Live in the D:Have a blast at Quicken Loans Winter Blast Weekends

quicken loans winter blast kicking off this Friday in downtown Detroit skating food games fun families and there are things that are a little bit different this year we’ll get to that in just a second but right now we want to introduce Kim Petrie she is the owner of the monkey business food truck what is the exact name well the business name is monkey business food truck but we also go by the monkey truck the monkey truck now we were looking at some of the carefully crafted sugary delights that are out here on the on the veranda tell us about what we’re looking at right now okay right now we have several different choices that we will be serving at the Quicken Loans winter blast we have our regular Donuts like your sugar donuts we have our milkshakes our freak shakes our great shakes what are what’s a freak shake it’s like over the top it’s got anything your kid would like devour on Christmas Day or any other holiday or any day thrown onto the actual shake and then mix all together so it’s kind of like a fun drink to have I see somebody lurking up there in the truck who is that that is my niece Krystal and she works with me and she has a special delight in there called the donut dump okay so how would I get in there to go to see the donut dump alright let’s go this way you lead the way come on you guys will come with me and Kim go ahead okay oh this is sweet I’ve always kind of had a thing for food trucks I want one myself actually you’re in luck no your honor today so this is about if you want to make donuts you can here’s the setup this is how we make our donut why don’t you tray with me and put one in the fryer and I’ll slide over here okay how hot is this grease which is why when it flips over when we’re driving down to clean it out and you got it strapped into a mess wrapped and thanks to him we do make our doughnuts fresh so when we get to the site that’s when we heat it up and then yeah I make them one at a time so excellent what uh what this is the doughnut dump over here right let karma get past you there so she can get a shot of it what is this it has everything on it doughnuts ice cream all the toppings it’s like everything but the kitchen sink all right well we have a very hungry staff here at live in the D that will and we have a lot of plastic forks so we’re gonna be tearing that apart after the show Kyla come with me let’s go outside and talk to John wits which I feel like I’ve said about 10,000 times in my Detroit broadcasting career John I see that you are training for another winter blast he’s doing this no coat thing so he can survive being out there as the emcee the master of ceremonies I came here for the donut eating contest in my own right spider cui that’s awesome that truck is an adjacent it is very cool what do we have right here well this is our tradition since the beginning of winter blast now winter blast weekends thanks to Quicken Loans is our marshmallow roasting fire pit we’ve had this since 2005 we saw this at a festival in Montreal we had these fabricated and this beautiful masterpiece has been going for a long time and is roasted thousands of marshmallows and s’mores for four people in Metro Detroit and will be a big feature as we kick off this weekend all right aside from mentioning winter blast calm what do people need to know about what’s different this year how it’s changed sure it’s a format where for weekends now we’ll start this Saturday and go through Martin Luther King Day we’ll mix our attractions each week so it’s free skating courtesy of Delta Dental this weekend snowboarding and skiing with Boyan city slopes the following weekend and then coming up we’ll bring our slide in our zipline in and and it’s free Jason that’s the big story no fences real interaction with local businesses and we’re thrilled to be back you know for another run it’s our 15th year and big changes this year hey this guy over here Zeno Marvin your beat marshmallow already couldn’t wait thanks John alright we’re gonna wrap things up out here I’m gonna go place my food order we saw a lot of desserts and stuff but you guys also have like burgers and stuff like that chicken and full service full service restaurant the monkey truck

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