Loans & Credit Scores : How to Boost Your Credit Score

Looking for an edge to get your credit score
better. Hi, I’m Carrie Kakuda, the Someday Coach. I’m going to give you some ideas on
how to boost your credit score. One thing that’s very very imperative that you want
to make sure you do is to make sure you’re paying on time. That’s the biggest thing.
Don’t have any late payments, or missed payments and that’s going to keep the boost, boost
up your score. And also when they look at your score, they’re going to look back at
your history. So if you continually do that, maybe you have some mishaps and then you have
some time frames where you got back on track, that’s going to make a huge difference for
then to notice that you did get back on track. That stuff is considered. So you want to keep
that in mind. Leave any old credit that you may not be using, leave it open. It’s good
for your credit history. It shows that you’ve had credit for a long period of time, being
able to manage it as well. Get a good mix of your data if you’re going to have, if you’re
trying to boost it up you want to have a little bit of some different stuff on there, just
to couple credit cards maybe, as well as an auto loan or a mortgage. That’s your ideal
look, but you know, just a nice mix so that they see that you have a good credit management
skills. As well as, consider not reapplying or applying for new credit. Only apply if
you truly need to. That’ll help on your credit score as well. So if you need it, get it.
But if you don’t, reconsider it. Do those are just some tips on how to boost your credit
score. Again, it’s Carrie and thank you very much.

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