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Coming from a family that’s a family of
immigrants, where we were three families in a one-bedroom in Brooklyn, I
didn’t learn about money growing up. My experience with money was seeing my
family hustle and now everyone’s doing really well. Hi, my name is Dijana Ilieva,
I’m 34, I make $150,000 a year and I live in Manhattan, New York City. I started my agency after getting laid off from a corporate job. I’ve been pretty fortunate, it really ranges when you’re freelancing
and working for yourself. I mean, I would say my biggest
expense every month is my rent. I do have health insurance,
I pay about $400 a month for it, but even with that $400, you know, prescriptions are a ton, but I just have to have health insurance, especially when you’re in your mid-30s. The challenges of having your own agency, there’s so many. One, just being used to that Friday direct deposit, having to really
know where every single dollar is coming from. Another challenge is just money
management for me, putting aside money to pay your taxes
every year. And also just knowing your worth. I think that was something that I
learned a lot. You start doing designs for like $200-$300,
and then you realize there’s people that are doing this for hedge
funds that are charging like $100,000 just for a logo. My experience with crypto… I have to
thank my little brother Jeton, he was on it very early on, and he told me to
invest in bitcoin a couple years ago when it was about $1,000,
maybe a little less. And I liquidated at $19,000. He called me and said, “Get out!” And I was like, “What do you mean?” And he said, “You will never see a return
on anything like this in your life again.” Putting a little bit of money into it,
you know, here and there, and kind of having a very diverse portfolio. I have a 401(k), I have a retirement plan. Throughout college I actually worked at
Safeway for five years, when they were union and the No. 2 company to work
for behind Starbucks, so that’s all been building since then, and every time
I have taken a corporate job, whether it’s been for a little bit or been on my
own, I’m always putting into that fund. If I do an event and, you know, I bring in $20,000 from it obviously I’ll put aside a portion of that, and then there’s
months where I’m not putting anything aside. I was just so fortunate to be a hustler, like… finding ways to save on everything. I do go to a very expensive gym and
provide them liquor for their monthly mixers, and I’m fortunate enough to get a
comped membership there. And I think just that hustle
growing up here in New York and coming from a family that’s a family of immigrants, all of that was instilled
in me at such a young age and really preparing yourself. Right now we are going to see Kristen,
who is my partner in #HashtagLunchbag, because we have a meeting about this
weekend’s event. You know, you make sandwiches, we
distribute them to the homeless. We started with just making 100, now
we’re making almost 1,000 every month. It’s just nice to be able to do
something that can put a smile on someone’s face that we take for granted. Every dollar I spend, I think of how I
can make like three dollars to cover it, you know, and that’s always in my head. I buy a purse for $200 and I’m like, “Where am I gonna make $500 tomorrow?” My goal is to retire by 40. I always say if you live in Manhattan,
you have to hate yourself a little bit. You know, it’s not easy to live here, so I’m really working up to
taking everything I made here and enjoying the rest of my life somewhere else. So I never felt like I was great with
money, and the more I talk about it, the more I realize you hear where you can do
better and where you can spend less… The fact that I am debt-free
and live alone in New York, I’ve been pretty good with money
the last couple years.

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  1. CNBC Make It. says:

    What's your budget breakdown? Share your story with us at [email protected] for a chance to be featured in a future episode.

  2. smileandlaughs says:

    Why is there a monthly iPhone fee of 150$? I would expect her to just buy the phone flat out and just pay for the service.

  3. smileandlaughs says:

    Something doesn't seems right about this story.

  4. YourAverageJoe says:

    Amazing how she made it a priority to Give Back !!

  5. BRSSP says:

    I like how a iPhone is a priority now a days lol

  6. Myer Werl says:

    Is it normal being 21 yo and making zero dollars per year? I get by with student loans and my parent's money. Its sad.

  7. Blackpilled Saint says:

    Her brother is an inside trader confirmed

  8. Nathaniel GE | See You In 5 says:

    Anybody recommend a good series like this but one that shows them MAKING the money? Like the journey up?

  9. Zlatin Zhelev says:

    Its nice to see that a young bulgarian is doing pretty well in the united states! 🇧🇬

  10. Kylee Lee says:

    She also is blessed for her efforts in giving back that’s really how you get ahead by giving

  11. Miguel Soto says:

    Not your average millennial! More like these women, please!

  12. dserenity69 says:

    She probably put in $30k = 30 shares *19k = $570,000. Decent, not enough to retire but enough for people to hassle you.

  13. gothops154 says:

    Nobody is spending only $200/month in groceries. As well at $250-330 a month in donations. Also $150-200/month in iPhone??? What? Even a phone bill isn’t that high

  14. Matt Vild says:

    Who cares what she's doing, get the brother on here

  15. Robert Smith says:

    $200 a month on groceries in NYC?!? That’s the price of one tomato!

  16. Conor Logan says:

    Dijana, are you single? lol. We can budget some of the $150k for a date night?

  17. Lauren says:

    Groceries—only $200? 🤔

  18. D Ou says:

    XRP will overtake Bitcoin

  19. LemonGreenism says:

    Kiddos for the donations every month, nice gesture 😉

  20. Chris Sean says:

    how much she cost for 15 minute????

  21. rock star2345 says:


  22. Top 10 Everything says:

    Is she bulgarian?

  23. JT Saiyan says:

    Dam. I need her number lol

  24. TONY MELNIK says:

    Buy a house or something, renting making that sort of money, what.

  25. oFriskyPanda says:

    These expenses are so inaccurate 🤣

  26. Nez R says:

    2 bedroom for $2400/mo in Manhattan? That’s just her portion of the rent. Get it straight. 2bedroom apt will cost around $4500-$5000/mo in Manhattan. Good for her. Having said, she is doing it right. However, her income alone will not get her to her retirement. So she must own a lot of Cryptos

  27. roman Gonzalaz says:

    Oh shut up 🤐 your rich lol 😂

  28. Javier Suárez says:

    I'm a little skeptical of some of the numbers, small details like her total expenses in NYC, but overall I feel the concept of the video and the focus on the person are correct.

  29. desmosean says:


  30. JS C says:

    Dani Daniels

  31. Daniel Prusak says:

    150k a year, living in Manhattan, want to retire by 40, yeah good luck with that. 2.4k rent for 2BR? She doesn't live by herself 100% unless she living in a ghetto, thank you but no thank you.

  32. Rip_Fallout says:

    I graduated college and make 13 an hour with my biochem degree. Where is all this millennial money?

  33. TK says:

    Oh poor her…

  34. WANAKO says:

    She does more the American people than the actual guy running the country

  35. ashwin sharma says:

    IM SINGLE TOO 😏😏😏 WHATS HER @ ? 👌🏾😂😭

  36. Luis Paulino says:

    I pay 950 for rent in Brooklyn 1br what’s wrong wit y’all ? Lol

  37. Tsablis Thoj says:

    I'm pretty sure her brother's crypto is fueling her current lifestyle

  38. Jacob Nielsen says:

    Her brother made her career with that bitcoin investment

  39. Romel Ominga says:

    150k … lucky to have that

  40. Diamondz Wynn says:

    I wanna see her tax return to believe this story. Otherwise everything is just words.

  41. Shona Palmer says:

    The best accomplishments she does is probably her will to give back to the community. Not all rich people has that can of realization, even if they came from lower income family. Good for her!

  42. Jace MK7 says:

    I guess her parents taught her everything but the importance of having a man in her life.

  43. Morgan Chase says:

    Redo the video with someone that is an employee with a $150k salary. Thats more challenging and makes all the difference. I guarantee you this girl runs her insurance, transportation, cell phone, etc… through her business. Also she most likely runs her meals and entertainment through her business. Any smart business owner would!

  44. Lilianna B says:

    I spend 200$/week on groceries, does she eat smoothies for a living?

  45. ragusajr100 says:

    The entire earth is going to be an Oven by 2040, and some say 2030 now, so who really cares.

  46. ErikPaulGames says:

    Did you guys know she's from a family of immigrants because I don't think she made that clear enough.

  47. get paid 01 says:

    She is an escort, most east European girls are

  48. KORVEOS says:

    575.000 pesos argentinos al mes……. Soy Gardel con esa guita al mes acá jajajaja.

  49. LittleJulianus says:

    $200 phone bill…

  50. Stannis Baratheon says:

    $150k per year. Expenses add to $49,200. Averages $22,500 in savings on high end. So that's $71,700.

    Which means she's either taxed at a 52% effective rate, some of the "income" are unrealized capital gains from investments, and/or there's another ~$40k in expenses that aren't being disclosed.

  51. hannah maria says:

    I’ve noticed that a lot of these people in this series don’t really use their college degree.

  52. Minna L. says:

    There's such a lack of transparency in this video. Did she go to college? Did her parents help her pay for it? How did her parents earn their fortune? How much did u get in severance pay? How much do you really have in crypto?????

  53. L A says:

    those sandwiches look good tho

  54. JustCallMeElle says:

    She really looks smart! I want to be like her! Her family must be so proud of her!

  55. TheSneakerLifeOfk says:

    She should still be putting away 15% for retirement not 5%

  56. A MAN says:

    CNBC Make It. She makes gross income of $150,000 now subtract expenses she is lucky to keep $40,000 of that without go out and spending money at restaurants, everyone brags saying oh my company makes six figures. STFU your gross margin is so small and you make $2k a month if lucky. Cost of living is 300% larger so she has to make 3$ to earn $1. That sucks!

  57. Anna M says:

    I'm 21 and about to start my first job out of college. She's so inspirational… and the fact that she gives back to her community is so telling of what kind of person she is.

  58. Gemmy from the block says:

    I am so sick of these videos. Y’all are praising people for living with way more than New York natives that are barely making minimum wage while juggling jobs and still making less than 30,000 a year. Like talk about the people who can barely make ends meet but still survive. Not someone making $150,000.

  59. Rob L says:

    My other comments don't matter. This is tite.

  60. Elizabeth M says:

    She sounds awesome! I like her attitude and style

  61. Snapso says:

    Living in the uk and seeing she spends nearly 10% on healthcare 😂😂

  62. rickie G says:

    Please marry…you earn lot of money. You can afford couple of children…with that type of money..

  63. MNH says:

    better off living in the office, just like bill gates and elon musk used to do. save money on rent $2200/month

  64. A- KHANATION says:

    No kids, no partner ,
    She is gonna die alone .
    Very sad and lonely

  65. life begins at 40 says:

    she's debt free but doesn't own anything. I have a mortgage that I still owe on but I have tons of equity in my home. Can you really Say you are ever debt free if you have to pay for somewhere to live?

  66. Jules Élan says:

    I mean… $200 a month on food is possible if you actually COOK. Somehow I really doubt that's her lifestyle.

  67. Catchows says:

    She is more practical with her money compare to the other millennials living in nyc

  68. FROSTIX says:

    Yeah that’s nice and all, but is she truly happy?

  69. Fortnite rankings says:

    Retire by 40??

  70. Ellie says:

    This video is amazing I'm 37 I started to make 150k from I was 34, I spend too much money on shoes jewelleries and now I don't have much savings. I'm working on to make a change then here is this video. This girl is amazing, she is my role model now.

  71. ZOOK Gameplay says:

    She is beautiful man 🥰🥰🥰

  72. Sarah Prosse says:

    She’ll need a lot more than that to retire 😂

  73. EdwardInTX says:

    Living on $160k/yr in Texas and I don't spend close to that much. Trying to retire early.

  74. Nokenify says:

    Stop putting these so called friggin "Influencers" on top of your flow. It's a disaster for your channel!

  75. Sharmella Krishnasamy says:

    WOW! You can definitely live a luxuries life in any part of the world.

  76. Sharmella Krishnasamy says:

    Maybe she is single, that's why she could donate so much. A couple with 3 children need 12k to 15k per month to live a pretty comfortable life with investments, savings, entertainments and vacations despite all the usual expenses. If you are sole bread winner, the husband need earn this much. If both couple are earning, they can share out the earnings needed to run a family. Proximately, 6k to 7500 per month each.

  77. Michael S says:

    34 years old, unmarried, alone.
    Her business is not recession tested.

    She grosses $150K but in reality brings home about $100K.

    Now deduct all her expenses.
    She's not going anywhere & not retiring anytime this century

    CNBC should do a follow up….live from the cardboard box where she now lives

  78. kuty patooty says:

    Can i borrow some money please.

  79. Omar R says:

    I can’t wait until I leave this overpriced dump

  80. 黃盈達 says:


  81. A. Hakan Ozcan says:

    Become pensioner with at least net 5000 USD to 10.000 USD per month and live lavish and very comfortable life in Antalya or in Bodrum-Milas Mugla Turkey for all your life eating fresh fish and octopus and find university or above alumni turkish man who is sincere and polite all the time towards you with his english and other foreign language capabilities and free to travel all European Union countries 5 star hotels just couple of hours flight, at most 5 hours to London or Paris or Lisbon.

  82. Burningredroses says:

    Well what her brother did is illegal that's inside trading.

  83. Mia Cross says:

    $400 a month for health insurance!!!!

  84. Jim Boland says:

    I would be smiling too if I earned $150,000 a year!

  85. Roachy Roach says:


  86. Vann Apragal says:

    Dream girl!

  87. Mark Williams says:

    Call me!

  88. richard kuda says:

    Very nice.

  89. Ivan Haidarli says:

    She is fantastic! From immigrant family, helping other people, doing her own business. Inspiring story. I’m wishing you just best!

  90. kuty patooty says:

    Hey can i please borrow a couple bucks

  91. fthis1234567 says:

    No surprise she looks like "stacey" lol…

  92. MetaWannabe says:

    bet she's been since this video

  93. n8opot8o1981 says:

    You make $150k a year and you have no savings? But yeah, your dog's CBD oil is more important I guess. Im trying to understand the point of this series. Rich people making bad financial decisions?

  94. Jack Garcia says:

    God bless her!!

  95. Beryl Walubengo says:

    Not a millennial

  96. Dominique Pauyo says:

    Binge watching these videos! Love this! Showing me how to budget and save! ☺️👍👏💃🏿💵💰💳🌈

  97. SluTubeTV says:

    0:57 DONATIONS 🤔 🤦🏾‍♂️

  98. iali00 says:

    That Graham Stephan guy can learn from this girl. She actually gives back while all he talked about was holding on every penny.

  99. pankaj chandwani says:

    I wanna bang

  100. sabersaw5611 says:

    For every dollar I spend, I have make make 3. If I buy a 200 purse, I have to make 500". Wait a minute…. #math

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