Live in the D: There is a FREE ice skating at Winter Blast today

Campus Martius where there is fun for a family for several weekends and that’s because that’s where the Quicken Loans winter blast weekends are underway and our Michelle Oliver and Kyla peoples are there we’re gonna start with Michelle who’s over at the rink in Campus Martius let’s go down Michelle hi guys yes we’re all people about town today on live in the D I’m here at the Quicken Loans winter blast where people are already ice skating although they kind of came just for us I will say it is a cold day today so if you are coming out make sure you bundle up I have my snow pants on today hat scarf the whole gig I have heat warmers everywhere you come prepared but it’s a great day to come out and have some family fun and the ice is a great place to do it because you get to be active and warm up so I have a family coming here this is rob Matina those are his kids and his kids friends out there today so what made you want to come out today it’s a beautiful day it’s a great way to celebrate Martin Luther King holiday it’s a great event for the kids John whit’s it’s done a great job at the city of partnering with these events this night sweets and eats the Red Wings had their Winter Fest yesterday it’s just a fantastic way to celebrate you know winners here exactly winners here so come out have some fun and keep active because in this cold weather that’s important now the boys here have prepared some fun things for your amusements that can you guys do some of your cool tricks I’m not gonna do cool tricks but they are gonna do some cool tricks they were sliding and skating this morning can you guys do that like Burt Reynolds slide you were doing earlier or the breakdance slide that’s that’s the move I called the breakdance and there’s the Burt Reynolds all right so sponsoring this wonderful free ice is Delta Dental we have Margaret trimmer here with Delta Dental how are you this morning good morning I’m warm and toasty I’m glad I’m glad you can see it warm so tell me why did Delta Dental want to sponsor this event well we believe in building healthy smart vibrant communities and the time is always right to do the right thing in the words dr. King we’re here because it’s a great way to support our community we’re here the food truck community with Kroger and forgotten harvest is making sure that families in need are gonna get some resources as a result of this partnership it’s just a great thing to be part of you can have fun and you can give back so tell me when can people skate today on the ice from noon til 6:00 the skating is free and skate rental is a mere five dollars so it’s it’s widely accessible and I think that noon to six window will actually warm up yes so yeah hopefully you’ll hopefully it gets a little warmer here later in the day when the Sun comes out even more so it goes until from noon to 6:00 like she said all of winter glass starts at noon today because it is chilly outside we want you guys to stay warm and safe so we’ve adjusted the hours of it it’s just the five dollars for the skates or you can bring your own and then the event is entirely for free plus if you missed the free skate this weekend at the last weekend of Winter Fest we’re not Winter Fest winter blast they all right I don’t actually want to hit one of you guys cuz it’s actually ice but I’ll toss it back to you guys coming up later in the show I’m going to show you guys the food trucks they have over there cuz if you’re gonna be out skidding you’re gonna get hungry got eat and I’m getting pelted with snowballs guys so uh back to you yeah don’t be throwing any snowballs at little kids because they’ll end up owning the TV station and we’ll have to work for like a junior executive thanks Michelle as you mentioned this is the last day for this weekend’s events but winter blast there are many many more fun weekends in stores that’s right we’ll have more on what you can look forward to throughout the show

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