for Indians to study, and that is scholarship. Ohh we've got to figure out a lot pal…

  64. Aria Beyea says:

    Amazing work i just receive $30,000 hack transfer from cryptonhacker,com they are so legit

  65. wang peter says:

    wrong conclusion.

  66. manas pachauri says:

    Indian IT males : bhaiyo ye chodo aur GRE/GMAT badhao.

  67. Rafaqat Hussain says:

    Plz send me your gmail I want to ask about admission in ms other than what u said

  68. Paloma Fontes says:

    I really want to have a consultation with you but I can't afford… do you have any kind of support for those who can not afford it?

  69. Tony Shovel says:

    what is IT background?

  70. Bata Mussa says:

    What if you’re disowned from your family?🤔how are they gonna found out what to give me or not?

  71. Fairy Tale says:

    Dose political relations of countries also have impact on accepting or not accepting one ?

  72. Fairy Tale says:

    Really great information you offered thanks a lot and have a question: I am in second year for MA in English language Teaching is there any university where they may get me a full fund for PHD in this major?

  73. chikwerem obi says:

    Thank you Marina for your inspiring video. I am from Nigeria. My daughter is looking for admission to study Software Engineering with fully-funded scholarship in an ivy league university in the U.S., from September/October 2020. Could you help facilitate her admission?

  74. Yung Gravy says:

    Тут есть русские?)0

  75. Binayak Shrestha says:

    Your video really helped me a lot
    But still I have many questions to be asked
    How can I do that??

  76. Taieb Lemounes says:

    There… you got it, random citizen.

  77. Shubham sharma says:


  78. Gaukhar Yerbulatkyzy says:

    Hello, it's really useful information, thanks a lot! Could you give me more information about engineering universities, especially Smart city speciality.

  79. sarvodayam k says:

    Ms automobile engineering what university best in USA sarvodayam Chennai Mobil 09840094267

  80. Abdi Dinsa says:

    hi sister please can you give me the application form.I like what you tell me

  81. Mariam El Wardany says:

    Problems with crossing borders and visa you mean like getting your visa application denied?

  82. Engineer Ahmed says:


  83. Kyaw moe tun Kyaw says:

    Think you so much

  84. Victor Ochala says:

    thanks ma, and I want you to be of help to me.

  85. gigi simonishvili says:

    how can i get in touch with you? maybe on Whatsup?

  86. Minh Kiệt Channel says:

    I like so much

  87. rania ben says:

    I am a Muslim Girl … Is it safe to study in USA ?

  88. Mchalulot Mercy says:

    thankyou for the video its so motivative especially in my life i would like to tell me about business course from kenya if you offer full scolaship am frm poor family

  89. Xinyuan Wei says:

    Hi, your videos are really inspiring. Can I ask when should applicants talk about financial aid? I still don't know how to apply one.

  90. saiful islam says:

    My CGPA 3.67
    Could i go scholarship?
    Please tell me
    I wana study in america It's my dream.

  91. saiful islam says:

    Hi i am saiful
    I am your new subscriber

  92. marium rizvi says:

    Which state of America should be chosen to persue masters in electronic or computer engineering

  93. marium rizvi says:

    I'm from Pakistan and currently graduated from engineering university with cgpa of 3.75. I really want to do master from abroad but can't afford fees, housing rent and all that. It would be very kind of you if you help me knowing name of university that provide scholarships that covers education fees, housing either partially or fully

  94. Sushant Mishra says:

    Mam, can mca student get admission in America in ms?

  95. Sushant Mishra says:

    Kindly guide me to be taken admission there?

  96. Sinmisola Animasaun says:

    Does university of Florida offer scholarship to international students to study bachelors economics?

  97. Trevor Tyron Ssebuufu says:

    thanks for the videos but is it possible for one to get a full ride scholarship in NYU

  98. Andressa Leite says:

    Omg I need a sugar daddy lol. Wish I could do masters in the US…

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