Loan Scam Alert PSA 2015 (English)

WOMAN: I was facing foreclosure. I was desperate for help. I paid them $3000 and never
got the help they promised. MAN: Don’t let the fear
of losing your home make you the victim of a
loan modification scam. Remember these facts to protect yourself. It’s illegal for most companies
to charge fees in advance, no matter how small. No company can guarantee
they can modify your loan or stop a foreclosure, and never send your mortgage payment to anyone but your lender. The easiest way to avoid a scam? Don’t pay for a loan modification. Get free help from a HUD-approved
councilling agency now. To learn more, report a scam or find out if you’ve been a victim, call 1888-995-HOPE or
visit That’s 1888-995-4673. WOMAN: Know the signs, get the facts. MAN: Brought to you by
NeighborWorks America.

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